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Al Forsyth

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So a question for Paul and maybe Andrew if he reads this - what did happen to Sandy in 65 (Summer Days and Summer Nights) to not get completed?

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Lisa G/TS

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Remember...there IS a difference between "want" and "need",
but I'll continue to fulfill Paul's needs with this (before a few others do):

Larry Franz

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Lisa -- great Elvis tune.

Retread from 3/3/15 ("All or Nothing" week):

Originally Posted by Larry Franz
In the spirit of all or nothing, here's everything you might need when it comes to "Everything I Need":

The Wilson/Paley sessions:

The Wilsons demo:

The Wilsons:

Jeffrey Foskett and friend:
paul g adsett

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'sandy', i think the tide came in
and the beach disappeared...
i'm never judgemental (involves too many processes),
but never without opinion.
my wants have always far outstretched my needs.
i'm trying, however,
to add some fengshui'd zen space to my day,
if not my wordage.
ta for the links, mainstream or off-road, so far.

stood in queue outside bbc elstree studios,
awaiting entrance to a recording of a prof. brian cox & eric idle show,
which will include, apparently, a resurrection of
'rutland weekend television'
(birthplace, with bonzos neil Innes, of 'the rutles').
it's being fillumed in the studio where bbc's annual charity bash
'children in need' is recorded!
just to prove, yet again, that everything connects.

Popeye (not the sailor)

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My needed votes:

Gold: She Says That She Needs Me - Brian Wilson

Silver: He Needs Me - Nina Simone

Bronze: As Long as He Needs Me - Georgia Brown

Tin: He Needs Me - Shelly Duval

A needy song from America.


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Here's a little known Who song, with lead vox from Keith Moon. 

Speaking of Keith's vocals.......

bonnie bella

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Need more ... time.

The Melodians, "You Don't Want Me"  (1967).

Avicii, "Addicted to You"  (2014).  Warning, brief but very bare butts of the male variety.

And finally the Cranberries, keeping it cool.  "No Need to Argue".  (1994).


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Larry Franz

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bonnie -- After hearing them in a Brooklyn record store one afternoon, I went through a heavy Cranberries phase, but now my doctor says to avoid them.

For couples everywhere:

Randy Newman, "Love Story" (which I thought was called "You and Me"), Randy Newman, 1968

Harry Nilsson, "Love Story", Nilsson Sings Newman, 1970 (album cover by Dean Torrence)

Brian Wilson, "Just Like Me and You", That Lucky Old Sun bonus track, 2008 (which came in second to "Wildewoman", Season 5, Week 39)

Cindy Hood

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Paul, All are new to me except one.  Shows that I don't do the theater.

I'll vote this order:

GOLD: Brian Wilson for She Says That She Needs Me.  Brian's Imagination is my favorite of his albums.   

SILVER:  Georgia Brown for As Long As He Needs Me. 

BRONZE: Nina Simone for He Needs Me. 

TIN:  Shelley Duvall for He Needs Me. 

My final answer.  

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
Verden McCutcheon

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  Season 7 Week 30..Consider Yourself....

              1)Nina Simone......Love it

             2)Georgia Brown....Nice

             3)Brian Wilson......So So

             4)Shelly Duvall.......Least favorite but not bad !

                                               Different but good !
Darren J. Ray

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I can't believe Popeye gave Olive Oyl his Tin. [nono]

I went to school with a Sean Kenny, not that one.  He probably doesn't recognise me but I've seen him around town.  Darren, you might have seen his daughter present one of the premiership medals - Martin Mattner 2012.  I was there unfortunately.

Then I definitely would've seen her, DAN!
bonnie bella

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My votes.

GOLD - Nina.  This happens to be my cat's name, but that's not why it gets my gold.  Stalker lyrics, I must say (so she's starting to seem like my cat as well).  It's the soft velvet tones and warm voice that I like.  Some of her other music is quite incredible.  This is just very very good.  Needs more spice.

SILVER - Georgia.  Oh the feeling, oh the pain! Oh the beehive! (Oh, knowing what happens!)  The only one this week I've actually heard before, and it reminds me a little of Lily Allen with that cockney twang.  Maybe I needed to turn the sound down in preparation for some of her big notes, but I'm okay with a little ear intensity. 

BRONZE - Shelly.  Because I found this song extremely cute, I wanted to give it a higher ranking.  Unfortunately, it got a bit annoying.  I should have only played it the once.  I remember when Olive Oyl fell down a grate and was only stopped by her nose.  Ouch.  Needed less saccharine. 

I CAN'T SAY IT - Brian.  It's only okay.  A bit whimsical.  Maybe I needed longer than a week to wrap my ears around this one?  An entire sixty seconds too long.  Down it plummets to the bottom of the pack, saved only by one less playing of our cute friend Shelly.  

I went to one (slightly off) Broadway play some years ago, "The Scarlet Pimpernel" It was amazing and I loved every second of it.

Thanks paul "giovanni" adsett.  Hope you get that itch scratched.   


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the songs, there are a couple that I had not heard before.

Gold - She Says That She Needs Me – Brian Wilson

Silver - As Long As He Needs Me – Georgia Brown

Bronze - He Needs Me – Nina Simone

Tin - He Needs Me – Shelley Duvall

Graciegirl [smile]


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It’s always an interesting week when you commandeer the ‘responibility’.

It all comes down to style preference: A smokey Nina, a babyish (IMO) Shelly, a theatrical Georgia Brown, or a good ol’ Brian.

Two of these are in the great category, one in the ok category, and one no.

Gold - Brian Wilson: 'She Says That She Needs Me' - well, if I was a Nina, Shelly, or otherwise fan I’d be on their fan boards.  But as it stands, this guy fits like a glove.

Silver – Nina Simone: 'He Needs Me' – reminded me of the great torch singers, a good thing.  'Pete Kelly's Blues' is now on my movie bucket list.

Bronze – Georgia Brown: 'As Long as He Needs Me' - too much false drama here for me.  I liked the insipid movie.  I can be shallow at times.

Tin – Shelley Duvall: - 'He Needs Me' Winsome? Babyish (again IMO).  It could have been coy, like how I actually picture Olive Oyl.  It just strikes me wrong.  I do like Shelly Duval otherwise. Just not in this style.

Enjoyable week, thanks.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It's the only thing that there's just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.”

Cantina Margarita

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Hi PaulA and all,

4 completely unknown songs to me, that's the way (ar-ha, ar-ha) I like it (ar-ha, ar-ha) because im here to widen my horizon.

More and more I get the impression I'll have to bother that first great album by Brian The Older much more than I have done up to now. How fresh and exciting it sounds (and therefore my #1 this week) in comparison to the other competitors.

My ranking:


because I like it exciting in vocal harmonies


because I like it with a little stuff for ha-ha-ing, especially sounding like taken from Orange Crate Art


because I like it souly


because I'm not too much into musicals (or is that ignorant ? Doesn't matter, blame it on my bad education).

I wish you a lot of fun at relistening your songs. (ar-ha, ar-ha)

Why I tend to rate Brian solo songs #1 ? For the same reason I tend to spoil this community.

What can I contribute to improve this quite good week even more ? Maybe this one:

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