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Larry Franz

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Thanks for your votes, Lisa & Cantina.

Lisa -- "I Wanna Be Like You" is interesting but doesn't sound like Los Lobos to me. Being creative is fine, but maybe they should add some accordion next time?

Cantina -- Anything that might happen to any of us, including the ones we care for. There were two untimely deaths this month in our little neighborhood. Neither man had reached 50.

Your video doesn't play in the US, so here's another Roger Whittaker, "The Last Farewell". 

The Kingston Trio -- "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?"

Four by the Kinks -- "All Day and All of the Night" ("I believe that you and me last forever")

"No Return"

"Who'll Be the Next In Line"

"Where Have All the Good Times Gone"

Al Forsyth

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Larry - love that little tune Born In the 70's, which I wasn't, but it's got some catch to it (still trying to sneak 7's by me - I get it.).  I like the playing and the players.  It sticks with you a bit. 

Why haven't we heard of him?  How did YOU hear about/of him?  Are you really a computer named Larry masquerading as a human on Spotify?  

Los Lobos has to be pulling away now.  And the clock is now ticking. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Verden McCutcheon

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   Season 10 Week 27..L.A People Singing Quantitatively

                       1)Los Lobos....

                       2)Ariel Pink....


                        4)The Beach Boys

                                  Rare for me to place the B'boys last but this song fails to impress me !!
Tom Tobben

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Traveling through Ireland on several weeks’ vacation/holiday, so just checking in briefly to vote:

Gold — “7 & 7 Is”, Love. Classic, under appreciated song from an excellent album.

Silver — “A Matter if Time”, Los Lobos, fine song from another excellent album.

Bronze — “A Thing or Two”, Beach Boys. Mediocre song from a good album.

Tin — “One Summer Night”, Ariel Pink. No prior familiarity and didn’t do much for me.
Larry Franz

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It's the home stretch!

Verden and Tom -- Thanks for your votes! Yeah, I don't usually put the Beach Boys last either, but did this week (although I like the song). Thank you, Tom, for interrupting your world travel, bringing us to, yes, 7 and 7 is 14 voters. I thought you might go for that one. [smile]

Al -- I also hadn't heard of Ed Harcourt. I was searching for quantitative songs and must have noticed the song's title. I like it a lot too. 

What Spotify says:
Born Edward Henry Richard Harcourt-Smith in 1977, in Wimbledon....

Known for his literate, Baroque rock sound, Britain's Ed Harcourt is a distinctively enigmatic presence known for his solo work and contributions for other artists. Arriving in the early 2000s, Harcourt gained praise for his dark-toned anthems that touched upon post-punk guitar rock, orchestral pop, and minimalist balladry. Often compared to his idol Tom Waits, the pianist/vocalist gained early respect, picking up a Mercury Prize-nomination for his 2001 debut Here Be Monsters. Other albums, like 2004's Strangers (featuring the single "Born in the '70s") and 2010's Lustre, showcased his atmospheric sound, and helped to solidify his reputation as a cult favorite. Along with his own albums, he has found himself an in-demand studio player, having collaborated on projects with such varied artists as Paloma Faith, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and Marianne Faithfull.

They used this picture of him. He reminds me of a young, dark-haired Will Ferrell.

download (1).jpg 

Probably my last two this week:

Death Cab For Cutie -- "No Room In Frame" (thought about using this one this week)

Big Star -- "Thirteen" (would have thought about using this one if I'd remembered it)

There are about five hours to go before we find out that the wolves have run away with it this week.


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Some votes and numbers,
Gold-Los Lobos, "A Matter Of Time"
Silver-The Beach Boys, "A Thing Or Two"
Bronze-Ariel Pink, "One Summer Night"
Tin-Love, "7 and 7 Is"

Kudos if you listen the whole way through:

What a field-day for the heat 
A thousand people in the street 
Singing songs and carrying signs 
Mostly say, hooray for our side 
It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound 
Everybody look what's going down”
— FWIW, Buffalo Springfield 
paul g adsett

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difficult one.
i know 3 of 'em very well,
never heard of one chappy.
want to give gold to 3 of 'em,
never want to hear one chappy again...

gold: 'seven and seven is'
- gorgeous sounds from a fabulous album
(and i fully agree with john e on that)

equal ilver: 'a thing or two'
- playful studioness with inventiveness,
not their most commercial, of course,
but i love that
(and i totally disagree with john e on that).

equal silver: 'a matter of time'
- i just love the lilting, loping sounds this band can make.
this album remains one of my favourites,
even though they made a good few fab ones
which, including an indispensible double retrospective
'just another band from la',
have grown in my collection from the time i bought
the limited 10" vinyl 1984 remix of 'will the wolf survive'.
not just your average band from la...

tin: 'one summer night' 
- don't want summerly to dismiss him,
almost quite liked the intro first time,
but, flippin 'eck,
i've tried listening
and he packs so much clichayayayed cockeyedness into this
that i cannot bear listening again.
not even an average band from la...

(from somewhere on the bering sea,
just about to cross the international dateline)...
Larry Franz

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Hey, two more voters! And two late Golds for "7 and 7 Is"! [thumb]

Deb -- Your "99 Beers" has us outnumbered. What this Battle really needs is more Big Band.

Tommy Dorsey Orchestra -- "Oh! Look At Me Now" (not extremely quantitative but I'm the damn host)

paul -- It's great that you checked in from the Bering Sea (a first for the Battle and probably the Board). So was crossing the International Dateline an attempt to legally vote a day late or a day early? Or to vote twice?
That deserves one more song: 
Carole King has said that in writing the song she was inspired by Brian Wilson: "I make no bones about it, that song was influenced by Brian's music".

Brian and Carole -- "I'm Into Something Good"

Back in a bit with the results.

Larry Franz

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We had sixteen voters this week from several parts of the globe.

I was concerned that Love's "7 and 7 Is" might be an easy winner. I didn't expect Los Lobos and "A Matter of Time" to be. I also wasn't expecting the invective directed toward poor Ariel Pink and "One Summer Night"! The result for the Beach Boys' "A Thing or Two" is the only thing that wasn't a surprise.

It's interesting that the first eight voters had the four songs almost tied. The last eight voters obviously didn't.

Gold -- Los Lobos -- "A Matter of Time"  50.5 points (7-G, 4-S, 4-B, 0-T and 1 tie for Silver)

Silver -- The Beach Boys -- "A Thing Or Two"  39.5 points (3-G, 5-S, 3-B, 4-T and 1 tie for Silver)

Bronze -- Love -- "7 and 7 Is"  37 points (5-G, 1-S, 4-B, 6-T)

Tin -- Ariel Pink -- "One Summer Night"  33 points (1-G, 5-S, 4-B, 6-T)

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Larry, and well hosted.

Sixteen voters is the equal most for the year so far, along with Weeks 3 (Al Forsyth), 10 (Cindy Hood), 14 (Darren J. Ray) and 22 (Tom Tobben).

As you mentioned, they were the debut entries for Los Lobos, Love and Ariel Pink.

‘A Thing or Two’ is the ninth track from Wild Honey to be used.

Its record:

Wild Honey (a Gold in Week 23 of Season III - Michael F. Becher),

Aren't You Glad (a Bronze in Week 40 of Season II - Teenage Symphony),

I Was Made to Love Her (a Silver in Week 36 of Season II, 8th in Silver Play-Off - Cynthia D. Hood; a Silver in Week 4 of Season IV - Peter Simpson),

Country Air (a Gold in Week 42 of Season IV - Teenage Symphony; a Gold in Week 5 of Season VII, 9th in Preliminary Final - paul g adsett),

A Thing or Two (a Silver in Week 27 of Season X - Larry Franz),

Darlin' (a Gold in Week 2 of Season IV - Cindy Hood),

I'd Love Just Once to See You (a Gold in Week 40 of Season I - Teenage Symphony; a Silver in Week 32 of Season II - t Bedford),

Here Comes the Night (a Silver in Week 17 of Season VII - t Bedford),

Let the Wind Blow (a Gold in Week 43 of Season VI, 9th in Gold Play-Off - Tom Tobben)

The stereo remix of ‘Let the Wind Blow’ that appeared on the Hawthorne, CA album (2001) also won a Gold in Week 8 of Season VI and finished 5th in the Preliminary Final (Lisa G/TS).

The stereo mix/re-master of ‘Darlin’' that appeared on 1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow (2017) also won a Gold in Week 39 of Season VIII and finished 4th in the Gold Play-Off (The Egg).

‘7 and 7 Is’ is a outside chance of making the Bronze Play-Off. Six Tins from 16 voters doesn’t help its case. It was a polariser.

‘One Summer Night’ does look a likely contender for the Tin Play-Off.

Please continue to support our hosts.

And if you’d like to host a week, please put your name down. Everyone’s welcome, especially newcomers. 


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