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David W

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My votes :

Gold - Kokomo....there's plenty of worse songs !
Silver - Nothing But Love
Bronze - Kiss The Girl
Tin - Daybreak Over The Ocean

Cantina Margarita

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Hi guys,

I'm on holidays near the German/Polish border, and the technical conditioning here is poorer than I ever could imagine. I thought I'd go here for some days, host my battle, row my boat, enjoy my beer, and everything is easy. It's gotten dark, air is different, my surfstick seems to have found a dot or even two, and I want to summarize the whole thing before it's off again.

My votes:
GOLD Nothing But Love
BRONZE Kiss The Girl
TIN Daybreak over the ocean

Thanks to all voters and contributors, I will provide my strange jokes on next occasion again.

The overall score up to now (after David W and myself) is:

GOLD Nothing But Love, 33 points
SILVER Kokomorski, 32 points, very tough
BRONZE Kiss The Girl, 29 points, no large margin either
TIN Daybreak Over The Outback, 16 points, probably won't win this week.

The rule is that votes can be posted until Monday morning, about 8 a.m. Greenwich time. I will try to have another look and recalc in the morning. Should you read nothing more from me, don't worry, I'll be back to the bright city lights next Saturday. Darren has been informed about what to do in worst case.

Now I will click "Add Reply", and say a little prayer to get these words posted ...

Great, I can even ***edit my post:
How romantic ! The Sorbian aborigines are having a Polka party outside. So no sleep this night.


Tom Tobben

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Coming in down the home stretch:

Gold -- "Nothing but Love", Brian. Just one of many excellent songs from one of my very favorite Brian Wilson albums. Excellent job of completing and interpreting an unfinished Gershwin song. I love the up-tempo mode of the song, and the arrangement is excellent. If I remember correctly, Paul Mertens played a big hand in the horn and string arrangements on the album. Great job all the way around! By no means a skippie for me!

Silver -- "Kiss the Girl", Brian. I'm much less a fan of the In the Key of Disney album, but it's decent enough. Since Brian didn't write any of these songs, it's all about the interpretation and arrangement of the song, which are both quite nice. I love the harmonies on this song behind Brian's strong lead vocal, and the delightful instrumental intro to this song, as well as the lovely outro at the end of the song. We need more Brian solo albums, if he's up to it!

Bronze -- "Kokomo", BBs. Certainly a catchy hit song that topped the charts for the final time for the latter day Beach Boys. It probably helped that it was a featured song in the hit Tom Cruise movie Cocktail, or it might not have fared quite as well, but that's OK. I've probably heard it too many times, so it didn't outrank my top two songs this week. Carl's solo part was excellent, as often is the case for him. 

The video accompanying the song is totally bogus, because there is no way that Mike Love actually played the powerful sax solo in the song. His fingering in the video is not even in synch with the notes of the sax solo. A phony prop to make him look like an actual musician and not just a vocalist. Say a prayer for the Pretender. 

Tin -- "Daybreak over the Ocean", Beach Boys. I really liked the TWGMTR album, but this song was definitely a skippie for me, along with perhaps "The Private Life of Bill and Sue". Too much like "the real wives of ….", a reality TV soap opera song.

While I love an awful lot of Beach Boys music, there are also plenty filler songs and "skippies" on a number of their albums, especially the later albums. For me, 15 Big Ones is mostly skippies, as are much of Love You, M.I.U., Still Cruisin', a number of songs on Surfin' Safari, and Summer in Paradise is all skippies as far as I'm concerned.   

Fun battle this week, Cantina!

paul g adsett

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7:50am monday - hungary, internet.
days in bosnia were bereft of roaming signal,
but resuming in time to listen just the once.
once is too hard to choose, but...

gold: 'daybreak...'
- not a fave fave, but...

silver: 'kokomo
- okeydokey, but...

bronze: 'kiss the girl'
- if allowed, but...

tin: 'nothing but love'
- yeah, welll, but...

we've travelled 1000 miles or more on the danube
and i've read books
but missed my habitual music tonic.
ta, glad i could slide in under the bar.
onwards, but..

Cantina Margarita

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Hallelujah ! Online ! What a feeling !

Yesterday's scores have been pumped up a little, by Tom's and Paul's votes, but the result hasn't changed.

1. NBL (38)
2. Kokomiko (37)
3. KTG (34)
4. DOTO (21)

Paul, how many days a year do you spend at home ? To me, it seems like your life is an unceased holiday trip.

Most successful Skippy version was the original production from the late sixties, with a lot of Wrecking Crew touch. A pity Phil Spector wasn't available to finalize it. As "Skippo the Lovesick Swamp Wombat".

Thanks to everybody, now it's next week.
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Cantina.

The one point margin between Gold and Silver is the closest we've had so far this season. 

It was the second time around for ‘Nothing But Love’.

It also won the Gold in Week 4 of Season III (Deb#1).

That week, it scored 47 points and 31.33% from 15 voters.

This week, it scored 38 and 29.23 from 13 voters.

It was the third time around for ‘Kokomo’.

Its history:

- a Gold in Week 24 of Season II (Cynthia D. Hood),
- a Gold in Week 26 of Season VIII (Cindy Hood),
- a Silver in Week 16 of Season X (Cantina Margarita)

Its scores in Season II were 46 points and 32.86% from 14 voters.

Its scores in Season VIII were 48 and 30.00 from 16 voters.

This week, it scored 37 and 28.46 from 13 voters.

‘Kiss the Girl’ (only one Gold but seven Silvers) is a chance of making the Bronze Play-Off. Its 26.15% of the vote is the highest for a Bronze so far this year. Its 34 points is the sixth best for a Bronze, but we still have 28 weeks to go.

Please continue to support our hosts.  


Al Forsyth

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Wow Cantina, interesting travel for everyone these days, so good for holidays. Pretty time of year approaching the solstice. And Paul Adsett just may be a collective. I've had the chance to meet one of many.

This week was interesting, and tight vote results.

I wanted to add that I was, more or less, voting for the album in the skippy week. And reflecting on Daybreak, I still like it's meditative qualities more-so than TC flipping bottles.

We'll await Darren's closing. Nice week!

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
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