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Tom Tobben

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Punk had its shining moments, and it was certainly a welcome counter-reaction to disco and late 70s pop slop on the radio ("Pilot of the Airwaves" or "You Light Up My Life, anyone?). Generally, I liked original music by punk bands over covers of pop/rock oldies, and I was delighted that punk opened the door to a whole raft of excellent New Wave music from both the UK and US. With that said, my votes for this week:

Gold -- "I Fought the Law", The Clash. Not as good as a number of their originals, but the best of this week's batch. Bobby Fuller's original had that mid-60s bad-ass feel to it, and The Clash did a good job of bringing that attitude forward to a different time and place. 

Silver -- "Paranoid", The Dickies. Not as gritty or robust as Black Sabbath's powerhouse original, but it manages to convey a similar feel, though in a punk vein. Some good thrashing guitar pushes this one into second place.

Bronze -- "Glad All Over", Rezillos. That punky fast pace and the powerful drums and guitar are reminiscent of the DC5's original, but it doesn't hold up to the originality of the original. For a period in 1964-65, the DC5 was a force to be reckoned with, but then they faded well behind the best of the British Invasion groups. The Rezillos didn't make it that far.  

Tin -- "Surf City", Ramones. Generally speaking, I like the Ramones' early music and their punk attitude, but this cover of the Jan & Dean / Brian Wilson hit falls way short of the original and this week's other choices. For me, this song just doesn't fit the rebellious punk attitude like the other songs do. Now, perhaps if it had been a grungy Link Wray or Dick Dale cover, that might have been possible. 

A few other proto-punk artists that I don't think have been mentioned this week:

Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers, with their first single, "Roadrunner":

Or their distinctive take on "Pablo Picasso":

And their cover of Chuck Berry's "Back in the USA":

Or, how about the Velvet Underground, such as their classic "White Light / White Heat":

Or their iconic "Waiting for the Man":

How about Souxsie & The Banshees, for example their first hit "Hong Kong Garden":

Nice musical change of pace for this week's battle, t!
Darren J. Ray

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Just one of my favourite records of all time from the super-talented Charlie Dore. 

Still performing very regularly and still recording as of 2017.

Great record. Just check out the bass vocal in that chorus. 

How could punk be a reaction to a song that came in 1979?

Nah, if punk was a reaction to other music, I'd elect Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac every time. 

Darren J. Ray

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bonnie, Punky Brewster and Kevin Arnold (Admiral Arnold to his close naval associates) go boating....

Darren J. Ray

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t, you probably know this but when Dirk McQuickly left the Rutles, he formed the Punk Floyd with his wife Martini.  

He sang and she didn't.

Here's one of their albums, White Dopes on Punk (1970). 

paul g adsett

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ah, feet on dry land,
all relaxificated after a turn around some sunny / rainy places,
including where they'd recently had biiig winds.
quite strange listening to this selection as we poodled about the ocean
and basked in salsa / calypso and reggae
(and were graced with a wonderful piano version of
'wichita lineman'
by the splendiferous carli munoz
in his bistro jazz club).
a privilege to have been able to visit old san juan 
and seeing it piecing itself together again,
so soon after the devastation.
if you're looking for true punk attitude,
you should meet some of the puerto ricans
whose resilience is inspiring!

i was about to give you my votes,
but must give djr a pat on the back for the charlie dore track.
absolutely not 'punk' in execution, but an artist with an attitude that i adore
(looking to get her back to play the greys i am, indeed).

gold: 'i fought the law'
- despite a time when the clash were truly my favourite live band
(they feature in at least 2 of my top 50 odd live gigs),
this number was never a real favourite.
i still listen to the clash and still get shivery thrills from many of their tracks.
i happily listen to this and it still thrills.
but, it ain't owhere near as good as, oh, a huuuge slash of numbers.
maybe i never embraced the times,
but i still prefer the original.

silver: 'glad all over'
- doesn't add anything to the dave clarke five version.
best bit?
the drum thumps.
worst bit?
'the way ay ay / say ay ay ay...'.
but, having said that,  i like it!
nowhere near their best.
not to listen to too often.
but i like it.

bronze: 'surf city'
- well, they tried.
but, for once, they didn't succeed too well.
stalwart attempt by the lead vocalist (sic).
lacklustre bv's,
and eventhe chords don't resound with too much passion.
best bit?
the 'ah oow, wum wum' s at the outro.

tin: 'paranoid'
- y'see, it's 'cos he's american.
it don't work.
the voice don't work.
it's wrong, innit?
they certainly go for it.
but what it is they go for, i dunno.
i don't sense any real 'punk ' attitude here.
best bit?
the screaming leading guitar lines.

now, i understand the cover versions concept.
and it led to me rethinking, not relying on what i thought i thought.
and, what i think is that
covers are fine, can offer some insight into what's going on
and, maybe, why,
but rarely show a band at its best.
after the initial excitement of this week's comp.
i'm left wanting to hear allsorts of other tracks by these bands.
recordings i far prefer to the ones on offer.
nope, now we're back home,
i'm going to dig out
'london calling'
'black market clash'
my ramones compendium
and my big box set of the cream of the genre
('cos, really, most of the best are 45 rpms, not lp's)
and pogo off into the sunset of the week
trying to shake'n'vac off my vacation jetlag.
oh, and indulge in this week's selection, too, of course).


t bedford

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Thanks to bonnie, David, Deb#1, Tom and paul for the votes and comments. Thanks to all who participated one way or another in the conversations this past week. This weeks polariser was The Dickies "Paranoid" with 14 out of 16 voters choosing either Gold (4) or Tin (10).

Voting is now closed. Here are the results (pending verification by the judges):

GOLD - Clash/I Fought the Law: 54 points (8G, 6S, 2B, 0T)

SILVER - Ramones/Surf City: 39 points (3G, 3S, 8B, 2T)

BRONZE - Rezillos/Glad All Over: 36.5 points (1G, 6S, 5B +1 shared, 3T)

TIN - Dickies/Paranoid: 30.5 points (4G, 1S, 0B +1 shared, 10T)

Aggregate: 160

Now back to our regularly scheduled BotB, this week featuring a doubles duo from Darren.

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, t.

In the book.

It was the third entry for the Clash.

Their record:

Rebel Waltz (a Bronze in Week 25 of Season III - Frankie Teardrop),
Train in Vain (a Silver in Week 40 of Season VI, 8th in Silver Play-Off - Lisa G/TS),  
I Fought the Law (a Gold in Week 36 of Season VIII - t Bedford)

It was the second appearance for ‘Surf City’.

The Jan and Dean original won a Bronze in Week 36 of Season VII (Larry Franz).

It was the second appearance for ‘Glad All Over’.

The Dave Clark Five original won a Gold in Week 36 of Season I (mother’s little helper).

And, yes, that is quite a polariser. 

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