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Professor Dewey

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Lee -- Thanks for the confirmation.

Neil Young, "Dead Man Theme"


Well, if you liked that, which I do, here's a longer version:

t bedford

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We'll hold the polls open for about another 24 hours.

Meanwhile, some instrumentals.

The Kinks - Whip Lady (from the “Percy” soundtrack)

Dave Clark 5 - On the Move

Todd Rundgren - Drunken Blue Rooster

Gentle Giant - The Boys in the Band

Rhinoceros - Apricot Brandy

Boomtown Rats - Whitehall 1212

XTC - Procession Towards Learning Land

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Professor Dewey

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That DC5 "On the Move" is outtasight (in the ancient vernacular).

More instrumentals:

Jun Miyake, "Lilies of the Field" (features curious dancing in black & white)

Sonic Youth, "Incinerate" and "Kool Thing"

The Bel Airs, Bel-Airs or Belairs, "Squad Car"

Los Straitjackets, "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding"


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Darren, those are some interesting backstories on Joe Meek. I really liked Telstar ever since I was a kid. I’ll have to watch out for the bio now. This was the first time I heard “In My Moondreams”. It’s very excellent. And thanks to Popeye/Lee for This Isn’t Love.
I try to stay away from ties but this week I had no luck separating The Beach Boys from The Tornados. You never disappoint with an interesting week and it’s always a tough contest.
   Gold/Silver Tie: – The Tornados – Telstar and The Beach Boys/Brian Wilson - Summer Means New Love.
   Bronze – The Marketts - Out of Limits.
   Tin - The Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein. There are some great moments, some boring moments, and some go right over my head.
I really like instrumentals. Neat week.

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

paul g adsett

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ah, instrumentals.
there's tunes that immediately evoke a particular moment for me
eg 'jessica' the allman brothers tune used by london's capital radio in early 1974
for a daily competition where they'd ring a phone box somewhere in the city.
and you'd win if you were first there to answer it with the keyword.
we'd listen occasionally.
one day,
it was the phone box nearby just along the from us at muswell hill broadway on muswell hill rd.
wow - nope - didn't win!

gold: 'telstar'
- i can still recall the excitement of hearing this when it was first released.
the nearest comparable musical rush i'd experienced would've been,
first hearing one of my uncle's skiffle 45's 'rock island line'
the opening theme to tv's '6 5 special'
or the tv theme to 'champion the wonder horse'.
the space age was well and truly here.
for me, one of those genuine monumental musical moments.
plus, the first live gig my dad took me to was billy fury 
and included this outfit, who worked as his backing group
(joe brown and the bruvvers and manfred mann were on the bill, too).
listening to it afresh, it's still fab (though it predates that hackneyed word!)'
the thing that struck me now is the old-fashioned sound of the intro / outro,
which sounds like an olde worlde biplane being cranked up,not futuristic.
bravo, joe meek.
so simple, so fab - the kraftwerk of their day(?).

silver: 'summer means new love'
- languid and, with the heat wave here in blighty, it rings true true true.
maybe, in itself, a mere bit of fluff to pad out a short album
but it's beautiful.
short and beautiful.
my only gripe = the rhythm guitar is simply too, too repetitive.
but, a mini minor moan
as this is luvverly.

bronze: 'frankenstein'
- a different genre, but i prefer brother johnny's blues playing, but that's unfair, really.
never a great fan of pompous guitarwank,
but this was pretty exciting as it didn't rely purely on the guitar.
(oh-oh, drum solo alert!)
i like the twin instrumental melodies
(i was partial to the twin guitars of wishbone ash at their best).
very good on its own terms,
but, in retrospect, not a patch on funkmeister george clinton
or the pan-genre genius of herbie hancock.

tin: 'out of limits'
- great theme that instantly catches the tenor of that tv show.
even after all these decades,
the mere hum of those notes is used as aural shorthand for 'spoooooky...'.
a great idea and, it seems a smashing bunch of session players aboard.
had never heard this before, wanted to like it a lot.
it kicks off with excitement, but, what a disappointment.
it too quickly becomes over-repetitive.
finally it takes off with a bit of a simple melody on geetar,
then a whiny organ with counterpoint, but that tune isn't too great
and, by that time, it's too late to resuscitate the track.
fortunately, we end with a reprise of that iconic 'outer limits' theme.

enjoyed it.

John E

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Here's my order:



3. Marketts

4. Edgar Winter
t bedford

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Thanks to Deb #1, paul, John E for the votes.

Here's mine:

GOLD for Telstar. Turn it up! BTW, do any Americans that recall this have any clear memory that the Tornados were British? I don't recall it ever being mentioned.

SILVER to Brian & the Boys. Brian spreads his wings.

BRONZE for Edgar Winter Group. In 1972, I worked inside of a Winnebago motor home (see profile picture), trapped with others that enjoyed radio. Not really great, but this track stood out amongst the drivel (Al Green [male], Roberta Flack [female] & the Stylistics [group] were the years top artists) that drove me away from the airwaves a couple years earlier.

TIN to The Marketts. Why is "Out of Limits" based on The Twilight Zone theme? But I like it.

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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Why is "Out of Limits" based on The Twilight Zone theme?

Exactly. [confused]
paul g adsett

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of course,
knowing as i was typign it,
yet, sloppily, still writing 'outer limits'...
the ploy worked!

t bedford

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"There is nothing wrong with your television set, do not attempt to adjust the picture..."
Outer Limits opening credits:

Thanks to everyone for your votes, vids, and ‘verbal’ conversations. Voting is now closed.

Here’s the final tally:

Brian/BB's - 57.5 points (7 Gold, 8.5 Silver, 2 Bronze, 1 Tin)

Tornados - 48 points (5 Gold, 4.5 Silver, 6.5 Bronze, 2 Tin)

Marketts - 43.5 points (4 Gold, 4 Silver, 5 Bronze, 5.5 Tin)

Edgar - 31 (1 Gold, 3 Silver, 4 Bronze,10 Tin)    

Now get on over to Deb’s Birthday week.

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, t. 

They're in the book. 

'Summer Means New Love' is the ninth track from Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) to be used. 

Its impressive record: 

Amusement Parks U.S.A. (a Silver in Week 15 of Season III, 10th in Silver Play-Off - Roy Roger Bridge), 

Salt Lake City (a Gold in Week 10 of Season II, 10th in Gold Play-Off - Gordon Higgins), 

Girl Don't Tell Me (a Gold in Week 39 of Season III - Jo McGuire; a Silver in Week 20 of Season IV - t Bedford),

Help Me, Rhonda (a Gold in Week 7 of Season VII, 3rd in Preliminary Final, 8th in Gold Play-Off - BrianFan),  

California Girls (a Gold in Week 26 of Season III, 1st in Preliminary Final, 3rd (Season Bronze) in Gold Play-Off, 4th in the Ultimate Battle - Kevin Witts; a Gold in Week 1 of Season VIII - Cindy Hood),

Let Him Run Wild (a Gold in Week 16 of Season I, 7th in Gold Play-Off - Joy B; a Gold in Week 24 of Season I - B B Fan1; a Gold in Week 32 of Season V - Larry Franz; a Gold in Week 41 of Season VI, 3rd (Season Bronze) in Gold Play-Off - Al Forsyth), 

Summer Means New Love (a Gold in Week 17 of Season VIII - t Bedford), 

And Your Dream Comes True (a Bronze in Week 22 of Season V - Al Forsyth), 

The Little Girl I Once Knew (a Gold in Week 26 of Season II, 3rd (Season Bronze) in Gold Play-Off - Verden McCutcheon) 

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