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Larry Franz

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Al -- The world is awash in trash (much of it emanating from our nation's capital), so it's hard to focus on the musical variety. Here's a shining example, however.

According to Wikipedia, the only time the great Chuck Berry had a #1 single in the US, Canada or the UK was for this novelty crap. (To the credit of the US R&B chart, he had three #1 singles, but this thing only hit #42.)

Tom Tobben

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My, oh my, Al. You're testing us! All could be tins in another week, but here goes:

Gold -- "I Know What Boys Like", Waitresses. A nice campy tease. No "me-too's" here. This lady sounds like she can stand her own ground against those overly curious boys. And I get a kick out of the Waitresses off-kilter sound as something different, yet distinctive. 

Silver -- "Best Friend", Sofi Tukker. Interesting, minimalist dance-driven sound. 

Bronze -- "Genius of Love", Tom Tom Club. Certainly has that Heads-y quirky sound, but led by Tina's vocals. Lyrics were difficult to understand though. 

Tin -- Run-Around Lover, Sharon Marie. Too much of a derivative Spector-esque "wall of sound" girl group sound. Brian imitating here, rather than creating. 

Well, for a week of trash, nobody has done any Zappa yet, so here's that infamous, bitchin' "Valley Girl", Moon Unit:

I could go deeper into Zappa's trashy girls songs, like "Catholic Girls", "Jewish Princess", "Crew Slut", etc., but they might get the censor's hook. 

Here's some more real pop trash of a different sort, from the 70s, where simpering pop slop thrived:

And, Darren, here's the minor US hit version of "Mashed Potatoes", by Joey Dee & The Starlighters from the early 60s:

And here's the James Brown & The Flames version, performing as Nat Kendrick & The Swans, from 1962:


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GOLD Sharon Marie
yeah it's not great, but all of these aren't too bad

SILVER Tom Tom Club

BRONZE Waitresses  Not sure how much of this is supposed to be out of tune.
Heard it somewhere - an ad?

TIN Sofi Tukker

Al Forsyth

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If Tom hosted this week - we would ALL be screaming TRASH!.  You found some of the trashiest of the trash.  From Debbie B. to Moon Unit. 

Now for the some of the REAL news:

Even sadder representation:

Back to the week:
Dopey?  Punky?  Trashy - definitely. 

I know this gets into the novelty realm, but...

And so... more novelty - kind of trashy.  Boris Pickett had the trash-can drum sound. 

This could get you folks!

Novelty-trash. Giggle-giggle. 
Two more days to wrap this!

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bonnie bella

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Al, thanks (I guess) for pointing out the absolute awfulness of people and our consumerist ways.  Makes you wonder how much the planet can put up with.

GOLD - Sharon Marie.  Generic 60's pop song meets  ... generic 60's pop song.  At least it's not plastic.

SILVER - Sofi Tucker. Do you wanna meet me in the ... no.  Unfortunately catchy.  This is the kind of trash that builds up in skips and is mostly made of cardboard.

BRONZE - Tom Tom Club.  No sign of genius here.  Plastic trash.

TIN - The Waitress.  Here is your finest example of Trash, Al.  This pile utterly stinks.

You always bring an interesting week.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

David W

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My , they are some baaaad tracks !

My votes:

1. Sharon Marie
Tom Tom Club
3. Sofi Tucker
4. Waitresses
Al Forsyth

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My votes: Darren seemed to know it – dunno how? 

GOLD to Chris and Tina and the Tom Tom Club (rhythm section of the Talking Heads).  The album kind of caught me when it first came out and it’s wildly inconsistent but this song had the stop and go rhythm with Tina’s bass and the funny sing-along family Weymouth singers.  Kind of campy.  Nice write up about Genius of Love’s 47 samples:
Here are the samplers from Tom Tom Club’s site:

Silver to Sofi Tukker and I think that they may have something going.  We’ll see.   I really heard the dirty lyric version first in our beloved spin cycling class.  But heard it clean on commercials so it had to have been catching on.  Who knows how the charts works these days (how many charts are there?) but it was top five in January (one in commercials and I thought one in dance/electronic) .
Another Billboard has it at 81

My bronze goes to a singer that I thought we could unearth and figure out what happened to Sharon Marie Esparza (even some books have her spelling wrong).  I don’t think that this is her, but:

For some reason her Thinkin’ Bout You Baby seems to be pulled. 

It seemed as though Brian was doing another Honey’s type of sound but Sharon Marie had that deeper voice.  They discovered her in June of 63 and recorded her soon after.  Who were the backgrounds – The Honey’s?  Love the sax break.  A bit raunchy/trashy for it's time.

My Tin will be to the Waitresses.  The song is kinda funky but at the same time not really.  The singing kills it.  Tracy Wormworth is the killer (in a good way) bassist in the band who has played for so many others:

The first time I heard it the DJ  pulled the record off by scratching the then needle – during nyah nyah nyah part. 

Here’s a GREAT TTC performance from Stop Making Sense and Tina’s bass is incredible.  Then they had to turn back into the Talking Heads.  Tina going crazy also.  Psychedelic and punkadelic.  DB is getting into his BIG suit during this. 

Let's keep on voting your votes.  The range in votes is not too, too wide but this is with eleven voters at this point with a day to go! 

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Cindy Hood

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When I first looked at these on Monday, I didn't know any of them so I procrastinated in listening.  But, turns out that I'd heard two of them before.  

In order of likeness, here we go...

Gold - Soft Tukker.  Pretty girl, good voice, funky song, good beat and vibe, gets my gold vote.

Silver - Tom Tom Club.  This is one I'm familiar with and like.  It's the music to Fantasy by Mariah Carey and I really like that song.

Bronze - The Waitresses.  Heard this one before, too. It's ok.

Tin/Pewter - Sharon Marie.  Nah.

My final answer.

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
t bedford

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Easy GOLD to the Tom Tom Club.

SILVER for Akron's The Waitresses (who were actually an offshoot of Tin Huey).

BRONZE to Sharon Marie

Leaving TIN for Sofi Tukker.

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Popeye (not the sailor)

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My trashy votes:

Gold: Runaround Lover - Sharon Marie

Silver: IKWBL - Waitresses

Bronze: Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club

Tin: Sofi Tukker - Best Friend

Not to be confused with Sofi B. Tucker...

Thanks Al!
Al Forsyth

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We'll close the trash lid tomorrow.  Thanks everyone for voting - it gets close, then it doesn't, and...
A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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Gold - Sharon Marie - Run Around Lover, not quite trash.
Silver - Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love, heard this one around.
Bronze - Sofi Tucker - Best Friend, needs work, but has some merit.
Tin - The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like, meh.
One of my most favorite trash songs:

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

The Egg

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Love this trash!!!

GOLD. New to me and I dig it........Runaround Lover

SILVER Genius of good even Mariah Carey sampled it!

BRONZE. Always laughed out loud when I heard this one.....I know what boys like.......Jenny laughs too!

TIN. Ugh.....truly awful but like her delivery......not my Best Friend!

Fun week.....thanks for the funny posts

I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!
Al Forsyth

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Thanks to all voters and posters this trashy little week.  Still waiting to make the close and the dumpster drives away. 

I know that Lee is waiting to bring it on! 

Looks like the golden production of Brian Wilson secures the gold standard yet again.  Hoping that there was some education in there this week.  Fantasy (lover) was brought up a few times where Mariah samples the Tom Tom Club and she did!  

We'll see if there is another vote or two and close.

I still have my preachy finish to all of this [smile]

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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GOLD: Run Around Lover
Not actually that terrible.

SILVER: I Know What Boys Like
Frickin hilarious.

BRONZE: Best Friend
Crap. Just CRAP.

TIN: Genius of Love
This genius can suck a turd.

Thanks for the trashy week Al!

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles
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