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Lee Marshall

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No talks scheduled as of right now.  It would be a shame to see this date struck from a short list of final performances for 'Pet Sounds'.

They've already had to postpone Johnny Reed [with Glass Tiger]
David Foster is scheduled for 1 week tonight.

Brian?'s less than 4 weeks 'til showtime.
paul g adsett

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'we expect this (strike) will have a negative impact on our business in this very competitive market'
says the regional president (now, that's a job title and a half!).
of course - that's the aim, is it not?
no point in taking industrial action that doesn't have an impact.
no one votes to go on strike, losing day to day pay, without reason.
needn't have happened.
sit down and negotiate a deal, maaan!
i bet your payrise was larger than offered to  your workers...
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