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Larry Franz

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I think all four of these covers are excellent, so it's extremely difficult to rank them. But since there have only been approximately (?) two voters so far (one of them being off the grid), and it already being this battle's fifth day, it must be my turn.

Gold -- Kirsty MacColl, "You Still Believe In Me" -- I can't think of anything negative about it. It's a wonderful song, and the people who made this version captured the original without copying it.

Silver -- Randy Stonehill, "Love and Mercy" -- I think it's a terrific, heartfelt version of a very special song. It's too bad he makes those annoying little noises at 1:09 and 1:49. 

Bronze -- Timothy Schmit, "Caroline No" -- This has a lot going for it. For one thing, it's longer than the original. For another thing, the last 50 seconds are something different and really memorable. It's beautifully sung. I even like the flute, etc. But something needs to be in 3rd place and his lead vocal is a bit too close to the original. Besides, it's kind of cheating for a cover to use the original artists, so there.

Pewter -- Keith Green, "Girl Don't Tell Me" -- I've loved this since the first time I heard it years ago. What makes it special is the stunning lead vocal by a 13-year old. The song doesn't allow for the same emotional impact of the other three, however, and the production doesn't add anything to the original, so I guess I'll make it fourth. Sorry.

Given how quiet it's been around here, two very good covers of "The Lonely Site", aka "Lonely Sea".

Steve Almaas & Ali Smith

Eric Matthews (from the excellent Caroline Now tribute album)

Larry Franz

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Five days gone with only 2 1/2 voters. Two days left. Will it be a wild weekend?

No week of Brian Wilson covers should be without a few by the Queers, the punk band that started in New Hampshire in 1981, specializes in obscene song titles and is still active.

"Salt Lake City"


"Little Honda"

They do short songs. But their 1999 album Later Days and Better Lays ends with "Never Ever", a track that's eight minutes long.

The song "Never Ever" goes for three minutes. That's followed by two minutes of silence. Then there's a Beach Boys cover that's surprisingly sedate for a group that gave us "See You Later F@@@face", etc. Maybe they hid it because they borrowed the backing track.
bonnie bella

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Larry, I forsee the votes rolling in now. 

Meanwhile, a great cover.

Back tomorrow to vote, if I can get through the crowd.

John B. I have to agree, I think racing, particularly steeplechase and pacing can be very cruel. (No bits about it, you could say.) It's further complicated by the general lack of value or usefulness of the horse after its racing career ends. Some sad situations develop.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

paul g adsett

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back home and soaking in these songs.
all luvverly in some way.
most miss the toppermost mark.
so, i shall go in reverse order.

tin: 'caroline no'
- why?
why recreate this beauteous number in such slavish fashion?
yet miss its essence...
yes, a great vocal.
yes, it's luvverly,
but it sucks the soul out of the song by sentimentalising it beyond toothrot.
after further play,
the arrangement is just beyond toleration.

bronze: 'girl don't tell me'
- precocious teen exploitation alert...
and, sorry, the arrangement,
whilst attempting to add its own producer's stamp on the song,
makes it more beatley yet jarringly so.
certainly doesn't hit the mark tony rivers and the castaways achieved.

silver: 'love and mercy'
- aw, it's luvverly, innit...
it's a song that oozes angsty niceness.
it's a bw classic.
it should be known by everyone.
but, again, why slavishly recreate it
and not install a freshness?
(i suppose one answer is, as in the 'i'm a teen, don't tell me' entry,
if you don't get it right, you get it wrong.).
here, they get it right,
but it was right to begin with.
i like the clarity and tenderness of the vocal.
i like the horn line.
i do.
i like it all, but...

gold: 'you still believe in me'
- well, y'see,
it's perfectly feasible to take a sublime song,
retain its essential beauty,
add a unique, personal stamp to it
and create something equally gorgeous.
what a voice.
those almost trademark multi-tracked backing voices she employs,
the simple organ chords,
the truly gorgeous instruments.
and the way it ralentando sighs to an end
(predating the use of that same effect by bw on 'smile'
- darian s, were you listening?)

ok, i'm a huuuge kirsty maccoll fan,
from her earliest recordings 'they don't know about us',
'...chipshop ...elvis' and billy bragg's 'a new england'
through all stages, lots produced by her then husband steve lillywhite,
david gilmour guesting, writing with mark nevin (ex-fairground attraction),
telly with french & saunders...
try 'walking down madison' with johhny marr's guitar on 'electric landlady'
and 'in these shoes' from the wonderful, cuban inspired, final album 'tropical brainstorm'.
plus, that timeless classic 'fairytale of new york' with the pogues
(very fond memory of watching her prop up a very drunk shane macgowan as they waltzed onstage
- 1998?).
still angry at her sad, sad demise.

plus, i've a very fond memory,
sitting on a sofa backstage at the dome, brighton, with eddi reader
(also ex-fairground attraction)
another fine voice and firm favourite,
as she commented on my 'smile' t shirt and sang me a sweet section of 'you still believe in me'...
utter magic.
thanks, thanks, thanks...

paul g adsett

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to add another very fond memory,
here's a person i love to bits
(her husband's a university preacher in nashville,
so, best behaviour, please)
with a cracking, countrified voice
from nashville - kate campbell.
she's played and stayed with us and we've hung out in her hometown.
when the 'making god smile' album was released,
i emailed kate and asked if she'd include the song on her next tour.
it didn't figure in the set, but, at the end of one show,
she beckoned me'n'ashley over and, sitting on the edge of the stage,
well away from any mic,
kate sang this to us, just for us (and the remaining audience alongside).
we even quietly sang along with her.
it's magic moments like that which keep me above water...

Darren J. Ray

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Paul, I love that version of 'Add Some Music...'. 

Great clip, too. 

Can someone identify who it is at 3:36, and who is with Cilla Black and Petula Clark in the next pic?

Darren J. Ray

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Some great vision of the Boys here, despite Al's unfortunate ponytail...

Al Forsyth

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A nice week.  Tribute to Brian - by other artists.  This can go any direction of course, staying faithful and true to form or taking an artistic slant.  

My votes: and I stayed closer to form.

GOLD - I LOVED MGS when it came out and do think that the Randy Stonehill version of L & M is one of the best that there is.  The hurt and cracks in his voice are there and the simple guitar playing backs it so perfectly.  When the chorus rolls in the trib to Brian comes with vocal layering. Then it stays in verse two.  

Silver - to Timothy and his near perfect rendition of Caroline, No.  He gets it and one can feel the touch it had on him (not to mention Glenn Frey - see below).  Plus I'm always a fan of the song.

Bronze - and it hurts me to put Kirsty here.  She does take a chance on the song.  The ending is what makes it - when she gets her Wilson back.  THIS is an artist all the way and of course the her story always saddens me. But what a talent, not to mention her parents.  

The Tin was easy here.  His story may be interesting but the interpretation by a 13 year old isn't.  Like the Leif's and all others who took on the mighty BDW in their catalog.  They did it for other reasons.

A few others and Paul Adsett beat me to the punch with Kate Campbell (I was working on this last night).  And I LOVED the Steve Almaas & Ali Smith Lonely Sea that you posted. True to form.

Keeping your Eagles on:

Watch and listen to the record - You've GOT to hear this ending!!!!! Plus Sufjan
Theremin vocal?

I always go back to this - it's perfect:

Was Bobby trying to stay hip?

Cannot do a tribute interpretation week without Kayla:

Maybe someone else can find the Tom Prasada-Rao and Amilia K Spicer take on Your Imagination from MGS.  I can't.

Enjoying the week.  Keep it coming. 

Darren, it's Jean Shrimpton with Cilla and Pet - the swinging 60's.  The Shrimp.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
paul g adsett

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- the black'n'white still picture
(distorted, don't you just go gggrrr when they do that!)
i don't recognise, but, in the trio pic,
that's dagenham london girl  sandra goodrich aka sandie shaw
alongside the other two.
barefooted chantoosie who won the eurovision song contest
'puppet on a string'
 in 1967,
2 years before lulu co-won it with 'boom bang a bang'
i reckon they both would agree they were the worst songs they ever recorded, 
but, hey, we won - those were the days!

here's a later period 1984 sandie shaw recording of a song by the smiths,
their 1983 first single, co-written by morrissey and johnny marr (see kirsty maccoll above)
a great band, though it's difficult to like morrissey now for his abhorrent attitudes).
they played ion her recording.
sandie was stood alongside us in the audience at a club date in brighton at the time...

read about her here:

Larry Franz

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bonnie -- Thanks for the Frank Black. That's the second great cover you posted. Can you make it three?

paul -- Thanks for your votes and comments. I agree with Al though. I thought Timothy Schmitt added something to "Caroline No", especially the ending, and Randy Stonehill's "Love and Mercy", although faithful to the original, is quite moving.

But you raise that intriguing question: what makes a good cover? Total faithfulness is usually a problem, but it can also work as a great tribute. Making the song your own can work very well, but being creative with Brian's songs can be annoying -- I sometimes think: "Can you maybe stick with the melody? It's a very good one."

Two very different versions of one of my favorites, "Let Him Run Wild":

The Fendertones brilliantly recreate the original. Seeing and hearing a bunch of them blend their voices, sounding like the Beach Boys combining theirs, is always special.

Malibü Buckéroo do something very different with it.

Al -- Thanks for your votes, videos and comments. Here's another from Kayla Williams I especially like: "That's Not Me"

I've also searched for "Your Imagination" by Tom Prasada-Rao & Amilia K. Spicer! I played it three or four times during the last long drive I took. Maybe YouTube will let me post it later today.

One more favorite: The Pearlfishers -- "Go Away Boy" from Caroline Now:
Cindy Hood

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Larry, You've put up 4 really good songs that are covered by other artists and they're all good ones.

I'll go with:

Gold:  Timothy B. Schmit for Caroline No.  Easily the gold winner for me.  Timothy sang a gorgeous lead vocal and everything about this is beautiful - the music and that the Beach Boys sang background vocals on it.  

Silver: Randy Stonehill for Love and Mercy.  Actually, this is an equal contender for gold, but I don't like splitting votes unless there is no other way.  Beautiful cover and so nice to hear one of Brian's songs covered so well.

Bronze:  Kirsty MacColl for You Still Believe In Me.  A very pretty song and well done by Kirsty.

Tin:  Keith Green for Girl Don't Tell Me.  I didn't like this one near as much as the other 3, but still good.  



"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Cindy Hood

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"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Al Forsyth

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Those two are having an experience while recording it.  I wonder why neither have put it up on their own?  ANYTHING Kayla does is incredible - a REAL fan of the music.  Too bad that she couldn't join the touring band.  They need more vocals after losing Nelson, Scott and Taylor.

More Kayla:

Here's Amilia minus any BW connection here - but we would have to imagine her singing YI

How we in the States first learned of Kirsty

The Beach Boys cover:

Ronnie covers herself

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
bonnie bella

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Getting under these covers is just lovely. All beautiful, but this is what worked for me.

GOLD - Timothy. paul, Tim can't tell you why he goes a bit overboard, but I've always been a bit of a fan of this guy and his general wistfulness. A great moment watching him perform in concert some years ago that I'll never forget, which is amazing considering that particular evening. 

SILVER - Keith. Fun song, and it's a very very good cover, I can't really fault it. This is the kind of person that should be singing this. An angelic voice that works for this song.

BRONZE - Kirsty. She's very very wistful, probably related somewhere along the way with Tim. An angelic voice that works for this song ... perfectly lovely stuff.

TIN - Randy. Gorgeous, but by the end, it's lacking something and that something is Brian D. Wilson.

I used this is the battle a few years ago. Not sure if it did very well. I love it.

Let's see if it's a hat trick.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Lisa G/TS

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GOLD -- Kirsty MacColl, You Still Believe In Me
SILVER -- Timothy B. Schmit, Caroline No  (the narrowest of margins between these 2, both so ethereal)

BRONZE -- Keith Green, Girl Don't Tell Me
TIN -- Randy Stonehill, Love and Mercy

I came across this reasonable and faithful cover of one of my fave '88 BW tunes from another Canuck - besides Kayla - Ron Sexsmith:

of course, if it's from the sublime to the ridiculous you wish, there was this kook with a uke I posted years back (I'll admit I kinda like the zippy pace, but other than that...):

Thanks, Larry!
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