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Lee Marshall

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Well at least we can all rally 'round Mark Twain.

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Don't let the lack of posts get you down...we're all still here, reading, watching, and (most important) listening (to really good music).  The letters A-Z (and numbers 0-9) will again appear all over these pages, arranged into words, phrases, praises, and joys.  There'll be links to pictures, videos, AND SONGS - oh my!([rolleyes])  Of course, you might as well join the fun and kick-start us in the arse. 

If not, and until then, another read of the welcomes from our two wise men (sometimes cracks) is appropriate:

Originally Posted by Lee Marshall
Welcome to Brian Wilson dot Calm.  Just right off the top...we're all pumped that you decided to join us and we're very GLAD to have YOU aboard.  We DON'T do that clique 'thing' here.  You don't have to figure out HOW to fit in.  Just feel free to join in.

How you say? any thread.  Wherever it suits you suits us.  Still not sure?  A good place to start if you want to get your feet wet is to participate in the weekly Battle of the Bands.  Every 7 days we pit 4 songs against one another and we all vote for them...Gold, Silver, Bronze or... ... ...tin.  At the end of the 7 days the votes are officially tallied by 'battle' moderator Darren J. Ray and then the songs...based on their specific results might advance to the end of season 'playoffs'.

Do join in...and WELCOME. [cool]

Originally Posted by Al Forsyth
A good group of people and we have been around the Brian Wilson water cooler a bit.

This used to be called the Blueboard as the original site was mainly blue and yellow.  But here we are talking Brian and Beach Boys and yes, Lee, may be the unofficial mod and long-time poster here.  His background in everything pop music-related is deep from his career onward (or backward).  Longtime fan of the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson.

The Battle of Bands is a weekly, ongoing contest which is very well moderated.  A nice place to go to be part of something.  And it's easy to take part.  

I have met a number of people who post or have posted and we all have our common ground - love and respect for the music of one Brian D. Wilson.

Bugs did a nice job of support above as well.  These guys are fun to read.  

If you need any other help getting started, begin here:



Kind of melts anyone who is a fan of ANY music ^.  What ovations are meant for.

Come on in [smile]


β€œLike a dream that's somehow linked to all the stars above." 🌟 🌟 
-Brian Wilson, 1976

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