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Darren J. Ray

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Well done, t. 
It was the second appearance for ‘Woman’. 
It also won the Gold in Week 42 of Season I (Darren J. Ray). 
It was the eleventh time (and seventh Gold) a John Lennon song has been used.

His record: 

#9 Dream (a Silver in Week 15 of Season I - Verden McCutcheon), 
Imagine (a Bronze in Week 27 of Season I, 3rd in Bronze Play-Off - Lisa Graham), 
Woman (a Gold in Week 42 of Season I - Darren J. Ray),
Jealous Guy (a Gold in Week 36 of Season IV - Tom Tobben),
Borrowed Time (a Tin in Week 41 of Season IV - Verden McCutcheon), 
#9 Dream (a Silver in Week 8 of Season V, 3rd in Silver Play-Off - Popeye (not the sailor)),
God (a Gold in Week 45 of Season V, 10th in Gold Play-Off - Darren J. Ray),
(Just Like) Starting Over (a Gold in Week 7 of Season VIII - D.A.N), 
Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (a Gold in Week 12 of Season VIII - Darren J. Ray),
#9 Dream (a Gold in Week 9 of Season IX - Deb#1),
Woman (a Gold in Week 35 of Season IX - t Bedford)

The Beatles as a group have had 32 selections in the Battle; 30 prior to this season, 18 of which have made play-offs. 

Their record is 10 Golds, 15 Silvers, 5 Bronzes and 2 Tins (one of which, 'Back in the USSR', won a Tin Play-Off).
Lennon is the solo Beatle with the most Battle entries. 
Lennon: 11 entries, 3 play-offs. His highest finish is 10th in the Season V Gold Play-Off with ‘God’. 
Paul McCartney: 9 entries*, 2 play-offs. Highest finish: 7th in the Season VII Silver Play-Off with ‘Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me)’.
George Harrison: 7 entries, 2 play-offs. Highest finish: 6th in the Season II Gold Play-Off with ‘What is Life’. 
Ringo Starr: 1 entry, 1 play-off. Highest finish: 7th in Silver Play-Off of Season IV with ‘You’re Sixteen, You’re Beautiful (and You’re Mine)’. 
* includes two songs with Wings, one with Rihanna & Kanye West and one with Linda McCartney. 
It was the second time around for ‘Guess I’m Dumb’. 
It won the Gold in Week 32 of Season VIII (Lisa G/TS) and finished 10th in the Gold Play-Off. 
It was the seventh entry for Glen Campbell.

His record:

Wichita Lineman (a Bronze in Week 42 of Season I - Darren J. Ray),
Wichita Lineman (a Gold in Week 21 of Season V, 6th in Preliminary Final - Jo McGuire), 
I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star) (a Silver in Week 45 of Season V - Darren J. Ray),
Try a Little Kindness (a Bronze in Week 11 of Season VI - Graciegirl), 
Grow Old With Me (a Bronze in Week 18 of Season VIII, 5th in Bronze Play-Off - Deb#1),
Guess I’m Dumb (a Gold in Week 32 of Season VIII, 10th in Gold Play-Off - Lisa G/TS),
Guess I’m Dumb (a Silver in Week 35 of Season IX - t Bedford)
It was the fifth entry for the Electric Light Orchestra. 
Their record: 
Night in the City (a Bronze in Week 10 of Season II - Gordon Higgins), 
Don’t Bring Me Down (a Silver in Week 24 of Season IV - Cindy Hood), 
Telephone Line (a Gold in Week 30 of Season V - snoops71), 
Roll Over Beethoven (album version) (a Tin in Week 27 of Season VI - Lee Marshall), 
Can’t Get It Out of My Head (a Bronze in Week 35 of Season IX - t Bedford)
Please keep supporting your hosts.  
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