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Larry Franz

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It sure sounds like Zappa talking and the internet says it's them. For example:

It's interesting that they did it straight, unlike "Little Deuce Coupe". And look what song they did before the Beatles!

She & Him -- "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me"

HAIM -- "Hold Me" (from a Fleetwood Mac tribute album)

Vampire Weekend (featuring Danielle Haim) -- "Hold You Now"

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Well, Larry Frank already posted my fav, the not so well loved “Hold Me Tight” by the Beatles, so I guess I will just vote. I’ve been buried under a mountain of paperwork this week and wish I could have participated more with such great songs and everyone’s 2 cents rolled in. My votes are surprise even to me.
Gold - "Something's Got A Hold on Me", Etta James
Silver - "Hold On, Dear Brother", Beach Boys
Bronze - "Holding On to Yesterday", Ambrosia
Tin - "Hold On", Triumph
On my first look this week I was sure that I’d be voting the Gold to “Hold On, Dear Brother". Etta took me away, tho. Fantastic intro.
I was first introduced to “Hold On, Dear Brother" at the Soundstage special in Las Vegas. I thought Nate Ruess blew the roof off the dump. But I also read here that John B doesn’t care for the number. Does this improve anything for you, John B?

Great stuff, Tom

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Darren J. Ray

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The particularly similarity I'm hearing is between 1:05-1:15 of the Etta James (and repeated in the song) and 0:25-0:32 of the Ray Charles (and, again, repeated throughout the song). 

I picked it as soon as I heard the Etta James.

paul g adsett

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hold the press...
gold: 'something's.'
silver: 'dear bruv'
bronze: 'yesterday'
tin: 'on'

John B

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"I'm not your brother, and take off that crappy music!"   (from 'Big Wednesday')

I agree, Deb, Nate R. sings that ...okay Jebus rock (?) song really well.  and some people actually like those records.  Elvis Costello comes to mind.  and Lee Marshall (who I respect) approved of Jack Rieley to the extent that the more contemporary Boys packaging gained them cred somehow, if not with FM, at least with bookings.  I do think Flame with the Boys had a couple of great songs: 'Sail On, Sailor', 'Marcella', even 'All This is That', and if they were on 'Cuddle Up' I forget. 

but... it was not a victory in my mind that a great group who were admittedly not contemporary at the time, sacrificed quality to become less great, but more contemporary because...well, the Doobie Brothers and Brewer and Shipley or whoever, could never be as great and classic as Brian & the Boys.  So, an unsatisfying compromise in my mind.   Yes, I would advise people at the time to pay more for the 'Pet Sounds' import alone rather than have to saddle that great accomplishment with 'Carl &', as I would later, advise people to pay more for a 'Love You' import alone, rather than to be saddled with '15 Big Ones'. 

There's a great line from an Oscar Wilde play, about 'those who strive to be contemporary appear dated rather quickly.'  That's what the Boys did with 'Carl', and the gate-fold opening to see them portraying the Fabulous Fury Freak Brothers.  A lot of Jebus people and hippy co-mingling in those days.  You can see it sticking out like a sore 'Keep on Truckin' thumb,' when you catch reruns of say the Johnny Cash show and the Sonny & Cher Show, etc.  The robes, the beards, the sandals, the one toke over the line.  Very dated.  Very embarrassing.
Darren J. Ray

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John B, thank you for brightening up my day. I dream of my disparaging comments being as funny as yours, sir. "The one toke over the line" [rofl]

Speaking of, I just came across this assessment of Carl and the Passions (AKA the Fabulous Fury Freak Brothers) on YouTube.

'Hold On Dear Brother' gets its own review at 13:14. Glad to hear someone else thinks it sounds like The Band. 

Funniest moments on the video are 0:37 and 14:18. Hilarious. We should get this guy on here to vote. 

John B

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you're welcome, you're too kind, Darren.

Interesting the Band comparison, since for example, isn't "Everybody Wants to Live" credited to only Brian (on 'Adult Child') and it sounds like them too, yet I don't ever remember reading that Brian was a fan. 
Tom Tobben

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Thank you to our final voters -- Deb and paul (who squeeked in just under the closing bell), as well as to Lisa, Larry, John B., and Darren for your final commentaries and video/song clips. 

Lisa, quite a find of early 70s Zappa/Mothers doing a live version of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand". Based on the link Larry posted, it looks like this was the version of the band that included Flo & Eddie, which made for an entertaining band with broader vocal versatility. 

Deb, interesting that Etta's entry pulled ahead of "Hold On, Dear Brother" for you; it is a compelling song and Etta's vocals are something else! Thanks also for sharing that clip of Nate Reuss joining Blondie and Brian's band on an excellent live version of "Hold On, Dear Brother" -- quite good! It looked like Nate was really into singing the song. Even Brian seemed impressed at the end.

Darren, thanks for your more specific analysis of the similar-sounding phrase from the Ray Charles song to Etta's song. I definitely hear what you are referring to, sure enough!

Also, thanks to both John B. and you for your further commentaries regarding Carl & The Passions, certainly a non-typical Beach Boys album. Darren, I wasn't very impressed with the guy who reviewed the album. He didn't seem to have much real first-hand knowledge of the songs and he mispronounced Blondie's name and stumbled over Rickey's. A superficial review of the album, at best. 

John, excellent point from Oscar Wilde about contemporary/dated. That can be said to be true about so many trendy/dated bands and entertainers, especially when they use trendiness to cover up for their lack of talent.

Now, the final results for this past week's battle. Etta James pulled away from the pack early, garnering a dominant 10 golds (including the final five voters), 4 silvers, and only 1 bronze or tin. Also, quite interestingly, both Ambrosia (3 golds) and Triumph (2 golds) received more first place votes than the Beach Boys' "Hold On, Dear Brother", which finished second overall this week with 1 gold. Ambrosia finished a respectable third, only two points behind the Beach Boys, garnering three gold and three silver votes. And, unfortunately, Triumph's "Hold On" was not too triumphant with this crowd, finishing last with 9 tins out of a total sixteen voters. The final statistics:

Gold -- "Something's Got a Hold on Me", Etta James, 55 points (10 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze, 1 tin)
Silver -- "Hold On, Dear Brother", Beach Boys, 39 points (1 gold, 7 silver, 6 bronze, 2 tin)
Bronze -- "Holding on to Yesterday", Ambrosia, 37 points (3 gold, 3 silver, 6 bronze, 4 tin)
Tin -- "Hold On", Triumph, 29 points (2 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze, 9 tin)

Thanks to all sixteen participants who voted this week, one of our larger numbers of voters in recent weeks. And thanks also to everyone who contributed their numerous comments and additional "holding on" songs!
Enjoy our brief mid-year break this week, before GGH makes a return appearance to kick things off a week from now for the second half of Season 10!

Here's a few more "hold ons" to wrap up this week's battle and theme:

Here's Glen Campbell's lovely version of "Hold On Hope" from his fine Ghost on the Canvas album near the end of his life:

And John Legend's "Hold On Longer", from his Love in the Future album:

Junior Walker & The All Stars had this minor hit, "Gotta Hold On to This Feeling" back in 1969:

And, last but not least, one more song titled "Hold On", this one the debut hit single for En Vogue in 1990:

Over to Darren for any final analysis and comments. 

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Tom.

Sixteen voters is the equal most we’ve had all year, along with Weeks 3 (Al Forsyth), 10 (Cindy Hood) and 14 (Darren J. Ray).

It was only the second entry for Etta James.

‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ won the Bronze in Week 44 of Season IV (Al Forsyth).

‘Hold On Dear Brother’ is the seventh of the eight tracks from Carl and the Passions to be used, leaving just 'Make It Good' untried.

'All This is That' has the best record, twice going deep into the play-offs.

Results are:

You Need a Mess of Help to Stand Alone (a Silver in Week 23 of Season II - Cynthia D. Hood),

Here She Comes (a Tin in Week 27 of Season VII, 4th in Tin Play-Off - bonnie bella),

He Come Down (a Gold in Week 45 of Season VI - Lee Marshall; a Tin in Week 11 of Season X - Tom Tobben),

Marcella (a Gold in Week 19 of Season II - Michael F. Becher),

Hold On Dear Brother (a Silver in Week 22 of Season X - Tom Tobben),

All This is That (a Gold in Week 14 of Season III, 8th in Gold Play-Off - Cynthia D. Hood; a Silver in Week 2 of Season VI, 1st in Silver Play-Off, 4th in Preliminary Final - D.A.N.),

Cuddle Up (a Gold in Week 44 of Season VI - Cindy Hood)

A live track of 'Marcella' (from The Beach Boys in Concert) was also used in Week 38 of Season I, by John Potter. It won a Gold.

Ambrosia and Triumph were making their debut entries in the Battle.


‘Something’s Got a Hold on Me’ is a big chance of making play-offs in its own right.

‘Holdin’ on to Yesterday’ is borderline of making its play-off (Bronze).

Paul’s last-minute votes, effectively lowering its percentage, have probably sunk the likelihood of ‘Hold On’ making its play-off (Tin).  

We now break for a week before GGH resumes with Week 24.

Don’t like the songs some people are putting up?

Please put your name down to host in the second half of the year.

We need hosts, folks.

And please continue to support those who do take the time to host with your votes. 

Enjoy your break. 

paul g adsett

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just found the words i lost last week...

gold:‘something’s got a hold on me’

the wondrous etta james in full testifying mode.

and i  really do believe her.

this is exquisite from the opening hollering scream

through the chugging verses and the gospel choruses.

what’s more, it’s a song i barely remember hearing before.

and i’m so pleased to make its acquaintance.


‘hold on, dear brother’

it has always intrigued me, this song.

how readily the flame element melded into the beach boys group

at this time.

how i wish some elements of this sound had been employed further

by this band.

oh, the steel guitar,

with intimations of byrds / burritos / gram p…

it’s not a great song, but it’s a great sound

and a great sentiment.


bronze: ‘holding on to yesterday’

there’s nothing wrong with it.

except, there’s nothing…(pause)… right with it.

slooooowly stretched…(pause)…out to insufferable.

that guitar noodle needs to be…(pause)…ripped from its socket.

at least it ends with an ending,

but even that abruptness doesn’t mitigate the…(pause)…turgid rubbish

that precedes it.

actually, i didn’t like it…(pause)… at all.

tin: 'hold on'

- another example of the type of pop music i try to avoid.

i blame the likes of yes, elp,

well not them but their copiers

(and the corporate starship / rent-a-a-rock-group sound

that so many sought to emulate).

and then, it goes all who-like.

and then a twin-lead guitar splodge

or rather a copy of the ‘oo

actually, during the week i got to quite like it.

bugger me, i quite liked it.

for a listen and a half.

and then i loathed it again.


but, it’s an earworm of a song…

nope. i loathe it.


Darren J. Ray

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Always worth the wait, Paul. 

But glad you got the abbreviated version in before Tom closed last week. 
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