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Larry Franz

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Historical note: The Snopes fact-checking site has a detailed discussion of the rumor that the horse on the cover of the Notorious Byrd Brothers album, shown on this week's Byrds video, was meant to represent David Crosby, who had recently been fired from the band for various reasons, including his lack of cooperation on "Goin'Back":
When the Byrds resumed work on the song “Goin’ Back” a couple of months later (with Jim Gordon filling in on drums), Crosby decided that the recording of a sentimental composition about the innocence of childhood (especially one written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, a professional husband-and-wife songwriting team from New York) wasn’t worthy of his talents (particularly as it would likely be displacing one of his own songs from the album) and refused to participate in its recording. McGuinn reportedly had had enough of Crosby’s antics by that point and kicked him out of the studio, and shortly afterwards McGuinn and Hillman paid him a visit at home and informed him that he was no longer a Byrd.  (Wikipedia)

But the photographer who took the picture says it didn't represent Crosby:
I got a call to shoot the album cover. They wanted to go out to the country, since their first album cover was shot in a studio.

So I found this abandoned barn with four open windows. There was a horse in the field. I put each one of the guys in the windows. And in the last window I put the horse.

I was mistakenly accused of denigrating David Crosby. It wasn’t to replace Crosby, who had been fired; it wasn’t to insult anyone. It was just to balance the composition. It was just a space and a horse — and what an image.”

.... David Crosby was insistent that the equine image was no coincidence, exclaiming in a 1980 interview with Byrds biographer Johnny Rogan: “An accident? An accident! … Do you believe that? It’s [b.s.] You know it is. You know why [McGuinn] did it.” As McGuinn later noted, “If we had intended to do that, we would have turned the horse around.” (Snopes)

The Snopes article:

A beautiful song that almost competed this week deals with the ultimate form of escape:

R.E.M. -- "Everybody Hurts"

"When your day is long, and the night, the night is yours alone, when you're sure you've had enough of this life..."

paul g adsett

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didn't intend to add more,
but just need to note the death of a chap who walked away from
the whole musicindustrybiz a long while back,
escaping all the trappings,
but leaves a very fine set of albums.
mark hollis, main man of talk talk,
who produced some exquisite recordings.
the track I can think of the best fits this is

'catch me if you can but don't delay
today today
It's a dream away...'
Popeye (not the sailor)

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Gold songs all around so I'll have to list them in order of my listening favorites.

In My Room - Beach Boys

Up On The Roof - Drifters

Goin' Back - Byrds

Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

This always works for me.

Great songs Larry!
John B

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Lyrics again:

I always liked the 2nd verse of 'Going Underground' by Paul Weller/The Jam 


Some people might get some pleasure out of hate,
Me, I've enough already on my plate
Some people might need some tension to relax
Me, I'm too busy dodging between the flak
What you see is what you get
You've made your bed, you better lie in it
You choose your leaders and place your trust
As their lies wash you down and their promises rust
You'll see kidney machines replaced by rockets and guns
And the public wants what the public gets
But I don't get what this society wants
I'm going underground (going underground)
Well the brass bands play and feet start to pound
Going underground (going underground)
Well let the boys all sing and the boys all shout for tomorrow

We talk and talk until my head explodes,
I turn on the news and my body froze
The braying sheep on my TV screen
Make this boy shout and this boy scream!
Going underground, I'm going underground!


and a tribute to the heroes of the 1989 Tian An Men uprising by Cui Jian, (glass half full people: never forget tank man made the tank driver swerve, multiple times)'s called
'A piece of red Cloth'

That day you took a piece of red cloth, to blindfold my eyes and cover up the sky
You asked me what I had seen, I said I saw happiness

This feeling really made me comfortable, made me forget I had no place to live
You asked where I wanted to go, I said I want to walk your road

I couldn't see you and I couldn't see the road, You grabbed both my hands and wouldn't let go
You asked what I was thinking, I said I want you to be my master

I have a feeling that you aren't made of iron, but you seem to be as forceful as iron
I feel that you had blood on your body, because your hands were so warm

This feeling really made me comfortable, made me forget I had no place to live
You asked where I wanted to go, I said I want to walk your road

I had a feeling this wasn't a wilderness, thought I couldn't see it was already dry and cracked
I felt that I wanted to drink some water, but you used a kiss to block off my mouth

I don't want to leave and I don't want to cry, because my body is already withered and dry
I want to always accompany you this way, because I know your suffering best

That day you used a piece of red cloth, to blindfold my eyes and cover up the sky
You asked me what I could see, I said I could see happiness.

Larry Franz

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Popeye -- Thanks for your votes and the Three Dog Night. It brought to mind another going to the country song they used to play a lot on FM radio way back when:

Canned Heat -- "Going Up the Country"

paul -- More is always welcome. Less is a problem hereabouts.

John B -- Thanks for all the good lyrics. Escape is a lyrical concept after all.  

Lord Huron -- "Ancient Names (Part I)" -- get past the opening and it gets going.

"I gotta get away from here, if I live to see the next sunrise, I gotta get away from her"

Jonathan Richman -- "Tandem Jump"

"Okay, now you new tandem jumpers, when that door opens, you will be scared...
Alright, a 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, go!"

Best Coast -- "Fade Away"

"I could stay I could stay I could stay
I could stay
But it's best to go away, go away, go away"

Petula Clark -- "Downtown"

"You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, so go downtown"  (We all know this one)

Al Forsyth

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Tramps like us:

The Dylan meets Woody version.  ^^^^^
The anthem comes alive:

Get out while we're young ...

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Larry Franz

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Al -- Seeing Bruce in front of a huge, very enthusiastic crowd is always impressive. As for "Born To Run", it always makes me think of the Beach Boys' "Wendy", but the official story is that it's just a name and nothing more. However, it's also been reported that when he wrote the song, he still had a poster in his room that showed Peter Pan leading Wendy Darling out through the window.

A set from Yo La Tengo that might not play and nobody else will like anyway:

"Leaving Home"

"Walking Away From You"

"Move To California"

Hank Williams -- "Take These Chains From My Heart"

The Beatles -- "There's a Place"

Linda Ronstadt -- "In My Room"

bonnie bella

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Hi Larry.

I'm wondering if you've got this one on your playlist.

The incredible Marlon Williams.

And Bic Runga

Angus and Julia Stone.

Brian et al. 

The Pina Colada song had to appear. Lingers painfully.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Larry Franz

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bonnie -- I'm familiar with Best Coast's "performance" of "In My Room", and although my "Escape" playlist is now more than six hours long, no, that track isn't on it.

Hearing it again reminded me of a goofy album called Yo La Tengo Is Murdering the Classics:

Yo La Tengo supported the fundraising efforts of [New Jersey] independent radio channel WFMU with annual studio visits. All listeners who pledged money during the band's appearances were offered the chance to request a favorite song that the band would then attempt to perform. This album compiles more than two dozen WFMU highlights first broadcast between 1996 and 2003.

It's fun listening to them try to recreate a vast assortment of songs on the spur of the moment. Listening to them do it when it isn't live is less of a treat. But the whole album is on YouTube. It features, among other classics, Brian's "Ding Dang" paired with Sun Ra's "Interplanetary Music". The Murdering the Classics playlist:


But thanks for the videos! I especially liked Bic Runga's "Drive".

Tommy James and the Shondells -- "I Think We're Alone Now"

Bad Suns -- "Away We Go"

Elliott Smith -- "Let's Get Lost"

Frank Sinatra -- "Come Fly With Me"

Darren J. Ray

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Gold - In My Room (The Beach Boys - 1963)
Yet again! I’m over hearing it for a whole week every couple of years but, yes, nice record.

Silver - Goin’ Back (album version) (The Byrds - 1968)
Interesting reading about this. It was also a single, released in late ’67. But that was in mono. This version is obviously stereo, so must be from the album released in ’68. I knew it was the song that pushed David Crosby over the edge and led to his sacking. I can see his point though. Why do a Goffin & King song when they had writers in the band? When I first heard it on a greatest hits collection, I thought, “What next? ‘The Look of Love’?”. Is this Chris Hillman singing the lead? I much prefer the Dusty Springfield version (that wasn’t a hit in the US). 

Bronze - Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen - 1975)
Although there’s some Springsteen stuff I like (‘Bobby Jean’, ‘Dancing in the Dark’, ‘Brilliant Disguise’ and a few others), he’s never really appealed to me. Maybe it’s his image - a working class dopey bloke in a muscle shirt and a fondness for denim who looks like he needs a good wash. 

Participant - Up On a Roof (The Drifters - 1962)
You can nearly always tell records that came out pre and post Beatles. This is very much in the former. I did a support to ‘The Drifters’ about 10 years ago. Billy Washington’s ‘Drifters’. Anyone ever heard of him? Check out ‘The Drifters’ on Wikipedia. He is not listed as EVER a member, yet claims in this interview he’s been with them since the early ‘50s. And they get LOTS of work here. Seriously, listen to this…… Please explain.

John B

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I'd like to dedicate today's escape-themed lyrics to ...Michael Cohen, and to any and all truly repentant sycophants: 

                                                    REDEMPTION SONG
by Bob Marley

Old pirates, yes, they rob I, stole I from the merchant ship
Minutes after, they took I, from the bottomless pit
but my hand was lifted by the hand of the all-mighty
we forward in this generation, triumphantly

won't you help me sing?  these songs of freedom
is all I ever had.  Redemption Songs.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds
have no fear for atomic energy, cause none of them can stop the time
how long must they kill our prophets, while we stand aside and look
some say it's just a part of it, we got to fulfill the book

Won't you help to sing?  this songs of freedom
is all I ever had.  Redemption songs.  Redemption songs.

Darren:  "Bobbie Jean"?!  well, at least you didn't say 'Cover Me' or 'Pink Cadillac'...
Al Forsyth

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Bonnie - I'm  always a sucker for We'll Run Away.  Good find with Bethany and Best Coast on their IMR take.  I always like your Princess Chelsea brings to us - as we would NEVER hear her here for some reason. 

Larry, Born to Run is of course larger than life but I cant vote still as in the opposite way, I feel this about In My Room.  On top of that I would feel terrible having The Byrds as last but also Up On The Roof!  This is one of your impossible weeks to vote, much like last year! 

Getting away - escape, JD had that knack early on:
I know that it's a trucker song - but also "getting away" - escaping?
"I like it, do it again".

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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Gold: Up On The Roof - Drifters ... Gerry Goffin would cite "Up on the Roof" as his all-time favorite of the lyrics he'd written. Nice that Carole played piano on the track.

Silver: In My Room - Beach Boys ... now this is BB at their best. Love the harmonies.

Bronze: Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen ... good song but - I don't know 'too noisy'? Reckon there's a better version out there somewhere - or someday. Maybe I'm not a sax fan?

Tin: Goin' Back - Byrds ... gimme Dusty's version

Cindy Hood

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"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Larry Franz

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Darren and stkilda4ever -- thanks for your votes! By my count, there have been 65 weeks of the battle since "In My Room" was here last, and it seems we all agree it's somewhere between a "nice record" and "BB at their best".

John B -- Conan O'Brien had a funny comment regarding Michael Cohen's testimony: "Hmm. Kind of a vague accent. Does anyone know where Michael Cohen is from?" Hearing him talk made today seem all the more like one of those trials where the the hood testifies against the mob boss, the defense attorney challenges his credibility ("You murdered people!"), the boss is convicted and his former employee goes into witness protection.

Al -- I'm pleased you think it's difficult. But not too difficult!

Cindy -- Thanks for the videos. That guy in the white jacket brought back strong memories of Miami Vice circa 1985. [smile]

More escapism:

Nine Inch Nails -- "Gone, Still" and "Into the Void"

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark -- "She's Leaving"

Darlene Love -- "Run Run Runaway"

The Mamas & Papas -- "Look Through My Window"

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