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One of these weeks, I'll have more time.
Tough to sort these...
Gold - Left Banke - Pretty Ballerina
Silver-Beach Boys - Funky Pretty
Bronze - Manfred Mann - Pretty Flamingo
Tin - Lovin’ Spoonful - Only Pretty, What a Pity
Always a good week, t.

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Tom Tobben

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All familiar songs and popular 1960s artists this week, so pretty easy to sort them out:

Gold -- "Funky Pretty", Beach Boys. I'm a big fan of the Holland album, and this has always been one of the more enjoyable songs for me on the album. As Lee said earlier this past week, the Beach Boys were still expanding their creative boundaries on this album and it shows on this song. Later on, the Boys didn't seem inclined to push their musical boundaries much more, so I always think of Holland as the last truly good Beach Boys album before they began to fade further and further creatively thereafter.  

Silver -- "Pretty Ballerina", Left Banke. What a lovely, and familiar, old song from those halcyon days of mid-60s radio. Though I've heard this song tons of times over the years, it still sounds so good. Had this been their first big hit, "Walk Away Renee", it would likely have received my gold for the week. 

Bronze -- "Pretty Flamingo", Manfred Mann. A decent enough song by Manfred Mann and company, but for my tastes not as good as their earlier hits ("Do Wah Diddy Diddy", "Sha La La") or their later hits ("Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)", "Blinded by The Light", "Spirit in The Night", "You Angel You", "For You").

Tin -- "Only Pretty, What A Pity", Lovin' Spoonful. I've been a big fan of the Lovin' Spoonful over the years, ever since they first emerged on the scene in the mid-60s with "Do You Believe in Magic", and I have a number of their albums and greatest hits compilations. That said, I enjoyed the Everything Playing album, but I could never get excited about this song. That oddball bridge, and perhaps the Joe Butler lead vocals, just didn't measure up to so many other wonderful or interesting songs by the Spoonful in the 60s. 

A few more "pretty" songs that I don't believe have been mentioned this past week:

This lesser-known Jefferson Airplane classic from their Bark album from 1971, "Pretty As You Feel":

Then, there's this old mid-60s nugget from Marvin Gaye, "Pretty Little Baby":

And digging back to some old Leadbelly, here's "Pretty Flower in Your Backyard":

Checking the country music vaults, this song was a big hit for Vince Gill, reaching #2 on the US country charts in 1997, "Pretty Little Adriana":

From Soundgarden, here's "Pretty Noose" from 1996:

Does this old 1999 classic from TLC, "Unpretty", count for this week's theme?

Finally, Steve Stills' lovely Buffalo Springfield tune "Pretty Girl Why":

Good battle this week, t. After our more recent ventures into more contemporary artists and music, it was nice to go back and revisit a few less famous songs from the mid-60s, along with some mid-70s Beach Boys.
Darren J. Ray

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There was a bloke Rino Pretto in the mid 80s who kicked a heap of goals in the VFA.  I used to keep a bit of an eye out in the paper for big tallies.  Kicked 20 one day which I remember seeing in the paper - asccording to wikipedia he was really sick that day.   Played one game for Fitzroy in the 70s.

Good get, DAN. 

One game, one kick, one goal. 

You'd think with a strike rate like that, they'd have given him another go at it. 

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His VFL, uh, "career", was before my time but seeing that 20 VFA goals has stuck in my mind (1986 apparently.. fair to say it blew my mind a bit when I read it.)

and I wonder what I meant by "asccording"...
t bedford

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Thanks D.A.N., David, paul, Graciegirl, GGH, dkmh, Deb#1 & Tom for your votes & comments.

It shapes up like this:

GOLD for Funky Pretty with 54 points (7G, 7S 1B, 3T)

SILVER for Pretty Flamingo w/48.5 points (8G, 1S, 4B + 1 tie, 4T)

BRONZE for Pretty Ballerina w/48 points (3G, 7S, 7B, 1T)

TIN for Only Pretty, What a Pity w/29.5 points (0G, 3S, 5B + 1 tie, 9T)

18 voters. Aggregate: 180

Now check out dkmh’s week!!

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, t.

They’re in the book.

‘Funky Pretty’ becomes the fifth song to win both Gold and Tin in separate weeks here, after ‘I Got You Babe’ (Sonny & Cher), ‘Leader of the Pack’ (The Shangri-Las), 'September' (Earth, Wind & Fire) and ‘Summer of Love’ (The Beach Boys).

The other time it appeared was in Week 18 of Season VI (Tom Tobben) when it finished 4th in the Tin Play-Off.

This time it scored 54 and 30.00% from 18 voters.

Last time it was 47 and 23.50% from 20 voters.

Surprisingly, it was the first time in the Battle for Manfred Mann.

It was the second appearance for the Left Banke.

‘She May Call You Up Tonight’ won a Silver in Week 36 of Season V (t Bedford).

It was the fifth Lovin' Spoonful entry and their first Tin.

Their record:

Rain on the Roof (a Gold in Week 30 of Season I - Verden McCutcheon),  
Do You Believe in Magic (a Gold in Week 20 of Season IV - t Bedford),
Summer in the City (a Silver in Week 24 of Season V - Cindy Hood),
You Didn't Have to Be So Nice (a Bronze in Week 24 of Season VII - Larry Franz),
Only Pretty, What a Pity (a Tin in Week 29 of Season VIII - t Bedford)

They have yet to make any play-offs. Their latest entry won’t be changing that.

‘Pretty Ballerina’, with the equal 6th highest points but highest percentage (26.67) so far this year for a Bronze, looks likely to make its play-off.

It if makes it and wins, both it and the two songs that beat it this week will progress. 

Darren J. Ray

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This week is now closed. 
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