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bonnie bella

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Struggling to come up with a single love song due to the fact nobody ever writes songs about love, I was inspired to do a google search. And look what was the first thing to come up.

A few notable mentions from this list, including of course its number one song.

(oh my goodness!)


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Darren J. Ray

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One of my favourite Seekers songs, Al.

And I love the way (most likely) Judith gets that tambourine locking down the tempo from the start. 

I think this really deserves a hearing....

Larry Franz

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bonnie -- Thanks for sharing that intriguing list. I've been racking my brain. [smile]

Going way back: They say songwriters loved the way Fred Astaire sang their songs.

"A Foggy Day" (from A Damsel In Distress)

"They Can't Take That Away From Me" (with Ginger Rogers in Shall We Dance)

Not as far back: Two I love and post periodically. Plus the groups rhyme.

The Chantels -- "Maybe"

The Castells -- "So This Is Love"

Two from those sentimental old guys, the Rolling Stones:

"Start Me Up"

"Factory Girl"

And:  Gem Club, "Braid"

My love, my love
Save me, say to me
I am yours, I am yours

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
Popeye (not the sailor)

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I remember loving this song as a kid and wearing out the 45 record on the family hi-fi.

Johnny Cash singing to us about a thing called love.

Al Forsyth

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Whatever happened to Michael?
I almost used the Jackie version in this battle:
We've had WDFIL many times on the Battle - but this is incredible and LIVE

Why do they?  Brian knew!

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Larry Franz

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Al -- "What the World Needs Now" is such a nice song. They played it in the grocery store today. Maybe it had a calming effect on the checkout lines.

Three other ladies of song:

Lorde -- "Hard Feelings / Loveless"

Lana Del Rey -- "Love"

Peggy Lee -- "Fever"

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
Cantina Margarita

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Hi all,

The Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love?
Not nice, to confront Brian's great late masterpiece to a competitor like this one. A worldwide #1 hit, a whistle-along for weeks, interesting and instructing to listen to, and with a strong message. I don't like Hip Hop and Rap in general, but there are some that get me. Others are The Fugees, Coolio, Dr. Alban. Here's him, featuring exactly the same message.

Brian Wilson - One Kind Of Love
Great song. If the vocals is auto-tuned, it's worth a production Grammy. If it's authentic, it's a miracle. I love the song as a summary of the movie, I love the movie - for the love story, more than the documentary. And, for the 1000th time: I want Scott Bennett back, for being Brian's most relevant lyricist since VDP. He may be a druggy rapist, but not a Mladic or Karadzic. It's enough, he has paid the price.

Steve Winwood - Higher Love
Nice to hear this one again.

Taylor Swift - Love Story
Nice girlie, nice set, nice song. But “nice“, at times, is irrelevant's baby sister. At least, the nightmare of foreign language graduates made it to a great artist's website ...

More LOVE songs:

L.o.v.e (Orange Juice) ... cue the trumpet choir

Die Liebe Bleibt (Klaus Lage Band), “Love Remains“ ... cue the pitch-wheeled Saw Lead synth

Love Is (The Residents)

Perfect Love (The Residents) ... cue the silence between both Residents songs

Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing ...

Have a nice spring sunday + enjoy the tulips, to the Down Under guys: have a nice Thanksgiving (... or what might be your equivalent).
David W

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Well must say I'm surprised . Thought Higher Love would have been a runaway winner , for me its way ahead of the other tracks .

Gold- Steve Winwood - Higher Love

way way below

Silver - The Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love?

Bronze - Taylor Swift - Love Story

tin - Brian Wilson - One Kind Of Love (Sorry BW)

Larry Franz

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Some gentlemen of song.

The Beach Boys -- "Let Us Go On This Way"

Jackson Browne -- "Late For The Sky"

The Beatles -- "And I Love Her"

Lord Huron -- "Fool For Love"

Randy Newman -- "Same Girl"

Percy Sledge -- "When a Man Love a Woman"

It's been a lovely week, Al. 

Watching girls in the air can really get you bad.
Ang Jones

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It's ages since I've contributed but I found this easy to call!

Gold to Brian. I'm sorry to be so predictable but I love the whole album. This isn't my favourite track from the album but Brian in good form.

Silver Steve Winwood.

Bronze Taylor Swift. Love the banjo.

Tin Black Eyed Peas. Don't like rap!

If I can add another song called Love Affair it's Dennis's from the 20/20Sessions. It may be a demo but what a beautiful song.
paul g adsett

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gold: 'higher love'
- a bit dated in production, certainly of its mid-80's time.
but i just love much of the stuff that steview winwood recorded
during that 'arc of a diver' - 'back in the high life' period.
and many of those songs were co-written with will jennings, as here
(and there's some somhgs, especailly the arc of a diver written with, of all people,
the bonzos's vivian stanshall that lifts that chap into a higher plane).
hadn't listened to this for a while and still love it,
so much that it beats the rest this week for me.

silver: 'one kind of love'
it's teetering on bronze, but still remains here.
lovely, but over-produced and sort of contrived rather than from the heart
(a bit like many of the 'personal' flavour more recent bw songs,
designed as continuity in his history,
to fit the projected image rather than from deep inside?

he says, cynically...)
now bronze: 'where is the love'
i try to enjoy black eyed peas.
i and mostly i fail.
i certainly don't dismiss the whole genre of rap,
as there's plenty to explore and find really good.
honest, please don't just say 'i don't like rap...'
(despite ashley going mental,
i can listen to kanye west and really really enjoy the craziness).
and wish i could place it higher.
oh, bugger, i'm going to, as i'm listening again as i type.
it goes up to bronze and,
gulp i bump that luvverly taylor swift down to tin.
what have i done?
well - it's the interplay of the voices that is good here.
not a great song, but some fab elements in it.

now tin - cut'n'pasted it out and down (sorry) love story'
- shame to have to drop taylor swift down to third place.
she's intelligent, made a grand career,
a good enough singer, and a very excellent songwriter.
this was such a massive hit, yet for me,
this isn't one of my favourite songs what she's recorded
(it's got some good lyrics, but it's over-commercialised,
sounds too written by a team - which it is - not from the heart).

still, how many love songs are really written from the heart?
would the world be a better place if we tore out all the contrivances
and allowed only genuine passion?
(no, don't discuss...).

paul g adsett

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oh, sod it
- i'll add that exquisite vivian stanshall / stevie winwood song 'arc of a diver'.
'i need my love to translate...
because with you i'm stronger'.
just love it to bits
and it fits the theme, even if not by title.
dive in and wallow in the gorgeous, oblique lyrics.
it just oozes quality - effortlessly...

'with you my love we're going to raid the future
with you my love we're going to stick up the past
we'll hold today to ransom 'til our quartz clocks stop until yesterday'

bonnie bella

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GOLD - Steve Winwood.  A good solid song, Steve wants a higher love. I suggest he goes green, goes tall, or goes home. A reminder of better 80s rock and as you said, Al, some serious percussion.

SILVER - Black Eyed Peas.  Easy on the ears but challenging lyrically. I remember loving these lyrics when the song came out. Who wouldn't agree with the message?

"And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you're bound to get irate
Madness is what you demonstrate
And that's exactly how hate works and operates"

"Most of us only care about money makin'
Selfishness got us followin' the wrong direction
Wrong information always shown by the media
Negative images is the main criteria
Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria
Kids wanna act like what they see in the cinemas
What happened to the love and the values of humanity?"

"My mama asked me why I never vote (Never vote)
'Cause police men want me dead and gone (Dead and gone)
That election looking like a joke (Such a joke)"

If that stuff ain't still relevant ...

Side note: A less musically inclined lady wrote me a message the other day that included the words "there is a wrap song ..." 

BRONZE - Brian.  I have a soft spot for this one, but Steve and the wrappers have elbowed Brian out this week. 

TIN - Miss Swift, Lord Stubbleface and one hell of a castle.  I remember not enjoying this when it first came out and then it becoming an earworm and crawling (unfortunately) under my skin. The line "go pick out a white dress" just makes me want to barf. Sorry Al. I'll say one thing though. Taylor sure can sing.

The anti-Taylor

Thanks Al.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Al Forsyth

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GREAT songs, postings and VOTINGS and I will add more on that!

I have gone back and forth all week on my votes.  I like them all!

My votes:
Gold - The Black Eyed Peas
What I really like about it is that it has an anthem-like quality to it. also changes the rap lyrics (he did in the Super Bowl) - his creative license to keep it relevant.  Bonnie, I so agree with you that the lyrics mean as much today as they did in the post 9-11 when they were written. They get away with an eff-bomb in it don't they (second verse rap)? This was their first BIG hit. Maybe Fergie completed them but she even had to be helped to the front of the video.  By the Super Bowl she is a feature. More in the videos and links  below.

Silver - Steve Winwood
What more can one say?  He's Stevie Winwood and he was magical from the very beginning.  Unique.  The song actually grew on me throughout the week and that was a BIG album for him amidst the 80's (not a fave decade of mine).  And a two-time Grammy winning song. The song is rhythm based in the era of the drum machine. 

Bronze - to Brian
I REALLY like this song and feel that it's one of Brian's BEST vocals in the modern era.  It should have got some notice during Academy Award season but it turns out that you really have to make the case yourself (pitch yourself) to get Academy Award nominations.  The video alone can really get you!!!

Tin - Taylor Swift
What I like about her is her ability to find the right producer for her on each given album. You'll see below with regard to her videos as well.  She's a perfect modern creation - appealing to look at and listen to but I'm not really a fan of her songs.  I think that she is one of the BEST hook writers around and this song and every song of hers has the perfect hook.  That's a knack AND a talent.  She has that!  I want to see if she matures as an artist, her sound changes album to album already, but she seems to be able to morph her style more and more.  Stubbleface comes to us below.  

So some thoughts on all of the songs:
First Tay Tay -
Baby just say yes! This song will never go away 

Her video productions are soooooo important - well scripted and worked, probably the best going. 

GREAT production - very important!
Taylor and her responsibility for her fame:

With the Peas, let's look a bit at the musicality.  They knew that something special was going of this. Of course they built production all around the simple riff with strings and other instruments filling in.

Write up and Justin Timberlake's involvement:
The song REALLY brought them as a viable act. 
One world- one world - killer performance:

With Stevie, here he and Chaka bring it.  Again listen to the percussion all around this.
REALLY like this (not so much the vocal track)

With Brian:
LOVE how Kate does this: no imitations to love.

The man and the band - 

Maybe JS Bach had it all figured out all those years ago:

The voting is now closed. Final tally in the morn. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Al Forsyth

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Thanks to ALL voters:  Bonnie, Paul A, Ang, David W., Cantina, Tom T., Verden M., D.A.N., Darren, Larry, John B., Cindy, John E., Popeye, StKilda.  With 16 voters (host included) and 160 aggregate. 

It was a good battle actually with some good vote movement throughout.

The Gold, with 49 points goes to Brian and One Kind of Love (Six Golds and but one tin)
Silver - Steve Winwood, 43, Higher Love (Four Golds and three tins)
Bronze - The Black Eyed Peas, 35, Where Is the Love? (Three Golds but with six tins)
Tin - Taylor Swift, 33, Love Story, (Three Golds and six tins) 

Everyone tasted Gold and Tin, to varying degrees.  Brian was off to the races early with seven of the fist eight voters giving Gold or Silver.

The conclusion - love is everything!  From the unconditional to higher forms, to our questioning it as to where it is, to our own personal story of love.  It's special, it's unique, it's part of us. It's life [love]

Now on to the Bonnie tribute to our beloved Thomas Bedford, friend to all, and important contributor with VERY high standards, a love for ALL rock and pop, and especially The Kinks.  

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
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