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BRONZE Supremes
TIN Stones. 

Al Forsyth

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The votes are in and essentially we gave :

GOLD to Surf's Up with 72
Silver was't so suspicious after all and the King fared well with Suspicious Minds at 49.

Strangely, there was a spot on tie for the Stones and the Supremes with 39.5 meaning that subliminally Mick and Keith NEED to get together with Diana and Mary and put something, essential down.

Onward to Larry's cool week.

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Al Forsyth

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Just to follow up before Darren puts the stamp of approval onto this week.

I wanted to have MY essentials in the BIG four - Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones and Motown represented.  With the YouTube Beatles being blocked, this became a problem with the original intent of this battle.  So I substituted Elvis, which wasn't a bad substitution at all.  Second, I went back and forth with which Motown song to place. I had Marvin, Stevie, Marvin and some of his duet partners and then I settled with the Supremes. 

The Beach Boys song, Surf's Up, is simply too amazing to begin with and the voters seemed to agree.  Why, oh why this wasn't released when it should have been?  It just may have rewritten rock and pop history as Pet Sounds has.  So I played the BEST version of it, I think, from Smile Sessions.

With Elvis, this was the return of the King period with the 68 Comeback Special time and here comes jumpsuit Elvis.  I caught a show of his in 75 and it was completely amazing in every way possible.  What a SHOW!  And then he was suddenly gone. I learned to appreciate him through my sister who was a mega fan, and sometime roadie. 

The Stones were always the "against the grain" band and were brilliant, as usual.  I only saw them once and that show will be stuck in my memory forever.  Brilliant pop/rock/blues music.  Honkey Tonk Women was in the "changeover" period and it was brilliant coming from Country Honk. 

Finally, the Supremes - one of the gold standards of Motown.  This was the time period where there was a change in the air and Baby Love and I Hear A Symphony were like relics of an earlier time. I just love the production of the song and that video clip of their singing it (which can't be completely real - but it gives a glimpse of the Motown production).

I got the idea from the radio station that I do play the most (but not enough) WFUV in NYC.  It's a college station (Fordam University) and they have an essential artist bit when they have their fundraising drive.  I always put in Brian Wilson/The Beach Boys when I send in something. 

If I did have Strawberry Fields Forever in, I would have placed it first with Surf's Up second.  SFF was a game changer.  It's too bad, but this is what has impacted the Battle of the Bands.  Strawberry Fields was the beginning of "change" as well as Pet Sounds. 

Thanks for participating with this.  Essentially, it is all done!

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Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Al.

We got there!

It was the second selection for a recording of ‘Surf’s Up’.

The track from Surf’s Up won the Gold in Week 8 of Season II (Cynthia D. Hood).

That time it scored 86 points and 35.83% of the vote from 24 voters.

This time it was 72 and 36.00% from 20 voters.

Last time it finished 2nd in the Gold Play-Off (Season Silver medal).

When we had the Ultimate Battle, to celebrate five years of competition, it came in 6th.

The history of the tracks selected specifically from The Smile Sessions is a mixed bag:

Heroes and Villains (a Gold in Week 1 of Season IV, 2nd in Preliminary Final, 6th in Gold Play-Off - Al Forsyth),
Teeter Totter Love (a Tin in Week 7 of Season IV, 10th in Tin Play-Off - Teenage Symphony),
Vega-Tables (a Gold in Week 27 of Season IV, 10th in Gold Play-Off - Deb#1),
Wonderful (a Tin in Week 40 of Season V - Tom Tobben),
The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow) (a Tin in Week 18 of Season VII - Cindy Hood),
Surf’s Up (a Gold in Week 28 of Season VII - Al Forsyth)

It should be noted that ‘Good Vibrations’ from this album has not been used as the 1966 released version won the Season Gold in Season I.

With the fifth highest points score and third highest percentage after 28 weeks, ‘Surf’s Up’ is thereabouts to reappear later in the year.

‘Suspicious Minds’ is the fifth Elvis Presley track to appear in the Battle.

His record:

If I Can Dream (a Bronze in Week 44 of Season I - Cynthia D. Hood),
Hound Dog' (a Gold in Week 25 of Season IV, 5th in Gold Play-Off - snoops71),
Crawfish (a Silver in Week 27 of Season IV - Deb#1),
Little Sister (a Gold in Week 3 of Season VI - t Bedford),
Suspicious Minds (a Silver in Week 28 of Season VII - Al Forsyth)

It was the 10th Battle entry for The Rolling Stones.

Their record:

Gimme Shelter (a Silver in Week 2 of Season I, 5th in Silver Play-Off - Wow! Great Concert!),
Harlem Shuffle (a Silver in Week 37 of Season I - Gordon Higgins),
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (a Bronze in Week 26 of Season III - Kevin Witts),
Mixed Emotions (a Silver in Week 9 of Season IV - Verden McCutcheon),
Angie (a Gold in Week 10 of Season IV, 7th in Preliminary Final - Jo McGuire),
Not Fade Away (a Bronze in Week 21 of Season IV - Al Forsyth),
Start Me Up (a Silver in Week 1 of Season V - Larry  Franz),
Get Off of My Cloud (a Silver in Week 7 of Season VI, 4th in Silver Play-Off - Deb #1),
Around and Around (live) (a Silver in Week 22 of Season VI - Rosemary l),
Honky Tonk Women (a Bronze in Week 28 of Season VII - Al Forsyth)

‘My World Is Empty Without You’ is your Tin, Al, courtesy of the same number of Gold as the Stones (one each) but just four Silvers compared to the Stones’ five.

It was just their third appearance here (but second time pitted against the Stones).

Their record:

Stop! In the Name of Love (a Bronze in Week 2 of Season I, 1st in Bronze Play-Off* - Wow! Great Concert!),
You Keep Me Hangin’ On (a Silver in Week 32 of Season IV - Roy Rogers),
My World Is Empty Without You (a Tin in Week 28 of Season VII - Al Forsyth)

* ‘Stop! In the Name of Love!’ was not elevated to the Preliminary Final because the song that won the Silver in its Week 2, ‘Gimme Shelter’, also qualified for play-offs in its own right and only finished 5th in the Silver Play-Off. Hence, neither song progressed. (We invoked that same rule in last year’s play-offs.)

‘My World is Empty Without You’ is a chance for this year’s Tin Play-Off. 

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