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M. Ketchum

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Registered: 06/29/12
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Yes, he may be a polarizing figure among Beach Boys fans; but he has carried the gospel of Brian Wilson throughout the world with hundreds and hundreds of concerts in little towns, county fairs and casino's. Venues large and small, Mike has played 'em all.

Besides, when I get to be 72 years of age, I hope I look half as good as Mike

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"Shut up !", he explained.

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J.Frank Mitchell

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Recent comments and feelings stated here about Mike Love aside, you have to give the man his rightful due.  Paul McCartney doing a nearly three hour set on his tours at a similar stage of life is absolutely amazing, and there are still more than a few performers in their 70s out there touring.  But none of them, and for that matter none even half the age of 72, does even half as many shows a year as does Mike Love.  His ability to do this is an amazing personal testament to his energy and desire to perform the music live.  For all the criticism he may take from man Beach Boys fans now and again, his efforts are a big part of keeping the music alive and always have been.  Wishes to Mike for a very happy 72nd birthday and a great 73rd year.
Al Forsyth

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He does take a knock or two here but he is integral to the sound of this music and he is out there doing it again and again and again and...

Listen to this piece with the Mike part first, how it travels, but you HAVE to play this entire thing to appreciate the collective pieces. Of course they sang it live (and probably doubled and then some). Wish that Mark Linett would come back to post here. 

And here is the background story (again) to a classic:

Sitting down next to him last year for the "photo shoot" I couldn't help but notice how BIG a guy he really is in stature and his head, hands.  I shook his hand and said thanks.

Happy B-day Mr. Michael Edward Love and always be true to your own school. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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Happy Birthday, Mike! I still love ya.

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Registered: 08/20/12
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I have stated before that obviously Brian is the genius, I don't think he'd come as far without his band mates however. It was the right mix of guys at the right time. Sometimes magic works out so to speak.
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