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The interview:

The setlist:

Fun Fun Fun (bizarre sound on this one, lesser quality than the others...)
Papa Oom Mow Mow
Band Introductions
Little Deuce Coupe
Surfer Girl
Monster Mash
Louie Louie
Surfin USA
Don't Worry Baby
I Get Around
Johnny B Goode

The performance audio in 2 parts:

Debbie KL

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You find the best stuff, GF.  What a wonderful listen.  Even maybe the minor mistakes in the mix were great because you could really hear Carl's magnificent backing voice on Louie, Louie - as well as Brian's until they "corrected" the mix.  That was fun, and that was what I remember hearing at that time.

If one listens carefully, what's fun to notice is that Brian was doing those amazing vocals while listening to every note that the band was playing and singng and giving the cues.  Impressive.

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