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Al Forsyth

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Okay - with the 17 voters present to take a turn listening to some trashy types of things (to varying degrees), we have  (trash-can drum roll please):

Gold to Sharon Marie with 55 points
Silver to the Tom Tom Club with 43.5
Bronze to The Waitresses and 40 points
Tin to the newbies, Sofi Tukker and 31.5

Thanks to KDS, Lee, John B., John E., Darren, Tom, DAN, Bonnie, Larry, David, Cindy, T-Bed, Popeye, Deb, Egg, Jenny and self for VOTES counted.  Thank you.

The carting truck is heading to Canada now, if it crosses the border properly.  But the dumpster is officially closed.  

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
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