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Darren J. Ray

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Well, no-one can say I don’t take this seriously.

I listened to these four songs many, many times this week, Larry.

Then I had four shows in three days with no more than three hours sleep each night.

Home from the last one two hours ago, 3:15am Monday here, and I could have been slouched on the couch watching Australia re-claim the ashes against the Poms.

Instead, I’ve been relistening to songs that I wasn’t nuts about all week and trying to tart up my reactions to each one.

That’s what I call respect for the host!

Gold - Our Sweet Love (The Beach Boys - 1970)
Cloying. Nice production as usual, but, as usual, the lyrics are not its strong point. Riddled with saccharine platitudes. Help! I need some air.

Silver - White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes - 2008)
Arty clip but that’s not what we’re voting on. Fleet Foxes have a signature sound; a sound found in all the songs I’ve heard from them, none of which I’m enamoured with. The first part of this reminds me of something else. Something else really annoying that I’ve been trying all week to remember. Can’t. This isn’t it, but even more annoying…

Bronze - Mad World (Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules - 2003)
Does Gary Jules always try to sound like Mr Whiny from REM? The pity is the music is pretty. I’ve been wondering which version I’ve been conscious of in the past. It might have been the Tears for Fears original from 1982. Many listens to it this past week had me thinking parts of the melody are very ‘similar’ to passages in ‘Matthew and Son’ by Cat Stevens. Once I realised this, it wasn’t something I could put out of my mind. I kept substituting in ‘even though they’re pretty low and their rent’s in arrears’ for ‘find it kinda funny, find it kinda sad’. But that’s ridiculous. I mean, who else ever accused Tears for Fears of copying a British record from the mid ‘60s? 

Participant - Charlie Don’t Surf (The Clash - 1980)
I have a few friends who swear by the Clash. They didn’t do it for me. So they take a line from a movie and turn it into a song. Well, it sure isn’t ‘That’ll Be the Day’. I checked out the lyrics to try to discover something ‘socially conscious’. Larry, if there’s a ‘message’ in there, it’s lost on me. 
Cantina Margarita

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Hi guys,

summer's gone at last. No more swimming, no more surfing, no more diving, only rain and wind and cold and calibrating the central heating. Local Ice Hockey season starts next Friday. Better for me because I‘m having a problem with my right ear which must have been caused by some micro life in the lake‘s water. On the bright side, it doesn‘t really hurt, but only sends some intense itching instead. Chamomile tea helps with that. On the dark side, I‘ve been 95 percent deaf on my right ear for a couple of days, due to what my doctor put in. So this will be a song ranking from Brian‘s view. No sense for advanced stereo panorama, only pure music counts.

G. Jules and M. Andrews -- "Mad World"
A beautiful song, I‘m used to this version, but I didn‘t even know this one is from TFF originally. I have always loved them (see last week), and they‘re still growing for me. More TFF see below.

The Beach Boys -- "Our Sweet Love"
Good song on a good album. Not much weaker than TWW or ASMTYD. I‘ll never understand why this album was such a flop.

Fleet Foxes -- "White Winter Hymnal"
Nice arrangement, but some vocal parts could be performed better. I think I‘ll try myself with a little help from Uncle Daw and the Cantina Stack. Nice band name btw.

The Clash -- "Charlie Don't Surf"
It‘s not what I like about them. The stereo tricks (… are there any ?) don‘t impress me this week.

Some more Tears For Fears which always has got me.

I hope it will play in the USA. Geniuses have their audiences being quiet.

Don't talk to me from the right side. And thanks Larry for an interesting week again.


David W

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My votes :
Gold- G. Jules and M. Andrews -- "Mad World"
Silver - Fleet Foxes -- "White Winter Hymnal"
Bronze - The Beach Boys -- "Our Sweet Love"
Tin - The Clash -- "Charlie Don't Surf"

Kate Bush with a bit of could and should
"All the love, all the love, All the love we should have given. All the love, all the love, All the love you could have given."

bonnie bella

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Darren, if you fall asleep to that clanging, banging song by Church I cannot imagine how your head works. It's got elements of rubbish truck, lawnmower, and chainsaw right through it.

Although I rather liked "Under the Milky Way"

A little weather report from down under.

Thanks, Larry.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Verden McCutcheon

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  season10 week 29...coulda,woulda,shoulda

               1)The Beach Boys...gorgeous song from Sunflower

               2)The Fleet Foxes..a strong second place

               3)The Clash....wasn't sure I would like this but ended up enjoying it

               4)G.Jules and M.Andrews….weakest song of the week

                                                      enjoyable tunes
Tom Tobben

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Back home from our travels throughout Ireland the past few weeks. An interesting battle, with a bunch of songs that have not been overplayed on the radio (at least in the U.S.) It took me a number of listens to finally decide my rankings. I could have voted on my first impulses, but then I likely would have regretted my votes and should have given them more listens, which I eventually did. So, here goes:

Gold -- "Charlie Don't Surf", Clash. This song really grew on me over the course of repeated listenings. I already generally liked Clash's music but wasn't previously familiar with this song. It's so different sounding than some of their earlier stuff, but the simple melody was addictive after multiple listens. I also found it amusing to learn that Roland Orzabal apparently acknowledged to Joe Strummer some years later that Tears for Fears used the line "Everybody wants to rule the world" from the first verse of "Charlie Don't Surf" as the basis for their famous hit song a few years later.

Silver -- "White Winter Hymnal", Fleet Foxes. I've loved this song ever since first hearing their debut album over a decade ago. Lovely melody, distinctive lead vocals, and gorgeous vocal harmonies.

Bronze -- "Our Sweet Love", Beach Boys. A middling song from Sunflower, but far from the best. Another nice lead vocal by Carl and pleasant backing vocals, but only a middling song from the album.  

Tin -- "Mad World", Jules & Andrews. A lovely, delicate song but it couldn't rise above the other songs for me. For what it's worth, I like the original by Tears for Fears better, but still a nice enough cover version. 

A few more keeping with this week's "could have, should have, would have" connective tissue:

Thanks, Larry, and thanks to everyone else who contributed a number of additional interesting songs and comments during this week's battle. 

May our weekly battles continue to live on!

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Larry, some beautiful this week.  Some of the lyrics really catch you off guard, though. 

Gold – Fleet Foxes -- "White Winter Hymnal"
Silver – The Beach Boys -- "Our Sweet Love"
Bronze – The Clash -- "Charlie Don't Surf"
Tin – G. Jules and M. Andrews -- "Mad World"


 See you on the flip side.

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Lisa G/TS

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Better late than never? Just came up with 3 that haven't been posted yet:

Lotsa "could's" in here:

Another "should" ...No Bee Gees...yet. Since it's their disco era, I'll spare you the full version and just give the cute scene from "Despicable Me" -- never mind those annoying minions, and enjoy Gru's (voiced by Steve Carell) dance moves:

Need more "would"? Here's Annie:

"Stay-cation for the Nation", "Crush that Curve"
Larry Franz

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Thanks to bonnie, Lisa, Darren, Cantina Margarita, David W, Tom, Verden and Deb for the additional votes the past two days, bringing us to 14 voters for the week.

Thanks also to those who contributed various and sundry videos and commentary, and to our earlier gang of voters as well.

Subject to confirmation:

Gold -- The Beach Boys -- "Our Sweet Love" -- 42 points (6-G, 3-S, 4-B and 1-T from your host)

Silver -- Fleet Foxes -- "White Winter Hymnal" -- 40 points (3-G, 6-S, 5-B, 0-T)

Bronze -- Gary Jules & Michael Andrews -- "Mad World" -- 33 points (4-G, 3-S, 1-B, 6-T)

Tin -- The Clash -- "Charlie Don't Surf" -- 25 points (1-G, 2-S, 4-B, 7-T)

Finally, from the group of four originally chosen for this week, the song that didn't make the final cut. My old favorite:

Hank Williams -- "Ramblin' Man" -- Some folks might say that I'm no good, I wouldn't settle down if I could

Now over to Deb on the flip side.

Darren J. Ray

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bonnie, only when I'm really tired!
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Larry.

And thanks again for filling the chair for the week.

‘Our Sweet Love’ is the seventh track from Sunflower to be used.

Its record is:

Slip On Through (a Gold in Week 13 of Season III, 10th in Preliminary Final - Michael F. Becher),

This Whole World (a Gold in Week 17 of Season II, 5th in Gold Play-Off - Domestic Animal Noises; a Gold in Week 3 of Season VII, 7th in Gold Play-Off - Al Forsyth*),

Tears in the Morning (a Tin in Week 10 of Season I - Gordon Higgins),

Our Sweet Love (a Gold in Week 29 of Season X - Larry Franz),

All I Wanna Do (a Gold in Week 6 of Season VI, 6th in Preliminary Final - bonnie bella),

At My Window (a Bronze in Week 14 of Season II, 4th in Bronze Play-Off - Michael F. Becher),

Cool, Cool Water (a Gold in Week 15 of Season I - Verden McCutcheon; a Gold in Week 40 of Season IX - paul g adsett)

* This version was a 2016 re-master with a longer ending.

A live version of ‘Forever’ was used in Week 3 of Season III (Cynthia D. Hood). It won the Gold and finished 7th in the Gold Play-Off.

The version of ‘Cottonfields’ that originally featured on a variation of Sunflower, released in some countries including Australia, has been used twice. It won the Gold in Week 40 of Season III (Tom Tobben) and again in Week 25 of Season VII (Darren J. Ray). Both times, it failed to make play-offs.

The only version of ‘Add Some Music to Your Day’ that has been used is a Norwegian version by Trygve Thue, 'La deg løftes av musikk’, used in Week 13 of Season IX by D.A.N. It won the Bronze.

‘White Winter Hymnal’ is the third entry from Fleet Foxes.

Their record:

Montezuma (a Silver in Week 6 of Season III - Teenage Symphony),
Your Protector (a Tin in Week 39 of Season V, 8th in Tin Play-Off - Larry Franz),
White Winter Hymnal (a Silver in Week 29 of Season X - Larry Franz)

‘Charlie Don’t Surf’ was the fourth entry for the Clash. They have one of each of the four medals. 

Their record:

Rebel Waltz (a Bronze in Week 25 of Season III - Frankie Teardrop),
Train in Vain (a Silver in Week 40 of Season VI, 8th in Silver Play-Off - Lisa G/TS),  
I Fought the Law (a Gold in Week 36 of Season VIII - t Bedford),
Charlie Don’t Surf (a Tin in Week 29 of Season X - Larry Franz)

‘White Winter Hymnal’ is an outside chance of making the Silver Play-Off.

Please continue to support our hosts, including this week from Deb#1.

And if you’d like to host a week, please put your name down. Everyone’s welcome, especially newcomers. 


John B

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'At My Window' was 3rd place?!   What's wrong with you people?
Darren J. Ray

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It was a strong week, John...

Week 14
Gold - Look Through Any Window (The Hollies - 1965) (57.5)
Silver - She Came In Through the Bathroom Window (The Beatles - 1969) (56)
Bronze - At My Window (The Beach Boys - 1970) (51) (finished 4th in Bronze Play-Off)
Tin - It Ain't Me, Babe (The Turtles - 1965) (45.5) (finished 1st in Tin Play-Off)
(Michael F. Becher)

John B

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See, this is a text book case of the Beatles getting undeserved props from their rep/and where people were nostalgically in their life when they heard this song on repeated plays.   What an obvious Tin!
John B

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That was cool of Frankie Teardrop to use 'Rebel Waltz.'
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