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I wanted to write to Brian & his wife to thank him (in a strange way) as I spent a whole weekend watching the dramatisations & documentaries of his life & that of his brothers on screen and in print ...... As I was watching it started to dawn on me that I was watching my own life (partly) being played out before me and for the first time I felt validated and recognised. It didn't just happen to me, it wasn't unique after all, I'm not alone. I wanted to say how therapeutic and meaningful this was to me. I too come from an artistic family, my problems with parental abuse (can't find any other more subtle term, sorry) also started in my early teens, I developed a flinch from being slapped and muteness as a protection, I too had a bullying pushy parent who wanted me to succeed and kept interfering, later I had to cut him off for a while as a result. I too had my best (art) work sold by them being my back without my permission, I'm still trying to get it back. I also developed substance abuse and weight problems as a result and had conflicts with my two siblings, including estrangement, and last but not least, I also fell prey to a dubious therapist for several years who exploited me emotionally and financially and caused my physical health to deteriorate dramatically whilst charging very high fees, kept bullying me with an unnecessary misdiagnosis repeatedly causing more distress and only when I got a second opinion on that relationship and some documentary evidence did I start to realise how I had been duped and that I had to take action. This was mixed with pain as I had also forged a bond with that therapist.
I now think the mix of artistic family and abusive parent is deadly. But only now do I recognise it as a specific phenomena due to the dramatisation of Brian's life, as unfortunately I was mostly alone through all this.
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Welcome, Brit. Thanks for this. It sounds as if you can relate in a very special way to Brian and what he went through. I haven’t had anywhere near the experiences that you endured. But I too have had rough times. I will say that listening to Brian’s music helped/helps me a lot. My hope is that you will find some comfort and yes, inspiration in it, too. Be well and happy.
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