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Lee! Our man! (at least, #2 - we all know who #1, NOT me!) -

Warms this place to see you back, even if it's just occasionally.  Been gone a bit myself.  We all have our reasons for taking breaks - Brian, for his, for The, just to improve/repair the homestead.  Used to sit down and check-in to our Community throughout the day, but have lately found myself sitting down with a beer between repairs instead.  May try to do both at the same time one day, but for a guy who can't chew gum and think at the same time...[biggrin]

Wishing Man #1 a healthy soul, Man #2 a smooth rail, and all the men and women here the very best of life.  Which includes music.  Music from the very best (Man #1).

Hoping to share stories of the upcoming BW/Zombie tour soon.  I see Al has his Waterbury tickets purchased.  My wife and I chose to see them on Friday the 13th - really hoping to see Darian give us a double act [wink].

And, finally, a quick shoutout to Jenny who's currently in the middle of her USC music camp - good for you! [thumb]



β€œLike a dream that's somehow linked to all the stars above." 🌟 🌟 
-Brian Wilson, 1976

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