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Al Forsyth

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Well Larry you did what you said you would and Tom and Amilia sound great on this! You can post - it's yours!


A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Larry Franz

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Six days gone and we suddenly have eight voters! Thanks to Cindy, bonnie and Lisa for your votes and videos and for breaking up the male monopoly.

Cindy -- "God Only Knows" must be Brian's most covered song. Here are two more:

She & Him keep it simple (but why does Zooey keep dropping her "g"'s?):

Avenged Sevenfold is a well-known heavy metal band from Huntington Beach, CA (aka "Surf City" and 19 miles from La Mirada straight down Beach Blvd.). They released a non-heavy metal version as a bonus track on their last album, The Stage. The video has been viewed 1.5 million times, a lot more than She & Him's.

bonnie -- Sorry, I can only award you half a hat for Zed's "Don't Worry Baby". On the other hand, it won the week when you used it in Season 8. 

Lisa -- If only bonnie had posted Ron Sexsmith's "Melt Away" before you did! She'd have three hats now! That's an excellent cover, although he looks incredibly morose considering it's not that sad a song. The ukulele guy is the one who should be sad.

Al -- Yes, here it is, by popular demand:

Tom Prasada-Rao and Amilia Spicer -- "Your Imagination" (but not their 7-minute version)(nice picture of Brian though)(and six whole views so far!)
David W

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My votes . Any Beach Boys covers always remind me of Pete Simpsons (ex Blueboarder) Under The Covers series of CDs .Each new compilation was eagerly awaited .

Gold :Timothy B. Schmit -- "Caroline No"

Silver : Kirsty MacColl -- "You Still Believe In Me"

Bronze : Keith Green -- "Girl Don't Tell Me"

Tin : Randy Stonehill -- "Love and Mercy"

 Here's an instrumental cover  :

Darren J. Ray

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Thanks, guys. 

Yep, Brenda Lee in the pic at 3:36 and Sandie Shaw with Cilla and Petula...

Related image
Darren J. Ray

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Here is Lisa's and my friend again with a classic Beach Boys cover....

His Beatles covers are a treat too. 

He makes a good fist of this....

And you thought the original was scary. 

'Don't Worry Baby' by Zed won the Gold in Week 19 of Season VIII but didn't make the play-offs. 

'Go Away Boy' by the Pearlfishers won the Silver in Week 12 of Season VI and finished 9th in the Silver Play-Off. 

'Go Away Boy' by the Honeys won the Silver in Week 13 of Season VII and finished 10th in the Silver Play-Off. 

Lisa G/TS

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Larry -- Now that you mention it (and a quick scan of Google Images will attest), Ron always tends to look "incredibly morose", as if his dog just died. Any photographer that catches him cracking a smile would be up for a Pulitzer Prize! 

The ukulele guy is the one who should be sad.

We can't let a covers week go by without another memory of our late great t bedford, who introduced us to this treasure trove album of BB's covers, including this which makes Bobby Vee sound like the King of Hip by comparison:

And while it's not Wilson related, although it'll cleanse your palate from the previous, I'll repost this bluegrass cover in honour of Tom Tobben's Cinderella story of a hockey team, St. Louis Blues, finally winning the Stanley Cup this past week after 50+ years!  The "Show Me" state showed 'em but good!: 


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Gold: Kirsty MacColl -- "You Still Believe In Me" Haven't heard much of Kirsty. Wasn't aware of her tragic death. I know she released a single called "There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis". Who could forget that title? And of course I do recall her on the Christmas song - 'Fairytale Of New York' with the Pogues.

Silver: Keith Green -- "Girl Don't Tell Me" Not aware of this recording. Very aware of Keith's great gospel songs. He's still very loved by Christian music fans. I was aware that he made some recordings as a 'piano playing teenage prodigy' but I hadn't heard this before. Very catchy. Production patchy.

Bronze: Randy Stonehill -- "Love and Mercy" Love the music of Randy Stonehill. I was a promoter of one of his concerts in Australia on the Gold Coast (Queensland) in the '80s. This is also a 'surprise' recording for me.

Tin: Timothy B. Schmit -- "Caroline No"

Nice work Larry.

Al Forsyth

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Not going to compete with Darren and Lisa with those B. Wilson versions, let alone Revolution.  Ugh.  

BUT, I love this guy's versions, keeping his B. Wilson on:
And keep your beach on:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Larry Franz

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Let's see. Eleven hours to go and thanks to David W and st kilda forever we're up to 10 voters.

st kilda -- I'm glad you found some surprises here. It's always nice when there are surprises at the BOTB.

Although some surprises are better than others. Ukulele Guy's name is Danny P. Shoggoth. He has an explanation on his YouTube page:

PS:  Al -- that guy is good. I've listened to him before. Don't know his name but he goes by "posturex1" and specializes in the Beatles, ELO and the Beach Boys.

Cantina Margarita

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Hi everybody,

first thing is sorting the cover songs:

Kirsty's “You Still Believe In Me“
I didn't know this one yet, and how great it is. She always made her very own thing of things, and this is no exception.

“Girl Don't Tell Me“ by the teenage boy and Gary Usher ... says a lot about the Beach Boys' reception in their heyday. Obviously there was no being hipper.

“Caroline, No“ ... somebody obviously tries to imitate Brian's expressive way of singing, but doesn't reach him by galaxies. Nice, all in all.

“Love And Mercy“
If there's still any doubt that Brian is an A1 solo singer, then take one of his simple songs yourself and try to sing it. Lame, in this version.

Second thing is Kirsty MacColl (I'm still tending to misspell her). At some point in the early 1980s, every Punk attituded young guy in Germany had a crush on her, me included. She was enormously popular here, often in cadence with guys like Edwyn Collins or Roddy Frame.

If this is for catapulting her to BOTB's playoffs, where she belongs, then here's my support. And here's my very favourite alliteration: “They've got cars big as bars ...“

Amy McDonald, sometimes, reminds me much of her. Like Pepsi reminds me of Coke.

Verden McCutcheon

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 Season 10 Week 17..Its Been Covered

            1)Caroline No...great cover really does it justice

            2)Love and Mercy....a close second

            3)Girl Don't tell me...Not bad !!

            4)You still believe in me....she does a good job but is in tough this week with 4 good covers !!

                                                                  all good !!!
Larry Franz

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Cantina M and Verden -- Thanks for your votes. You've brought us up to 12 voters and 36, 33, 26 and 25 points for the four songs.

When I chose these four, I had no idea Kirsty MacColl was such a big star and remembered so fondly. Here's one mentioned earlier:

"There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis"

There's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis
But he's a liar and I'm not sure about you

Two more from Caroline Now:

Duglas T. Stewart -- "Lines"

Jad Fair -- "Do Ya"

I thought about using this but was afraid it would win too easily:

Rumer -- "The Warmth of the Sun"

Three more hours to vote....
Tom Tobben

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Getting here later than planned on this Fathers' Day (in the US, at least). My covered votes:

Gold -- "Love and Mercy", Randy Stonehill. First, I must say how much I enjoy the interpretations of Brian's music on the Making God SMiLE tribute album by various artists. Randy's interpretation of Brian's signature song from his solo career is quite faithful. I also love the slower, more deliberate tempo of this version as compared to Brian's original. In addition, the emotive quality of Randy's version is also superior to Brian's original, which was overproduced and too fast a tempo. Brian's later versions are superior to his original, in my opinion. This cover version does an excellent job of bringing out the mood and message of this Brian Wilson classic.

Silver -- "Caroline No", Timothy B. Schmit. It's already a given that Timothy Schmit has a wonderful voice, based on his early history with Poco and then with the Eagles. He does such a lovely job of covering this Brian Wilson/Pet Sounds classic, and the arrangement is impeccable. Interesting that he chose to cover this Pet Sounds gem, and did it so well.

Bronze -- "You Still Believe in Me", Kirsty MacColl. Another lovely cover from the Pet Sounds album, and Kirsty does a nice job of it. Her lead vocals are solid but not stellar. I do, however, like the vocal harmonies she has layered into chorus. Gorgeous!

Tin -- "Girl Don't Tell Me", Keith Green. Besides this song being the weakest original of this week's four songs, I felt this early teenybopper was too young to really bring out the emotion in this song. And the sped-up tempo of this cover version does not appropriately capture the emotion of this song. Hey junior, go listen to Carl's original vocal version and Brian's arrangement, and perhaps you'll get a better idea of how this song was meant to be sung. Gary Usher should have known better, with a boy like you. 

Here's another of my favorite covers from the Making God SMiLE album, "Your Imagination":

And, Al, back to the "posturex1" covers guy you highlighted above on a couple Beach Boys songs, my favorite by him is still this nugget by McCartney:

And this one from Yellow Submarine is pretty entertaining too:

Excellent battle this week, Larry, and some delightful additional cover versions shared by others here. 

Lisa, you should have seen the Stanley Cup celebration here in St. Louis over the past few days, culminating in a massive parade through downtown St. Louis on Saturday. It was supposedly larger than any of the numerous past World Series Championship parades for the St. Louis Cardinals in past decades or the (former) St. Louis Rams Super Bowl Championship parade in 2000, and St. Louis is historically known as a great baseball town. St. Louis is also a loyal hockey town and its dedicated fans had waited 52 years since the Blues expansion franchise began in St. Louis in 1967-68, despite having had some great teams in the past and countless appearances in the post-season playoffs over those years. A number of former long-time Blues stars also attended the parade, including NHL Hall of Famers Brett Hull, Al MacInnis, and Bernie Federko, original Blues team member Bobby Plager, and many other Blues alumni. Here are the highlights of yesterday's Stanley Cup championship parade, estimated to have as many as 500,000 people or more in attendance:

Darren J. Ray

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Larry, those interim scores are not what I have. 

I don't think John B's comments should be interpreted as formal votes as they stand. 

So, 1st place, and I realize it's not an official entry, but so what?

1.  'I Know There's an Answer' by Sonic Youth

seems very faithful to my ears.  (I excepted it to sound like terrible Kevin Max 'Help Me, Rhonda' cover, and it doesn't).

2. 'You Still Believe in Me' by Kirsty MacColl   (and I hope I got that spelling right).

3.  'Surfer Girl' by Paul Simon   and

4.  'I Just Wasn't Made For these Times' by Christine Bougie

Sure, I'll put you down as gold for Kirsty and a 3-way tie for bronze (2 points each) for the other three, if that's ok (since you're far off the grid, I'll take silence as consent). 

wait a second, Larry, you almost got me!  If my silence was 'consent', that would end my non-conformity protest, wouldn't it.   Can't have that. 

He hasn't consented.
Larry Franz

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I see your point, Darren. But if someone votes for one song that's competing, giving it gold, like John B did, that's good enough for me. Even without his consent to giving the other three bronze, he selected "You Still Believe In Me" as the best song this week. Of course, that automatically leaves the others to make up the 10 points, giving each of them bronze. I'll report my results as tentative and we can ask the non-conformist what he wants to do, assuming he returns next week.

Tom -- Thanks for your votes and comments. 
There is something very familiar about the "Your Imagination" video, although I can't put my finger on it. I wonder if Al knows. 😊

With 13 voters this week, the results are, subject to confirmation and a positive response from John B, to the effect that Kirsty gets a gold and Timothy, Randy and Keith tie for bronze:
Gold -- Kirsty MacColl, "You Still Believe In Me" -- 38 points (6-G, 1-S, 5-B, 1-T)
Silver -- Timothy Schmit, "Caroline No" -- 36 points (4-G, 4-S, 3-B, 2-T)
Bronze -- Randy Stonehill, "Love and Mercy" -- 29 points (2-G, 4-S, 2-B, 5-T)
Keith Green -- "Girl Don't Tell Me" -- 27 points (1-G, 3-S, 5-B, 4-T)

Alternatively, without John B's vote included, and with only 12 voters:

Gold -- Kirsty MacColl, "You Still Believe In Me" -- 34 points (5-G, 1-S, 5-B, 1-T)
Silver -- Timothy Schmit, "Caroline No" -- 34 points (4-G, 4-S, 2-B, 2-T)
Bronze -- Randy Stonehill, "Love and Mercy" -- 29 points (2-G, 4-S, 1-B, 5-T)
Keith Green -- "Girl Don't Tell Me" -- 27 points (1-G, 3-S, 4-B, 4-T)

Kirsty would get gold because she got one more 1st place vote.

I've always wondered why more of Brian's songs haven't been covered by well-known artists. There are exceptions, of course, like Todd Rundgren doing "Good Vibrations" and Jan and Dean, who weren't mentioned this week. Maybe it's because of some of the lyrics or subject matter or because the originals are too good.
Thank you to all who participated (but waiting for the non-conformist to show us the way).

Now back to Cindy doing her 4th week this year.

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