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Larry Franz

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This week has four songs I like a lot that have never been in the Battle.

The Beach Boys -- "Can't Wait Too Long" (1967-68/1990). This is the version that was first released as a bonus track on the Smiley Smile/Wild Honey reissue in 1990. Written by Brian, it was initially called "Been Way Too Long". It was recorded during the Wild Honey sessions in 1967 and the 20/20 sessions in 1968, but never completed.

The Righteous Brothers -- "Just Once In My Life" (1965). This was their follow-up to "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'". Written by Gerry Goffin, Carole King and Phil Spector, and produced by Spector, it was a Top Ten hit. The Beach Boys released their own version on 15 Big Ones in 1976 (43 years ago!).

The Rolling Stones -- "Paint It Black" (1966) -- It was released as a single in May, 1966, a few days before Pet Sounds. It was #1 in the US, UK, Australia and Canada, but only #4 in New Zealand. The UK version of the Aftermath album (released in April) didn't include it, but when Aftermath was released in the US (in July), "Paint It Black" had replaced "Mother's Little Helper". It's been played on Spotify almost 300 million times, 90 million more times than "Satisfaction".

Judy Garland -- "Over the Rainbow" (1939). It's often referred to as "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". She was 16 when she appeared in The Wizard of Oz. Shirley Temple and Deanna Durbin were also considered for the role of Dorothy Gale. Toto was played by Terry, a female Cairn Terrier who appeared in 16 movies and lived to the age of 11 but couldn't sing worth a damn.


If you would like to post something that you like a lot that hasn't been in the Battle, but don't remember if anyone has ever used it, you might click the link below and use your browser's Find or Search function to see if it's in the list. All ten seasons are there to be searched.

If you would like to post something that fits a different theme, please do. You can tell us what the theme is or make us guess.

To repeat:

The Beach Boys, "Can't Wait Too Long"
The Righteous Brothers, "Just Once In My Life"
The Rolling Stones, "Paint It Black"
Judy Garland, "Over the Rainbow"


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May as well get this week out of the way too

G Beach Boys

S Judy Garland.  Was moved by a performance of this in a comedy 'cabaret' show I saw over the weekend but my vote still would have been the  same regardless.

B Righteous Brothers

T Rolling Stones.  Yup, again.  Not by much though.

John B

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1. Judy "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

the book was all politics, the movie is this song.  The biggest song here, and anyone from Texas knows big is best.

2.  Beach Boys, mostly Brian with Carl, "Can't Wait Too Long" almost exactly the same as the TSOL version, great of course, but very long not to be finished. 

3.  "Just Once in My Life"  by the Righteous Bros.   kind of self-pitying, innit?  didn't he 'get what he wanted' when ...he met her?  or the first date, or the first kiss, even the time he got to choose the hamburger place?  and so forth?  Maybe, 'Just five times in my life' didn't sound as good for a title.  but as always, great singing.

4. "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones

Even though I like to listen to 'More Hot Rocks' better than HR.  Kind of repetitive, innit?  The entire song?  built around 11 notes?  Would I say the same thing about Indian music?  Yes, pretty much so.  Sitars?  Kind of an overrated instrument about 1966-1967, I'd say.  and the lyrics.  Isn't black beautiful?   I thought so.   Not so much as a fashion color, though.  I would rank it pretty low for clothes, well below white levis.  I think it's supposed to be ...slimming?  is that why the color black is so over-rated for clothes?  No, I don't find it tough.  the leather jacket.  not so tough.  you know who's tough?  The Texas Tech Red-Raiders, that's who.  and why so 'his way or the highway' this guy, 'paint this black, paint that black!'  black out the sun.  then we all die, don't we?   let's keep the sky blue, bossy Mick.  Kind of sort of rocks.  But truly a lessor Stones song.
Larry Franz

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Thanks for the early votes, D.A.N. & John B, although "getting this week out of the way" sounds a little deflationary, and the book definitely seems to have had a political subtext but that didn't detract from many of us youngsters loving it. I was very surprised when I heard the political analysis of the book (which was published in 1900).

Political interpretations of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz include treatments of the modern fairy tale (written by L. Frank Baum) as an allegory or metaphor for the political, economic, and social events of America in the 1890s....

In a 1964 article, educator and historian Henry Littlefield outlined an allegory in the book of the late 19th-century debate regarding monetary policy. According to this view, for instance, the Yellow Brick Road represents the gold standard, and the Silver Shoes (Ruby slippers in the 1939 film version) represent the Silverite sixteen to one silver ratio.... The City of Oz earns its name from the abbreviation of ounces "Oz" in which gold and silver are measured. The thesis achieved considerable popular interest and elaboration by many scholars in history, economics and other fields, but that thesis has been challenged....

Historian Quentin Taylor sees additional metaphors, including:

Taylor also claimed a sort of iconography for the cyclone: it was used in the 1890s as a metaphor for a political revolution that would transform the drab country into a land of color and unlimited prosperity. It was also used by editorial cartoonists of the 1890s to represent political upheaval.

Two more I like that haven't been used:

Percy Sledge -- "When a Man Loves a Woman"

The Beach Boys -- "Our Sweet Love"

Cindy Hood

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Larry, I like them all!

Here's my votes:

Gold:  Rolling Stones for Paint It Black.

Silver:  Judy Garland for Over the Rainbow.

Bronze:  The Beach Boys for Can't Wait Too Long.

Tin:  Righteous Brothers or Just Once In My Life.  

This was NOT an easy decision!

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".

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"getting this week out of the way"

Meant as a dig at myself more than anything.
Larry Franz

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Cindy -- Thanks for your first-day vote. I'm glad it wasn't too easy. Three voters so far and three different votes for gold. 

D.A.N. -- No problem at all. 

Speaking of problems, their biggest hit has been in the battle (gold in Season 5) but neither of these problem songs:

The Animals -- "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"

"We Gotta Get Out of This Place"

Darren J. Ray

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Gold - Over the Rainbow (from The Wizard of Oz - 1939)
It’s the only song here I kinda like. Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs had a huge hit here in 1964 with the song. 

And here he is decades later, doing it again…

Thank you for not using the Eva Cassidy version, Larry.

Silver - Just Once in My Life (The Righteous Brothers - 1965)
Great example of overproduction by Phil Spector doing his best to ruin a decent composition. And then you have that middle bit trying to hark back to their previous mega-hit single. Formulaic and unnecessary.

Here's the Carl and four packs of cigarettes a day Brian version. Baby, baby!!

Bronze - Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones - 1966)
The Stones rarely impress me. I can see why John Lennon made that comment in the Jann Wenner interview in 1970 about the Stones doing what the Beatles had already done months before. I’m wondering if the melody is a derivation of the opening melody of Del Shannon’s ‘Runaway’. Maybe I’m not the only one who made the connection…

In turn, this is a Hoodoo Gurus song that I’ve always thought owes a fair bit to the Stones and ‘Paint It Black’ (as well as ‘Psychotic Reaction’ by The Count Five)….

Participant - Can’t Wait Too Long (The Beach Boys - 1967-68/1990)
Oddly, I think I prefer the snippet on That Lucky Old Sun. Let’s face it, this is not a completed song; just an idea. It starts off really promisingly, then descends into a jam, fishing for good lyrics which never eventuate. Then it ends. 


Larry Franz

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Darren -- thanks for the votes & commentary. Billy Thorpe improved with age. Regarding the Beach Boys version of "Just Once In My Life": when I first heard it, I thought the production was brilliant, and then hearing the Spector version again, it was clear that they copied his very closely. But Brian's damaged voice adds poignancy to what I think is one of the few memorable tracks on 15 Big Ones.

Here are a few more classics that haven't been in the battle that you probably don't like:

The Rolling Stones -- "Under My Thumb"

"Street Fighting Man"

"Wild Horses"

"Midnight Rambler"

"19th Nervous Breakdown"

Al Forsyth

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I'll stop mulling about this kintyre and get the votes in on a very clear week of one through four.

GOLD - Over the Rainbow - Judy, Judy, Judy.  The song that they tried to cut from the film.
Hard working gal - I like how she acknowledges the conductor as she leaves:

Eva Cassidy's interpretation:

SILVER - Paint It Black
One my top ten fave Stones songs.  Whether you punk it up or classical it - it stands memorable. 
Never heard of SJ before:
The violin is perfect for this song:
Mick Jagger is going in for heart surgery and so their summer tour here is not happening.  Hoping that he is fine after all of this.
And here is some of his story (Gene Pitney part is amazing):

BRONZE - For Once In My Life
It's already covered ^^^^ with the 15 Big Ones version.  The Righteous dudes and the wall of sound meet. 
But Carole and Gerry wrote it - royalty:

Leaving Brian and the Boys as the tin - unfortunately, but it's not really a song-song, as are those above.  It is incredible still.
The video that played behind the song on the TLOS tour:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Larry Franz

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Al -- Thanks for your votes and videos. Sweater girl? That Bob Hope was such a card. I missed the "Lucky Old Sun" tour. That's a nice little video for "Can't Wait Too Long".

Johnny Cash's "Five Feet High and Rising" has been in the battle, but not "Ring of Fire" or my two favorites:

"I Walk the Line"

"Folsom Prison Blues"

Elvis Presley has had six songs in the battle. Not this one with the triple negative, however:

"One Night" ("ain't never did no wrong")

Darren J. Ray

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I do like 'Wild Horses', Larry, but much prefer this version. 

Reportedly, so did Jagger...

That Spinning Jenny cover is very good. 

Nice to see Uncle Gene in that doc, Al. 

Gotta love Andrew Loog Oldham's business partner's comments at 14:10 about "the Beatles hadn't really paid attention to America". 

Dream on, buddy! 

bonnie bella

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Hi Larry.

An interesting week theme-wise. Once again, these tight parameters for musical selections to share.

Without consulting *the list*, I'm willing to bet this has never been in the Battle before.

One I've often wondered about using ... that nobody on the other side of Australia would know.

I shall have to put my thinking cap on this week. 


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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Gold: The Rolling Stones, "Paint It Black" Haven't heard for a while.  Sounded so refreshing and so original. Easy Gold decision for me.
Silver: Judy Garland, "Over the Rainbow".  An Aussie bloke named Billy Thorpe had a hit with this twice.  It's a great song ... and still a classic movie
Bronze: The Beach Boys, "Can't Wait Too Long". Hadn't heard this before ... enjoying at the beginning and then ....."Too Long" - "Can't Wait" to end.

Tin: The Righteous Brothers, "Just Once In My Life".  Also never heard. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' .... so good, so brilliant.  This ... a very poor man's futile follow up - a desperate attempt to get that 'lovin' feelin' - but it's a fail.

Larry Franz

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With Mick getting up there and his recent medical problem, the Stones might need a new front man. Or front woman? They'd probably first want to hear her "Jumpin' Jack Flash" though.

bonnie -- Actually, that Savages song got Silver in Season 3, Week 20. The competition was tough.

st. kilda forever -- Thanks for your votes and comments. I didn't expect so many negative evaluations for "Just Once In My Life", but that just goes to show you, or me rather.

Three classics in the category "Groups of Girls or Women" that haven't been used.

The Chiffons -- "One Fine Day"

The Ronettes -- "Walking in the Rain"

The Crystals -- "Da Doo Ron Ron"

And a personal favorite:

(American) Spring -- "Good Time"

PS: I'm listening to "F@ckers" right now. It should have won that week.

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