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Gold: The Beatles – Yesterday (1965) Hard to go past this song!  Shame we didn't hear John or George join him on harmonies for last verse.  That would have been nice.

Silver: The Temptations – My Girl (1964) But I liked 'My Guy' - also penned by Smokey - better.

Bronze: The Young Rascals – How Can I Be Sure (1967) Even enjoyed the Dusty Springfield and David Cassidy versions

Tin: The Beach Boys (with RPO) – The Warmth of the Sun (1964/2018) I do get a warm feeling hearing this but not hot enough to move past 'Tin'

Verden McCutcheon

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 Season 9 Week 33.Great Vocal Performances !!!

           1)Warmth of the sun....Nobody can touch The Beach Boys when they are at the top of their game vocally.

            2)My Girl......Always been a favorite song that I don't get tired of and very good vocals.

            3)How can I be sure..Great song and vocals and in any other battle could be gold.

            4)Yesterday...Even though its an outstanding song its more about the lyrics and melody I think than the I had to place it tin(sorry Paul)

                                                         most excellent AL
Lisa G/TS

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Dunno if we can have a "GREAT vocal performances" week pass us by without a mention of this late great lady who left much too soon. I chose this timely selection...for most hemispheres:

t bedford

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I tend to like rougher and gruffer fare than this weeks offerings. Best vocals and best songs would be 2 different orders. Feel free to guess which order this is....

GOLD - Young Rascals (but far from my favorite)

SILVER - Beatles (my 1965 thoughts: OK but my parents liked it, so...?) Needs more John, George & Ringo

BRONZE - Temptations (psychedelic Tempt's are more my thing)

TIN - Beach Boys/Orchestra. Give me the original over this, anytime.

Better Eddie, better song...
Young Rascals - I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore ('live' on Alan King)

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bonnie bella

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Okay, the votes.

GOLD - The Temptations.  This must be one of the best-restrained vocal performances ever.  How do they not just let go and get all funky with their bad selves?  

SILVER - TBB.  I'm not completely sold on this one.  Of course, the vocals are excellent, but a few too many strings have hung it somewhat.  If I were judging purely on appealing vocals, this would have been gold.  Like this

Or this

Or this

BRONZE - The Young Rascals. Not sure I knew this one before, but it does have a haunting familiarity about it.  Wow, pretty vocals.  Catchy enough to bump poor Sir Paul down to my tin spot this week.

TIN - The Beatles.  I should love this one more, but we've got violins again and it does tend to lose its power after the first minute and fifty-odd years.  Sorry to have to put it in this position though.

Sticking with the boys, here's a great cover from Kayla William's, who we are probably all familiar with.  Cute vocals here.

Thanks for the baritone, Al.


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Hi all,

Gold - The Warmth of the Sun     The Beach Boys

Silver -  Yesterday          The Beatles        

Bronze - My Girl             The Temptations
Tin - How Can I Be Sure        The Young Rascals
Tom Tobben

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All excellent songs and fine vocals this week. Nary a weak song, so had to vote like splitting hairs:

Gold -- "How Can I Be Sure", Rascals. If our primary criterion this week is the lead vocal, I have to go with this song. The other songs all have lovely melodies and nifty instrumental arrangements, but I find Eddie Brigati's lead vocals to be most dynamic and compelling, in addition to this being an excellent song. IMHO, the Rascals were one of the best groups of the mid/late 60s and they do not always get enough love. A modern iteration of the Rascals, featuring Felix Cavalieri and Gene Cornish, is on tour this fall and would be fun to see. Perhaps little known, Eddie Brigati was a member of Joey Dee & The Starlighters before becoming one of the founding members of the Young Rascals. When they were signed to Ahmet Ertegun's Atlantic Records, they were the first all-white group on that label, and they became early purveyors of what eventually became known as "blue-eyed soul". My favorite Rascals song, featuring Felix Cavalieri on lead vocals, was their first big hit, reaching #1 on the US Billboard charts:

Silver -- "The Warmth of the Sun", Beach Boys/Royal Philharmonic Orch. Had this been the original Beach Boys version, it might have earned gold for me this week. Brian's upper register lead vocals are so tender and emotive, and Mike's lower register backing vocals complement Brian's lead so well, and connected with such a lovely melody and arrangement. I still haven't warmed up to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra add-ons to such classic Beach Boys songs. Makes me feel like we may be entering the realm of Muzak rather than classic pop/rock. 

Bronze -- "My Girl", Temptations. Another classic song with an excellent lead vocal by David Ruffin. But, for me what makes this song so special is the melody and the instrumental arrangement by Motown's house band, the so-called "Funk Brothers". That said, Ruffin was an excellent lead vocalist for the early Temptations and was able to parlay that into his own solo career. 

Tin -- "Yesterday", Paul McCartney "Beatles". Such purity and simple vocals by McCartney attached to a lovely melody. But what stood out for me about this song was its unusual arrangement with McCartney solo on an acoustic guitar backed only by a string quartet. Isolating vocals alone, there are a number of McCartney lead vocals and songs that I like more than this one, even though it is one of the most covered classics in pop music. In the early years after the song first came out, it seems like every light pop artist or pop instrumental group was recording a version of the song (e.g., Darren's version by the Lettermen).

A few more of my favorite lead vocals by other artists/groups:

Just one of many great lead vocals by Jim Morrison of the Doors:

Perhaps not the "prettiest" lead vocals by Donald Fagan of Steely Dan, but certainly some of the most recognizable and distinctive:

Linda Ronstadt was certainly one of the best and most popular female vocalists of the boomer generation:

And another classic artist and popular vocalist, Joni Mitchell. Here's one of my favorites by her:

Another distinctive voice of the boomer era is Howard Kaylan, lead vocalist for the Turtles/Flo & Eddie:

And, of course, Stevie Wonder has had so many iconic vocals. Here's the lovely "These Three Words" from Stevie's Jungle Fever soundtrack album:

The Boss coming on strong, reciting softly and emotively, and finally belting it out passionately in his iconic "Jungleland", from the legendary Born to Run album:

The King's vocals were quite versatile and weren't too bad either:

Excellent week and an opportunity to shine a light on memorable lead vocals/vocalists, Al!

Lee Marshall

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Even though I've been away for the better part of a week and a half...home last Sunday for a few hours and then gone again.   AND even though I feel very strongly that the 'Battle' has pretty much run its course as almost all of the Beach Boys' truly decent songs have now competed and we have reached the point where folks feel the need to use regurgitated/substandard facsimiles like this week's 'Warmth of the Sun'...diminished by an overbearing and needlessly heavy handed orchestral redo...and even though 1 individual somehow 'thinks' that he can dictate how this exercise should be adhered to... ... ...and personally I choose to whizzz on that line of thinking's my take.  Oh and just so that individual knows...Next time I will return to voting on Mondays...or when I have ***I*** see goes.  [Sorry I missed your week Tom but prior to my departure first thing a week ago Thursday...I just couldn't muster the offense intended...]

Obvious Gold...How Can I Be Sure...Rascals.  One of 2 songs this week that at least have a little hair on them.  That said then, like *t*. I'm really not all that much into the whimpee stuff.

Deserving Silver...My Girl...Temptations.  Next to I Wish it Would Rain...I think I like this one terms of their lengthy repertoire.  Papa Was a Rolling Stone might edge it out.  [Bill Wyman was a Rolling Stone too...but THAT'S a different song.]

Bronze by default...Warmth of the Orchestra.  Take one great song and vocal performance best heard in its original form and ruin it with unwelcome overkill and it only just barely edges out the most over-rated song of the entire decade.

LAST...Yesterday.  Paul  Yick!!!  No thanks.   He said something wrong.  Then he wrote about it.  And suddenly?  He was only 1/2 the man he used to be.

Sorry I wasn't here to vote on Monday Al.  But thank gawd I didn't have to listen to this 4-pack all week long.  I would have needed insulin.

Lee Marshall

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Some strong vocal performances I still enjoy....for various reasons

Al Forsyth

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Okay I'll vote with hopes that Deb and Paul A will still follow.  And maybe have as I write.

I like every song but LOVE one for what it is - a haunting ballad built on seven bar structure, which is strange (not four bar, eight bar, twelve bar but seven) as this song was then and now and as sullenly (not suddenly) beautiful.  Love how he uses that word - "suddenly".  Remember when John sings How Do You Sleep - the only thing you did was yesterday.

So Yesterday gets my Gold.  It shows the introspective McCartney an the strings just complete it.  The vocal gets right to me and and as the cello goes down while the vocal climbs compositional brilliance is taking place. Scrambled Egg alright. 

I tie my others in very close pursuit but I just couldn't differentiate OR put one of them last.

The Warmth of the Sun - Brian is beginning to turn a corner on the way to Pet Sounds. There's a maturation going on inside a hauntingly beautiful song.  And I like the strings!  I'm using haunt in a good way - sticks and stays with you.

My Girl - oooooooh oooh - if you haven't watched the movie, please do on The Temptations, please do.  When David joins - the magic happens.

I'm with many others on The Rascals (Young Rascals). Eddie just kills this vocal.  Please watch their induction in the R and R Hall.

Finally, we got to see and hear a real legend the other night performing in Cleveland and I had to be talked into going and SOOOOO glad that I was talked to.  Joan Baez is extending her Farewell tour but wow, what a performance.  Here she was in Prague a few years back:

She still closes her shows with the song.

I'll come in with scores and final thoughts early tomorrow.

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Gold – The Beach Boys (with RPO) – Lead Vocal/Brian Wilson – The Warmth of the Sun (1964/2018) – Writers Brian Wilson and Mike Love.  This is one that is more with the orchestra backing. I don’t think I can say that for all of the RPO covers.

Silver – The Temptations – Lead Vocal/David Ruffin – My Girl (1964) – Writers Smokey Robinson and Ronald White

Bronze – The Young Rascals – Lead Vocal/Eddie Brigati – How Can I Be Sure (1967) – Writers Eddie Brigati and Felix Cavaliere

Tin – The Beatles – Lead Vocal/Paul McCartney – Yesterday (1965) – Writers Paul McCartney and John Lennon

 Al, another week where all of the selections have gold in them.  I did my best.

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David W

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Bit late posting but just remembered this Temps song I posted on youtube many years ago from a 10p yard-sale vinyl album . As far as I can see it still hasn't been digitised and amazed to see it has had over 40k views ! Dennis Edwards on lead vocals ?

Al Forsyth

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After a hard days' week the vocalists' week is closed and tallied and with 18 voters weighing in, the voting was always interesting.

Brian's vocal on The Warmth Of The Sun with The Beach Boys and with the Royal Philharmonic adding to it wins the Gold Standard with 52.

David Ruffin and The Temptations carry the Silver Spoon with My Girl and 47 points.

Paul McCartney waxed on his Yesterday to get a Bronzer with 42, along with George Martin's strings.

Eddie Brigatti and the Rascals bring it home with 39.

What an interesting week it was! The range of votes was also interesting along with the wonderful commentaries and songs added. It took me around a month to forge this battle and the Blueboard responded. Thank you!

I'll wrap a commentary after my drive across five States today.

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Darren J. Ray

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Thanks, Al.

The song ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ has a long Battle history.

The Beach Boys (1964) record has won:

- a Gold in Week 7 of Season I, 2nd in Gold Play-Off (annual Silver) (Tom Tobben),
- a Silver in Week 10 of Season V, 1st in Silver Play-Off, 1st in Preliminary Final, 2nd in Gold Play-Off (annual Silver) (Jo McGuire),
- a Gold in Week 2 of Season IX (Larry Franz)

Now with the RPO addition, it has another Gold.

Its two annual Silver medal rankings qualified it for the Ultimate Battle, to celebrate five completed seasons of the Battle. It came 9th.

Brian’s solo recording of it, from I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times (1995), won the Gold in Week 18 of Season VII (Cindy Hood) and finished 4th in the Preliminary Final.

Vince Gill’s cover of it, from An All-Star Tribute to Brian Wilson (2001), won the Gold in Week 41 of Season VII (Tom Tobben) but didn’t progress.

That means ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ (four versions so far) has been used six times, resulting in 11 battles. It’s won seven of them.

The only tracks to beat the Beach Boys’ version of it in a week are ‘Good Vibrations’ (in a Gold Play-off), ‘If I Fell’ (The Beatles) (which it overtook later that season in the play-offs), ‘I Get Around’ (in a Gold Play-Off), and then in the Ultimate Battle, ‘God Only Knows’, ‘Good Vibrations’, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, ‘California Girls’, ‘Don’t Worry Baby’, ‘Surf’s Up’*, ‘Surfer Girl’ and ‘I Get Around’ (all Beach Boys records, six of which have won a year; * that version of ‘Surf’s Up’ was the 1971 release, not the 2011 release and Season VII winner).

The tracks that beat the Brian Wilson version of it in the Season VII Prelim were ‘You Still Believe in Me’, ‘Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)’ and ‘Help Me, Rhonda’ (all Beach Boys).

It’s unlikely we’ll see this week’s version in a head-to-head with the original at end of the season.

It was the third Battle entry for the Temptations.

Their record:

Beauty is Only Skin Deep (a Silver in Week 30 of Season IV - snoops71),
Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) (a Bronze in Week 14 of Season VII - Larry Franz),
My Girl (a Silver in Week 33 of Season IX - Al Forsyth)

Even with the internet blocking of Beatles studio recordings, they are easily the second most successful act in the Battle.

The Beatles as a group have now had 32 selections in the Battle, 18 of which have made play-offs. (‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Yesterday’, from this season look unlikely to become the nineteenth and twentieth.)

Their impressive record:

I’ll Follow the Sun (a Silver in Week 1 of Season I, 6th in Silver Play-Off - Wow! Great Concert!),
She Loves You (a Silver in Week 3 of Season I, 2nd in Silver Play-Off, 4th in Preliminary Final - Darren J. Ray),
Here Comes the Sun (a Silver in Week 7 of Season I, 1st in Silver Play-Off, 8th in Preliminary Final - Tom Tobben),
Drive My Car (a Silver in Week 17 of Season I - Ang Jones),
Hey Jude (a Bronze in Week 19 of Season I - Cynthia D. Hood),
The Ballad of John and Yoko (a Silver in Week 21 of Season I - Domestic Animal Noises),
In My Life (a Gold in Week 34 of Season I, 7th in Preliminary Final - t Bedford),
Getting Better (a Silver in Week 36 of Season I, 7th in Silver Play-Off - mother’s little helper),
The Long and Winding Road (a Silver in Week 45 of Season I - Cynthia D. Hood),
She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (a Silver in Week 14 of Season II - Michael F. Becher),
Michelle (a Bronze in Week 19 of Season II - Michael F. Becher),
Revolution 9 (a Tin in Week 32 of Season II - t Bedford),
Help! (a Silver in Week 26 of Season III, 1st in Silver Play-Off, 4th in Preliminary Final - Kevin Witts),
Penny Lane (a Silver in Week 1 of Season IV, 1st in Silver Play-Off, 1st in Preliminary Final, 2nd - SEASON SILVER - in Gold Play-Off - Al Forsyth),
Lady Madonna (a Gold in Week 14 of Season IV - Cindy Hood),
Blackbird (a Bronze in Week 16 of Season IV - Deb#1),
Long Tall Sally (a Silver in Week 21 of Season IV, 3rd in Silver Play-Off - Al Forsyth),
If I Fell (a Gold in Week 10 of Season V, 3rd in Preliminary Final, 5th in Tin Play-Off  - Jo McGuire),
We Can Work It Out (a Gold in Week 18 of Season V, 6th in Gold Play-Off - brent mcmullen),
Back in the U.S.S.R. (a Tin in Week 21 of Season V, 1st in Tin Play-Off - Jo McGuire),
Please Mister Postman (a Silver in Week 32 of Season V - Larry Franz),
In My Life (a Gold in Week 40 of Season V, 2nd in Preliminary Final, 3rd - SEASON BRONZE - in Gold Play-Off - Tom Tobben),
For No One (a Bronze in Week 40 of Season V - Tom Tobben),
All My Loving (a Gold in Week 2 of Season VI, 2nd in Preliminary Final, 6th in Gold Play-Off - D.A.N),
Bad Boy (a Silver in Week 3 of Season VI - t Bedford),
Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End (a Gold in Week 31 of Season VI, 4th in Gold Play-Off - Tom Tobben),
If I Fell (a Gold in Week 2 of Season VII, 5th in Gold Play-Off - D.A.N),
Help! (a Silver in Week 7 of Season VII, 1st in Silver Play-Off, 5th in Preliminary Final - BrianFan),
The Ballad of John and Yoko (a Gold in Week 8 of Season VII, 9th in Gold Play-Off - Cindy Hood),
Help! (a Gold in Week 18 of Season VIII, 1st in Preliminary Final, 6th in Gold Play-Off - Deb#1),
Paperback Writer (a Silver in Week 2 of Season IX - Larry Franz),
Yesterday (a Bronze in Week 33 of Season IX - Al Forsyth)

That is 10 Golds, 15 Silvers, 5 Bronzes and 2 Tins (one of which, 'Back in the USSR', won a Tin Play-Off).

‘In My Life’ came 10th in the Ultimate Battle. ‘Penny Lane’ came 12th.

The solo Beatles have all made play-offs as well – Lennon (three), McCartney (two), Harrison (two) and Starr (one).

Some groups with several entries in the Battle have never made one play-off.

It was the third entry (and second Tin) for the (Young) Rascals.

Their record:

A Beautiful Morning (a Gold in Week 5 of Season III - Prodigal Son),
Come On Up (a Tin in Week 20 of Season IV - t Bedford),
How Can I Be Sure (a Tin in Week 33 of Season IX - Al Forsyth)

‘How Can I Be Sure’ looks to have booked a spot in this season’s Tin Play-Off.

Please support Deb’s Week 34.


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