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I am so looking forward to the impending tour of Australia. Been far too long since I last saw the Beach Boys complete way back in 1978!
Was my first concert too and to date has been the most memorable for me as such a huge crowd and a fantastic performance.
Many thanks for the new album - I have Pet Sounds playing at home or in the car at least once a week , the new one is on continually in the car and is played regularly at home.
  I appreciate also that the set list is changed as they go along - makes it even more worthwhile to attend multiple concerts while we can.

    As a closing note , I think a great song that would suit this series of performances ( as so many others do ) would be the classic

" You Still Believe in Me "

 - we all certainly do.

Paul McPherson

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Hey Mark, I will be going to Brisbane and Sydney concerts and cannot wait.  I agree with you regarding "You Still Believe in Me".  Absolutely love this song!!!!!
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