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Larry Franz

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Thanks to paul and Tom for their commentary and videos and bringing us up to 15 voters. (I didn't realize anyone else had recorded "Goin' Back".)

Someone who goes by "xtremetoxicguy" on YouTube has posted an instrumental recreation of Pet Sounds. I like his "Let's Go Away For Awhile".

A few extremely well-known ones I thought about using and nobody mentioned:

The Everly Brothers -- "All I Have To Do Is Dream"

Roy Orbison -- "In Dreams"

The Spencer Davis Group -- "Keep On Running"

I shall be back in three hours to wrap this up and post one last piece of classic escapism unless someone beats me to it.

Larry Franz

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The results for this week, with 15 voters (subject to confirmation):

Gold -- The Beach Boys, "In My Room" -- 56 points (10-G & 2 ties for G; 3-S)

Silver -- Bruce Springsteen, "Born To Run" -- 38 points (2-G & 2 ties for G; 4-S; 4-B; 3-T)

Bronze -- The Drifters, "Up On The Roof" -- 32 points (1-G; 4-S; 5-B & 2 ties for B; 3-T)

Tin -- The Byrds, "Goin' Back" -- 24 points (0-G; 2-S; 4-B & 2 ties for B; 7-T)

It was fairly close between Bruce and the Drifters early in the week, but then Bruce pulled away. The Byrds got some nice comments but lots of tin votes. I suppose I should have gone with somebody else as the 4th song. Unfortunately, I still don't know which song it should have been.

Thanks to everyone who participated this week. Next we've got Al's love songs to consider.

Finally, here's the all-time greatest escape song. Maybe it should have been in the battle instead of the Byrds. But there are no do-overs in baseball or the battle. *

* Although songs that aren't retired often come back.

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Larry.

They’re in the book.

It was the third time around for ‘In My Room’.

Its record:

- a Gold in Week 2 of Season III (DomesticAnimalNoises),
- a Gold in Week 25 of Season VIII, 2nd (Season Silver) in Gold Play-Off (Larry Franz),
- a Gold in Week 2 of Season X (Larry Franz)

In Season III, it scored 62 points and 32.63% from 19 voters.

In Season VIII, it scored 77.5 and 36.90 from 21 voters.

This week, it scored 56 and 37.33 from 15 voters.

This is the record of the nine tracks associated with Surfer Girl that have been used in the Battle:

Surfer Girl (a Gold in Week 28 of Season IV, 1st (Season Gold) in Gold Play-Off - Jo McGuire),

Catch a Wave (a Silver in Week 18 of Season VIII, 1st in Silver Play-Off, 9th in Preliminary Final - Deb#1),

The Surfer Moon (a Gold in Week 20 of Season I - Paul Adsett; a Gold in Week 6 of Season VI - Tom Tobben),

In My Room (a Gold in Week 2 of Season III - DomesticAnimalNoises; a Gold in Week 25 of Season VIII, 2nd (Season Silver) in Gold Play-Off - Larry Franz; a Gold in Week 2 of Season X - Larry Franz),

Hawaii (a Bronze in Week 21 of Season V, 1st in Bronze Play-Off, 8th in Preliminary Final - Jo McGuire),

Your Summer Dream (a Silver in Week 9 of Season IX, 3rd in Silver Play-Off - Deb#1),

Fun, Fun, Fun (mono) (a Gold in Week 6 of Season V, 4th in Gold Play-Off - Deb#1; a Gold in Week 11 of Season VIII, 2nd in Preliminary Final, 3rd (Season Bronze) in Gold Play-Off - t Bedford),

In My Room (German version) (a Silver in Week 39 of Season VII - t Bedford),

I Do (a Tin in Week 12 of Season I, 1st in Tin Play-Off - Prodigal Son)

A live version of ‘Little Deuce Coupe’ won the Tin in Week 45 of Season I (Cynthia D. Hood).

It was the second time around for ‘Born to Run’.

It won the Silver in Week 25 of Season I and finished 3rd in the Silver Play-Off (B B Fan1).

Last time, it scored 52 points and 30.59% from 17 voters.

This time, it was 38 and 25.33 from 15 voters.

It was Bruce Springsteen's seventh entry.

His results:

Born to Run (a Silver in Week 24 of Season I, 3rd in Silver Play-Off - B B Fan1),
Hungry Heart (a Gold in Week 4 of Season II - Joy B),
Badlands (a Bronze in Week 16 of Season V, 5th in Bronze Play-Off - Larry Franz),  
Protection (a Silver in Week 19 of Season VI - brent mcmullen),
She's the One (a Bronze in Week 42 of Season VI - bonnie bella),
4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) (a Silver in Week 42 of Season VIII - Al Forsyth),
Born to Run (a Silver in Week 2 of Season X - Larry Franz)

It was the first entry for the Drifters.

It was the fourth entry for the Byrds.

Their record:

Chestnut Mare (a Silver in Week 3 of Season II - Roy Roger Bridge),
So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star (a Silver in Week 38 of Season VI - Deb#1),
Eight Miles High (a Gold in Week 36 of Season VII - Larry Franz),
Goin’ Back (a Tin in Week 2 of Season X - Larry Franz)

‘In My Room’ looks to have booked a spot in this season’s Gold Play-Off.

Please continue to support your hosts. 

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