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Al Forsyth

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To answer your question, obviously there are many covers but perfection is difficult to cover soooooo - a) you stay VERY loyal to it or you interpret or reimagine the music your way, even the drunken guy gets his ***** Big Chance.

Big yes to that guy who posted Your Imagination this week. We'll see if the 7 minute version comes up? I would really like to see Amilia perform someday.

Larry, that Rumer version is really good.

Here's hoping that the NC votes get sorted. One thing about hosting is that every vote is critical in the end. Hosts spend a lot of time putting these competitions together, hosting the week and then compiling and wrapping their week. It requires both time and effort. Your winner remains BUT in the long run it could affect/effect end of year placing.

I enjoy the cover weeks though.

Congrats to the St. Louis Blues for their neutral zone trap play and excellent forechecking not to mention their goaltending find who changed the season.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks, Larry. 

I'll record the final scores sans John B's informal vote. If he clearly confirms to us that he wishes to have his votes interpreted as you suggest, I'll be happy to have the scores reflect that, although they will mess up my notes!

I liken it to someone voting informally at an election by not numbering all the boxes or voting for non-candidates. People know how to vote, and I don't think scrutineers should be interpreting informal and/or protest votes or chasing up those who cast them. 

And it wouldn't be the first informal vote....

In Week 35 of Season III, Sue Schlichter asked if she could submit votes on behalf of her husband who was not interested in registering on the board.

In Week 45 of Season V, Lee Marshall wanted to apportion less than 10 points to the songs.

In Week 12 of Season VI, John B again did the same; ie he voted for songs that weren't all candidates. 

In all cases the 'votes' were declined. In two of those instances, I was the host.    

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Larry.

The nine points margin between first and last is the equal closest week we’ve had so far this season, along with Week 12 (yours truly).

It’s the tenth time (from 413 weeks) in a regular season that Gold and Silver have had to be separated on a countback.

The record:

Glad All Over (The Dave Clark Five - 1963) (55) (10 Golds) / Getting Better (The Beatles - 1967) (55) (6 Golds) (Week 36, Season I, mother’s little helper),

Lay Down Burden (Brian Wilson - 1998) (50) (6 Golds) / Midnight’s Another Day (Brian Wilson - 2008) (50) (5 Golds) (Week 41, Season I, Deborah O’Neill),

The Nearest Faraway Place (The Beach Boys - 1969) (44) (7 Golds) / Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits - 1980) (44) (4 Golds) (Week 29, Season II, Teenage Symphony),

Angie (The Rolling Stones - 1973) (59) (7 Golds) / Lola (The Kinks - 1970) (59) (5 Golds) (Week 10, Season IV, Jo McGuire),

Cindy (Ricky Nelson - 1959) (58) (8 Golds) / Cindy Incidentally (Faces - 1973) (58) (6 Golds) (Week 10, Season VI, Cindy Hood),

Walk On (Roy Orbison - 1968) (60) (7 Golds, 7 Silvers) / Go Away Boy (The Pearlfishers - 2000) (60) (7 Golds, 6 Silvers) (Week 12, Season VI, Darren J. Ray),

River Song (Dennis Wilson - 1977) (59.5) (9 Golds) / Rio Grande (Brian Wilson - 1988) (59.5) (7 Golds) (Week 4, Season VII, t Bedford),

Hey, St. Peter (Flash and the Pan - 1976) (55) (6 Golds) / Rain (Dragon - 1983) (55) (4 Golds) (Week 20, Season VIII, Darren J. Ray),

Let’s Go to Heaven in My Car (Brian Wilson - 1987) (6 Golds) / Into My Arms (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - 1997) (4 Golds) (Week 8, Season IX, paul g adsett),

You Still Believe in Me (Kirsty MacColl - 1981) (5 Golds) / Caroline, No (The Beach Boys featuring Timothy B. Schmit - 1996) (4 Golds) (Week 17, Season X, Larry Franz)

There have also been two play-offs where the result required a countback.

They are:

Stop! In the Name Of Love (The Supremes - 1965) (112) (three 1st places) / Dance to the Music (Sly & the Family Stone - 1968) (112) (one 1st place) (Bronze Play-Off, Season I),

Wishing (Buddy Holly - 1958/1963) (169) (five 1st places) / Sunshine Superman (Donovan - 1966) (169) (four 1st places) (Bronze Play-Off, Season IV)

It was the second entry for Kirsty MacColl.

‘They Don’t Know’ won the Gold in Week 3 of Season V (Al Forsyth).

‘You Still Believe in Me’ (The Beach Boys) has been used twice before.

Its history:

- a Gold in Week 9 of Season IV (Verden McCutcheon),
- a Gold in Week 14 of Season VII, 1st in Preliminary Final, 3rd (Season Bronze) in Gold Play-Off (Larry Franz)

The song ‘Caroline, No’ has been used numerous times.

'Caroline, No' (The Beach Boys) has now been used four times.

Its record:

- a Gold in Week 33 of Season I, 8th in Gold Play-Off (Joy B), 
- a Gold in Week 11 of Season III *, 6th in Preliminary Final (Al Forsyth),
- a Gold in Week 10 of Season VII (Deb#1),
- a Gold in Week 34 of Season IX, 3rd (Season Bronze) in Gold Play-Off (Deb#1)

* This was one of only two songs to ever to receive unanimous Golds in a week.

Rachel Yamagata, Rickie Lee Jones and Westlife were the also-rans.

Despite its percentage (40%), its points total (56 points from just 14 voters) meant it only qualified for the Preliminary Final and went no further, finishing 6th.

(‘California Girls’ is the other song to receive all Golds, in Week 1 of Season VIII (Cindy Hood). The 13 voters that week meant it missed play-offs.)

Tony Clef's instrumental version of 'Caroline, No' won Week 5 of Season II (John Potter) and finished 10th in the Preliminary Final.

This version of ‘Caroline, No’ marked the first time a host has used a song from Stars and Stripes Vol. 1. It had stood as the only Beach Boys studio album that had yet to provide a Battle entry.

‘Love and Mercy’ had been used three times previously.

The record for the original 1988 version by Brian is:

- a Bronze in Week 41 of Season I (Deborah O’Neill),
- a Gold in Week 17 of Season  VI, 8th in Gold Play-Off (Kevin Witts)

The version from An All-Star Tribute to Brian Wilson (2001) won the Silver in Week 45 of Season III, came 2nd in the Silver Play-Off and finished 7th in the Preliminary Final (Al Forsyth).

‘Girl Don’t Tell Me’ (The Beach Boys) has been used twice before.

Its record:

- a Gold in Week 39 of Season III (Jo McGuire),
- a Silver in Week 20 of Season IV (t Bedford)

It is the only actual song of the four this week that has not made play-offs, but the Keith Green version is an outside chance of making this season’s Tin Play-Off.

Please continue to support our hosts (and make your vote count).  


Cantina Margarita

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Belated thanks to you, Tom T., for posting the Saint Louis Blues' party video. Very impressive. It reminds me of the celebrations for the FIFA Soccer World Championship win in July 2014 in Berlin.

The difference is: that one was in a European capital city, it was for a national team, and the guests came from a whole country, with one 4th of the entire USA's population.

Shows 2 facts:

- St. Louis has great parties.
- Winning the greatest hockey trophy is 4 times as important as winning a FIFA WC.

Most people here just aren't aware of that, regrettably.
Whereas soccer is a great girls' sport. Let's see who might be able to avoid a U.S. win at the FIFA women's World Cup in France which is currently running.
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