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Larry Franz

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You're welcome, bonnie b.

A few from the latest album by the Secret Sisters, which wasn't mentioned last week:

"You Don't Own Me Anymore"

"He's Fine"

"Kathy's Song" (a live version of a Paul Simon song, not the album version)

"Tennessee River Runs Low"


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After going through a lot of male singers in Deep Purple and Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore found a female singer he liked in Candice Night, his wife and lead singer for Blackmore's Night

David W

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My votes :

Gold:Ronnie Spector - Don’t Worry Baby

Silver😃usty Springfield - Stay Awhile

Bronze:Jefferson Airplane (Grace Slick) - Somebody to Love

Tin:Melanie - Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) (single edit)

Simply the best single ever (in my opinion !)

and maybe the next is

Al Forsyth

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VOTES – the challenge was for second and third for me all week.  I knew where I would go first and last.

Gold – to Grace and the Airplane.  I own NO Airplane albums or cds or anything – not even on the i-whatever but you have to respect her and them.  This was a change in society.  I didn’t know the back-story, John B.

Silver – here is where I waffled back and forth and finally had to settle with Ronnie and the vocal itself.  She got it – Brian’s answer to Be My Baby. 

Bronze – to Dusty, with nothing but respect.  This has more of a Spector feel to it than Ronnie’s does. 

Tin – to Melanie and never knew it was the EH Singers on this.

Lady vocalists up – some already mentioned and others – not so. 

The QUEEN of the Blues (with some good pop to it) – Bessie Smith



Barbara and Judy (hating on each other)

Aretha – yup:

A singer/songwriter – icon actually:

Way early Janis:


Suite Judy Blue (herself)

She’s already been put up here, but again (with the band):

Annie Clark/St. Vincent

Rhiannon Giddens:

I tried to limit this to ten, but twelve it is.

 Nice week, T! 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Larry Franz

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Three of these five singers from long ago are still with us. Back then they sang about varying degrees of boy trouble.

Brenda Lee, "All Alone Am I"

Connie Francis, "Where the Boys Are"

Joanie Sommers, "One Boy"

Lesley Gore, "Maybe I Know"

Skeeter Davis, "The End of the World"

bonnie bella

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My votes. 

GOLD - Jefferson Airplane.  An easy gold this week.  Trippy sound and I love Grace's voice here.  Not a fan of her later works where she became all mainstream and developed big 80's hair.  It was a surprise to discover as I learnt more about music that;  A) Jefferson Airplane had a female lead singer, and that, B) She was the same person as the Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now rigmarole.

SILVER - Melanie.  I suspect this one was new to me, but there was also something familiar about it.  I love the big-production sound and her powerful vocals.  Further investigation found that she is also responsible for this excellent track, which was a favourite in our album collection when we were growing up.  

BRONZE - Dusty. Always enjoy Dusty, but can probably only take three or four songs at a time due to her voice getting on my wick just a little bit.  It's got a lot of life in it, but it just gets a little clangy for me.  I don't get into that tin-can reverberation sound very often.

CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S A TIN - Ronnie.  I don't want to hear this version of this great song again.  Sounds boring slowed down and goes nowhere.  It reminds me of that last dollar of gas as you're filling up your car, the pump has slowed down to a dribble and you have to use all your patience muscles. 

Sarah Blasko.

Lady Gaga - awesome voice.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

David W

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Have just seen this on TV advertising Skoda cars . Paloma Faith and a good cover of Mama Cass , Make Your Own Kind of Music .

Tom Tobben

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Easy to rank this week:

Gold —“Somebody to Love”, Jefferson Airplane. Iconic song, captures the essence of the Summer of Love.

Silver — “Stay Awhile”, Dusty. Just one of a number of her fine songs. A personal favorite: “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself”.

Bronze — “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain””)”, Melanie. Anthemic, of its era too. Also a number of good songs.

Tin — “Don’t Worry Baby”, Ronnie Spector. Might have been more appealing had she recorded this song when Brian first wrote it with her in mind.

Several other favorite female singers with a number of excellent songs — Leslie Gore, Jackie DeShannon, Tracy Chapman, India.arie, Sheryl Crow, Amy Winehouse.
Cindy Hood

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Some nice selections here, t.  

I'll go with:

Gold:  Ronnie Spector for Don't Worry Baby.  The Beach Boys did it best, but this one is very good too.

Silver:  Jefferson Airplane for Somebody To Love.  Always liked this!

Bronze:  Dusty Springfield for Stay Awhile.  

Tin/Pewter:  Melanie for Lay Down (Candles In The Rain).  Love the name Melanie (I named my daughter Melanie), the song - not so much.

My final answer.

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Larry Franz

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A group of "girls", mostly in groups.

The Chantels, "Maybe"

The Marvelettes, "Please, Mr. Postman"

The Crystals, "There's No Other (Like My Baby)"

The Ronettes, "You Baby"

The Chiffons, "Sweet Talkin' Guy"

Darlene Love, "Stumble and Fall"

Bonus track:

Alison Kraus, "All Alone Am I"

Thank you, t.


Linda Ronstadt, "In My Room" (it starts slowly)

Lee Marshall

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When it came to pickin' women to sing with...the late Bob Marley knew what he was doing...

Ladies and gentlemen...3 women who enjoyed great successes...and collectively were know as the I. Threes

Then there's Lucy's favourite...Winston Blake's former wife...the late, great Cynthia Schloss.  We fade this one out at 3:50


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I was hoping Darren could give some info regarding songs not to be used. This week is an example. DWB is in the BOTB 'Hall of Fame'. Is it acceptable then for one to use covers of these 8 Greats?
I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”


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Gold - Stay Awhile - Dusty Springfield

Silver - Don’t Worry Baby - Ronnie Spector 

Bronze - Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane (Grace Slick)

Tin - Lay Down - Melanie

Graciegirl [smile]

Al Forsyth

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There was a great master list kept up by Pete or someone that we could refer back to. It gets tougher to be clever here instead of retreading the same songs over and over. Darren must have everything compiled with his stats that he gives us every week.
A diamond necklace played the pawn...
paul g adsett

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gold: 'somebody to love'
- so what if she turned out to be a little rich girl?
doesn't mean that the great society weren't a fresh kick in the balls
and what the early airplane achieved wasn't phenomenal.
so what if they turned into a bloated, corporate starship?
ah, bother - they did!
whither the alternative love generation?
certainly withered in that department!
a distinct fall from grace in my eyes
(did you notice the gratuitous play on words there?).
but, by golly, this is still a fine recording!
a more daring chioice than pulling the obvious 'white rabbit' out of the hat.

'lay down (candles in the rain)'
- haven't heard this for a long time,
possibly decades.
i used to really, really like it.
took a while to enjoy it this week.
maybe i'm now better acquainted with toppermost quality gospel.
maybe i had to reappreciate melanie's delivery.
maybe it was all overblown / overrated in the first place...
but it didn't ring true at first.
tonight, after a weekend of raw, live country / roots music,
this fits back into context and it's upped a place.

bronze: 'stay awhile'
- oh deary, it slips down to this position.
not that i dislike dusty's voice (far from it),
but the song's not strong enough
and the production is too run of the mill.

tin: 'don't worry baby'
- overarticulated vocals?
the mix lacks that tower of sound.
all the elements there, but turns out incohesive, stark and cold.

boy (girl?), that wasn't easy.
and here's an act we saw during the weekend
- a sort of anglo-americana supergroup,
the savannahs,
including our dear pal hannah rose platt

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