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paul g adsett

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it's 11am british summer time here in sunny brighton
under construction.
work in progress
(interrupting phone calls delay transmission...).
but i'm on the pc in the skylounge
and the blurb is all on my tablet in the front room...
back to you sooonest.

paul g adsett

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curtain up...
it's time to let loose this week's set of muppets numbers.
funny how thingummies take twists and turns.
this week was going to be a set of songs from different musicals,
with a running link of its own
(i'll let you conjure up quite what they might've been and what theme).
but, in the course of ponderising, a completely fresh theme emerged
and all the initial choices got jettisoned for some-di-dum-thing that,
some-di-dum-how, pressed itself into the forefrontal of my thingummy-dum.
and then, i wrestled with competing versions of the same songs
(it ain't easy being in the driving seat, is it?
oh,no - there's responsibilities involved....)
before settling on these interpretions.
and so, here's a wistful selection of musical observational comments and reflections
on the subject of what might bond might hold a couple together.
an understanding of the ties that bind?
a longing for summat that's intrinsically, intangibly interlocked? 
a deep desire to belong?
a healthy spot to be in?
unveiling the inequalities 'twixt protagonists?
consider it as y'will - you decide...
nina simone: 'he needs me'
- from her debut recordings, here the 1959 stereo mix
that came out a little after the initial 1958 mono release.
written by arthur hamilton for a 1955 movie, 'pete kelly's blues',
about the goings on between band members and gangsters
in a prohibition era speakeasy.
the soundtrack is great, including ella fitzgerald and peggy lee,
 whose version of this song i nearly chose,
but, well, this is nina simone, is it not...
hamilton also contributed 'sing a rainbow',
yes that song, also sung by peggy lee, to the soundtrack
(avoid cilla black's recording, but have a listen to the dells' 1969 soul version,
intertwined with 'love is blue',
with great cello lines and a faaab talky-bass voice interlude
with a bw-esque falsetto interjecting
- maybe that is the version i should've, ultimately, chosen?).

as another aside, another of his great songs 'cry me a river',
was to be sung by ella fitzgerald in this same movie,
but was jettisoned, only to appear almost immediately in 'the girl can't help it', and became an iconic performance sung by julie london).
but i digress...

shelley duvall: 'he needs me'
- a harry nilsson song, arranged by van dyke parks
from the 1980 movie 'popeye'.
who'd thunk you'd fall in love with olive oyl?
well, i put it to you, it's impossible not to.
especially when she's brought to the silver screen by shelley duvall.
especially when she winsomely offers this number...
many songs were performed live in the movie and rerecorded.
this is not the onscreen sung-live performance
(both have a little robin williams interjection).
i've picked the lp soundtrack version,
mainly because the only movie clip i can find is poor quality
and truncates the song.
though shelley d is olive oyl,  
if you've ever heard inara george (little feat's lowell g's daughter)
perform the song with van dyke parks
(we saw 'em at a small date in lunnun town's camden town a few years back),
she, too can be the living embodiment of the character.
+ get a look / listen to claire (muldaur, daughter of geoff muldaur,
a top class, scholarly gent
who stayed with us when i booked him at the greys
- his version of 'brazil' was used in that terry gilliam movie)
and the reasons perform the song with vdp, too!*).
but, i'm losing the plot, so, onwards...

georgia brown: 'as long as he needs me'
- from the original 1960 west end soundtrack to lionel bart's musical 'oliver!' (not the more insipid, 'cor blimey, mary poppins', shani wallis 1968 movie version).
nancy ponders her relationship with bill sykes
(and seals her fate by not legging it).
the first west end show i saw, not yet a teen,
taken by the chaps next door
(a middle aged fellow and his stage photographer, um, 'nephew',
close friends of lionel 
(genuinely, though the euphemism friends of dorothy applied)
- did i know what a gay couple were in those, pre-legalisation days?
anyway, my mum let me go to the theatre with them...
the glitz, the songs, the pathos, the staging
(with sean kenny's phenomenal exposed, open rigs, props and revolving stage), the photo of lionel i was given
- all this is indelibly imprinted on this now-not-so-young mind.
i can't find the show programme, so not sure of the cast at time of seeing,
but i know davy jones # and phill f'in' collins
both played the part of the artful dodger during its early run.
anyway, enough
- besides, there's more asides than a polygon appearing in a hall of mirrors...

brian wilson: 'she says that she needs me'
- the more fully realised 'contemporary'  (?read 'mor'?)
joe thomas production version of the rough russ 'guess i'm dumb' titelman
lyric'd 'sherry / sandy / tricia (but not shani)...',
rewritten and rewrought by carole bayer sager,
that removes an individual's name and, thusly thereby,
unwittingly makes it more in keeping with my universal theme,
this time approaching it from the male angle.
ah, a more succinct intro here
- no prompt card needed, no meandering...

have fun,
consider yerselves at home.
feel free to deck the pages with numbers that in some way
expand upon what's here,
or, merely, go off at a tangent
(you'd never catch me doing that, though...)

ah, but...
* here's a claire / vdp live rendition (not in competition):
# and here's georgia brown and davy jones together
on the ed sullivan show when 'oliver!' had transferred to broadway
(also, hors de combat):
(nb. disclaimer.
the above is purely for the porpoises of this week's botb,.
it bears no relation to any personal doings whatsoever
and nothing of note should be read into the numbers chosen
Lee Marshall

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I find it OH-SO difficult to imagine that any winner this season will have an easier time of it than Brian Wilson does this week.  It's a far better song with a way more interesting arrangement both vocally and instrumentally.  AND it has added merit.  I'd actually play it again...and again...and etc.

So... ... ...

Golden...Brian Wilson.  I'd also, in addition, give him silver and bronze and make the rest ALL tin.  No wait.  That would make the math too difficult.

Silver...but only by a silver thread...Georgia Brown.  At least compared to the next 2 it really is a pretty decent song.

and then way, Way, WAY, W A Y down the list... default.  Nina who had better material to work with along the way.  This one's NOT from her glory years by even the faintest of stretches.  

And finally...It's sure no 'You're Breakin' My Heart'...Shelley and her turn at the weaker side of both Harry and Van.  A song definitely worthy of its Popeye placement.  Harry had this 'phase' where he forgot about melody.  Those songs were hard to listen to.  And Mr. Parks?  I've heard better.

Sorry Paul.

paul g adsett

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well, lee,
that's sure telling us, innit?!
and there i was thinking you're a surefire
'hairspray' /'priscilla, queen of the desert' fan.
stand easy, i've cancelled the chorus of hoofers...
Larry Franz

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For me, "She Says That She Needs Me" is a strong contender and so is "As Long As He Needs Me". I need to listen to the other two more. In the meantime, Julie London on a much more transactional view of intimate relationships:

"My Heart Belongs to Daddy"

Al Forsyth

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sir paul you have done well!

I had to go close on my call, but can vote now. I needed to.

Gold goes to Brian for a catchy song that has so much going for it.  Good dig on this.
Silver was VERY close as Nina did well but the song is too short.  Her vocal slides are one of kind. 
Bronze goes to Georgian doing Dickens.  They were sharing that night with the Beatles, when Davy was singing his B-way bit and the bug bit him. 
Tin to Shelley does Betty Boop.

I'll change the need quotient for a bit:

One of those songs that stays with you, but VERY MOR!

Some guys whose YouTubes don't travel very well but this may (sing along):

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Lisa G/TS

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Paul's feeling needy this week, so I'll help him along:

GOLD -- Brian Wilson, She Says That She Needs Me -- Always absotively, posolutely L-o-o-v-e-d this gem. Deserved to be a monster hit somewhere along the way. Oh well, I guess it's kinda like a fan version of that secret spot to go fishin'. 

SILVER -- (Sweet?) Georgia Brown, As Long As He Needs Me -- Classic...and I have the DVD of the uncut Feb 9/64 Ed Sullivan episode. Marvelled at how all the other acts (including the "Oliver!" rug rats) could keep focused with The Beatles merely metres away in the same building. Pure professionalism, I guess.

BRONZE -- Nina Simone, He Needs Me -- So cozy. Reminds me of the little coffee and tea shops - heck, even my own couch at the end of a long day -- curlin' up and huggin' a mugga. 

TIN -- Shelley Duvall, He Needs Me -- First, she did "The Shining", then this?!?  

Great choices, Paulie! Okay, three great and an amusing curiosity piece for me. Ta! 

Larry Franz

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I need to vote:

Gold -- Georgia Brown, "As Long As..." -- Classic, well-written song, nicely sung. 

Silver -- Brian Wilson, "She Says..." -- It's certainly one I'll listen to more than the one above, and it's more interesting from a production perspective, but the lyrics are confusing and any song that puts "I" in place of "me" in a prepositional phrase like "for you and I" annoys me.

Bronze -- Shelley Duval, "He Needs..." -- It's a pleasant little song and interesting enough to keep my attention. I remember giving up on the movie. It could be worth a revisit for its eccentricity, although more Popeye cartoons would have made the world a better place.

Tin -- Nina Simone, "He Needs..." -- My mind wandered each time I listened to it. If I remember correctly, it was an okay movie. Peggy Lee was nominated for an Oscar and Jack Webb didn't talk like Sgt. Joe Friday through the whole thing.

Tangent alert: Sgt. Friday tells a smirking con man what's what (listen to this and it's clear who inspired the Library Cop on Seinfeld):

Two songs for loving couples:

The Ronettes, "You Baby", 1964

Bruce Springsteen, "The Ties That Bind", The River, 1980

Idle thought: Where's Jack Webb now when we need him to give it straight to a certain smirking con man who's hard to avoid these days?

bonnie bella

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paul "griswald" adsett starts the week with a plaintive cry...

How about a song from The Velvelettes from 1964, although the clip doesn't look like a 1964 performance.

And a Bristol band for Mr A.  Prints, 2007.  This song really deserves more than 35 views.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

t bedford

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A few more listens before I vote, meanwhile...

Another take on "You, Baby", this one by the Lovin' Spoonful:

Idle thought: Where's Jack Webb now when we need him to give it straight to a certain smirking con man who's hard to avoid these days?

Where Jack Webb Is Department:
Proving once again: There's never a cop around when you need one!!

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Larry Franz

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t -- Thanks for clearing that up. Ask a silly question, get a great answer. [smile]

A different "You Baby": The Turtles, 1966

Another take from the Mamas and Papas from their first album, also 1966 (Hi Michelle!)

t bedford

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Larry, I was quite surprised to see that I (& you as well) have already eclipsed Jack Webb in longevity.

And your "You Baby"  (Turtles/Mamas & Papas) is yet another P.F.Sloan/Steve Barri song. The other one (Ronettes/Spooonful) was Spector/Mann/Weil.

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
paul g adsett

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al / lisa - i had no idea, until i found the clip,
that the west end cast of 'oliver!' 
were on the same 'ed sullivan show' edition as beatleband.
seen the clips,but not the whole show.
- was reading about (and there's photo evidence, too)
and just been talking to a brighton beach boy about their trip to liverpool last month.
they were invited to bring their 'pet sounds' concert to international beatleweek.
they found themselves crossing paths with micky dolenz several times
(including their dressing room label being replaced with his at the royal court theatre!)

alrandy vanwarmer?
using mr dolenz's'alternate title' slang terminology,
does that mean more or less the same as
'heaven is in the backseat of my cadillac'
(different vehicle, same mugga hot chocolate)?
and, for the sake of british spellign pedantry  
- beatleband were english and 'realize' is spelledified 'realise' here,
whatever karaokeland wants to make you believe!

bonnie - needy or nerdy? my only 'plaintive cry' is
'are you lampooning me (inter)nationally?
- i hope you're not using 'bristol' in its cockney rhyming slang meaning!
wouldn't know where to place my hands,
lest my prints were found in compromising circumstances.
- sadly, your prints clip doesn't work here, kneadless, needless to say.
- the velvelettes' plush patina pile is replaced by harsh hessian.
nearer aged 64 than the year '64.
- i've developed a prickly case of pins'n'needles
(genuinely - that's what comes of sitting on the edge of
a hard wooden seat as i type)
or should that be 'needles and pins-uh'

lisa - yes, she did. as another monkee (almost said) 
in 'some of shelly's blues' (dedicated to ms duvall?)  
'so you settle down (so cozy) and stay with the hot mugga that loves you...'.
- 'an amusing curiosity piece', eh?
it might be long lost alternate title dickens novel,  like 'twisted oliver'?

larry - don't turn turtle in the mamas'n'papas'  bath
what a photo shoot!  i didn't see any hot, steamin' cuppas there, though
(t.'s lovin' spoonful couldn't afford the bathtub so just snuggled up together anyway).
- try the 'popeye' movie again, with some spinach not popcorn and persevere.
- want more popeye cartoons? yep, you and i both.
- not julie london's finest recording, was it?
- with a few (alternate titled) words
(eg swap 'cop' for 'lyric genius', 'tin badge' for 'writing credentials'
with alternate options, 'town' for 'band' etc)
and you've got y'self a bloomin' groovy rebuttal to mike love's biog claims... 

yours,  everything connectedly...
Larry Franz

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Paul -- I thought Julie London was appropriately "sultry" in her performance, although I wouldn't use that word now, since it's probably sexist, only being applied to women.

t -- Yes, we have passed Mr. Webb in longevity and are now at that age when strangers or distant acquaintances won't be shocked when they hear we've joined the choir invisible.

Two renditions of Cole Porter's "You Do Something To Me", written for a play, Fifty Million Frenchmen (1929).

Doris Day, 1959 (rarely called "sultry"?)

Bryan Ferry, 1999 (sometimes called "sultry"?)

bonnie bella

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Whoops, sorry.  It looks like it's needles and needles for anyone trying to watch those clips. 

Something that will play shamelessly everywhere.  John Newman "(I Need to Know Now Can You) Love Me Again" (2013)

And here's some "Needles and Pins" from 1977 for ya.  Go Smokie!


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

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