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Any news or info on whether (like last year!) Sirius radio will have a Beach Boys station--at least through labor Day (again, like last year)??  I believe it started last year around Memorial Day. Seems like a lay-up to me, but the lack of info or announcements, casts much doubt [confused][confused]

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Haven't heard anything, Frank.  Don't listen to Sirius much (for a product that claims 'all music', they sure talk A LOT)...yet my wife likes the variety she can find on her daily 2-3 hour commute.  Of course I enjoy moving all around their dial when I'm in her car, and do like hearing some of the tunes I haven't thought of in awhile.  

You're right - it did start on the Memorial Day weekend last year.  I recall being extra-energized hearing it in our rental while we drove in to Chicago for the first time, from O'Hare.  You're also (very) right that it seems like an obvious add-on to their station line-up.  A bit surprised it's not up for re-consideration.

Anyone else heard any scuttlebutt?  (Where's our resident DJ when we need him?!? - Still missing you, Lee)


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