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Andrew Smith

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Saw BW at the Fox Theater in Atlanta last Thursday 11/8/18 with my oldest daughter and we were very disappointed in the crowd. The weather was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE ( heavy rain, windy, all around gross ) and that had something to do with the smaller crowd. Saw him in 2016 for Pet Sounds and theater was packed ( 4700 seats ).

I just wanted to post this because BW was really struggling during the concert and I'm sure it is related to his recovery from back surgery. Great concert but he was having real trouble with pain or medications or something and we felt very bad for him. The other band members were visibly concerned for him and you could just feel each band member wanting to rush over to him and help. Given his schedule I am just amazed at his determination to keep going when lesser individuals would've just packed it in. A true testament to BW's character.

However, the man is 76 yrs old, has terrible back problems, just had major back surgery and is wearing a full length cast on his right leg and has to be helped onto and off the stage. I do believe that he keeps going for his band knowing that without him there is no tour. I have always admired the man he is and this just proves yet again that he is not only the greatest composer of our time but is a genuinely good, decent, wonderful human being. 

Physically all these tours must be brutal on healthy people half his age and I hope that Melinda will put her foot down and just say " Brian that's enough. You just cant give any more."

Music was fabulous of course and crowd response was fantastic as usual !!! My daughter Erin and I are very grateful to have seen him again because we may never get another chance to see him up close again. I just wish he would go back home, relax and enjoy his family . The man has brought so much joy to millions of people for decades now. Now its time for him to be a little selfish for once. Love you Brian.


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Nice review, Andrew. Thanks.
What a field-day for the heat 
A thousand people in the street 
Singing songs and carrying signs 
Mostly say, hooray for our side 
It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound 
Everybody look what's going down”
— FWIW, Buffalo Springfield 

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I was at the Atlanta show as well. The Fox Theatre was about half full -- I agree that the rainy weather was likely a factor. (FWIW, it looked to me like Brian was wearing a knee brace, rather than a cast.)

Brian threw us a curveball and took a show that was advertised as a GH show and performed the entire PS album. I was surprised. Nice to finally hear "Feel Flows" from this tour.

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