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Something that has bothered me for a long time is a statement Mike made many years ago about this song. He claimed that Brian had a long intro to the song and Mike suggested just jumping right in with the "Round round.." as the open. Anyone in the know ever hear any alternate take with this intro? Or has Brian ever mentioned it?  After the tapes were found and the alternate intro for"Why Do Fools.." was released, it made me think this was what Mike remembered and he just confused the songs.

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Little Pad

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I read a quote once upon a time which decribed the intro as being something different to the released version but never heard it. I wouldn't say that it's bothered me though
john potter

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no i think its a great intro, the guitar then straight into vocals . .

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I never heard or read about  a long intro; but in many articles in the mid 60s, both Brian and Mike said the song was originally a ballad.  Now THAT I would like to hear (but may not have been recorded that way, as they were describing the writing of it). 
Chris S.

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The good vibrations box set has a bonus disc with the "sessions" to "i get around"and "good vibrations"
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I seem to remember on the Beach Boys' Story - the BBC six-parter from the 70's by the great Bob Harris - Mike talked about this and even sang/hummed a bit of the way it would have been as a ballad with the verse first, and Mike suggested going straight in to the chorus as-is.



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Renze Koenes

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If you listen to rehearsals and early takes of 'I get around' it's the same song as released later on. Maybe there was a dispute on the intro, but that must have been going on during the writing process. I like the kick start of the song as well. Very exciting!
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