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paul g adsett

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so, as the anticipated audience-invoked call is in sight,
we face the final,um, set of drapes about to droop upon this week's cast.

cantina - you may like it that way,

#1deb  / bonnie / cindy
- i don't make too much of a habit of frequenting musicals,
but can assure you,
a production live onstage is a different kettle of hoofers than a movie.

bonnie - 'miaow!'
-- hey,  maybe i should've picked the melodians.
i've a stack of early reggae 45's including plenty of their singles
(with ort without tommy mccook)
but not this one.
maybe i can flog 'em to lee m?

bonnie / larry - really liked early cranberries.
saw them a few times including
tkts for mtv 'unplugged'  recording at brooklyn academy of music
sometime over 20 years back via a friend workingon the show.
stooopidly, i turned down tkts for a recording there later the same day
by hole (never a real fan, but fancy missing a chance to see courtney love!).

i'm still pondering what order i'll place my votes..
shan't total the current scores 'til i've made my final choices,
but the public nos 1 & 4 seem taken care of.

Tom Tobben

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Better late than never:

Gold -- "She Says That She Needs Me", Brian Wilson. A lovely song from Brian's delightful Imagination album. My hands-down gold choice this week, for me a clear cut above the rest.

Silver -- "He Needs Me", Nina Simone. A lovingly soulful interpretation from this legendary multi-genre chanteuse. I don't believe anyone has mentioned this already, but she also did her own lovely version of this classic Gershwin song from Porgy & Bess that Brian also reimagined many years later:

Falling into the second tier this week:

Bronze -- "As Long As He Needs Me", Georgia Brown. Never been a particular fan of Oliver (shame on me!), but certainly a lovely interpretation of this song. Wasn't previously familiar with Georgia Brown (other than the old jazz standard of the same name):

Tin -- "He Needs Me", Shelley Duvall. Even though this is a Harry Nilsson song (lots of good music!), Shelly's thin vocal interpretation doesn't do much for me and falls to the bottom this week, just as the 1980 Popeye movie by Robert Altman (normally a director I like) did.

Finally, this slight twist on this week's theme. Here's "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum, a popular song of need, with over 162 million views on YouTube:

Darren J. Ray

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I really enjoyed this week, Paul.

Gold - She Says That She Needs Me (Brian Wilson - 1998)
It’s a strong song and a great memory. Imagination was a big deal for me. Listened to it for the first time on a wet weekend, staying at the Marriott on the Gold Coast, a holiday I’d won on Wheel of Fortune. I can remember hearing the song in a shopping centre, too. Another fond moment.

Silver - As Long as He Needs Me (Georgia Brown, from Oliver! - 1960)
I’m a sucker for musicals and have seen a few productions of Oliver! so this was always going to challenge. In fact, it’s my fave for this week, because I’ve heard the Brian track so many times. If it had been ‘Who Will Buy?’, it’d definitely be my Gold. On record, I was only familiar with Shirley Bassey’s big hit. But this is great. Makes me despise Oliver Reed even more! Thanks for sharing your story of going to see the play, Paul. Loved it. (I’m curious, though, Paul. Despite the title on the clip, where does this version actually come from? I’ve listened to the sound byte – both from Amazon & All Music – on the net claiming to be from the original 1960 soundtrack recording and it’s shorter than this one and definitely a different vocal. It’s also not from the 1963 recording, Georgia Brown, that can be found on All Music. Again, different vocal and much shorter.)

Bronze - He Needs Me (stereo) (Nina Simone - 1958/1959)
Classy. Smoky. No auto-tune here.

Participant - He Needs Me (Shelley Duvall, from Popeye - 1980/2002)
Nah, the only one I couldn’t wait to finish. Not a Robin Williams fan either. (But I’m pretty sure that’s actually Harry at 1:33.)

Sad news today from the world of musicals….


Darren J. Ray

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Paul, I'd love to know if that original show you saw contained Davy and Georgia. 

It's odd how on the Ed Sullivan clip, he announces the song to be 'As Long as He Needs Me' and they proceed to do 'I'd Do Anything'! 
Darren J. Ray

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Paul, depends on what year you saw it but Wiki says: 

Oliver! premiered in the West End at the New Theatre (now the Noel Coward Theatre) on 30 June 1960 and ran for 2,618 performances. Directed by Peter Coe, the choreographer was Malcolm Clare and costumes and scenery were by Sean Kenny. The original cast featured Ron Moody as Fagin, Georgia Brown as Nancy, and Barry Humphries in the supporting role of Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker. Keith Hamshere (the original Oliver) is now a Hollywood still photographer (Star Wars etc.); Martin Horsey (the original Dodger) works as an actor/director and is the author of the play L'Chaim. Other boys alternated in the juvenile leads, including Davy Jones as the Artful Dodger. The cast also included Tony Robinson as one of the Workhouse boys/Fagin's Gang, and John Bluthal (now best known as The Vicar of Dibley's Frank Pickle) as Fagin. Former professional boxer Danny Sewell (brother of television actor George Sewell) was the original Bill Sikes, and remained in the role (including the original Broadway and US touring productions) for the best part of six years. Danny Sewell's main competitor at audition for the role of Sikes was Michael Caine, who later stated he "cried for a week" after failing to secure the part.

The part of Nancy was originally written for Alma Cogan, who despite being unable to commit to the production, steered a great many producers to invest in it.

I'd be rapt if you saw Davy, Georgia, Ron Moody or John Bluthal and the genius Barry Humphries!

For those unaware, John Bluthal was in Help! but also uncredited in A Hard Day's Night. That's him stealing the car when the boys are rescuing Ringo from the police station.
paul g adsett

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djr - your knowledgabilitiations of the genre far outstrip my meagre dabblings.
i'm sort of sure it was georgia brown and ron moody in the cast
- i like to hope it was davy jones
(saw him and micky dolenz perform in harry nilsson's 'the point'
in early 80's 'me and my arrow...' ah...)
i know not at all from whence the clips emanate.
took on face value (always a dodgy deal!),
but the georgia brown one didn't sound as i remember it,
so may well be a different recording.
still good, though.
and, as for the 'popeye' soundtrack,
the little interjection onscreen is robin w as they recorded live,
but, soundtrack...? hmmm.
i think you're right - it's yer actual 'arry, innit?! 

john bluthal - yes, famed for his beatles movie roles,
but a stalwart performer in many a spike milligna show
(if you've not watched, eg the  series of 'q' programmes,
then seek out immediately!),
plus big name comedy names and series
from hancock, sykes (eric not bill!),
'never mind the quality...', 'the goodies,' ''allo 'allo'...
and oodles of'proper' acting, too, on telly and fillum
(still going, he popped up in the latest coen bros movie 'hail caesar' recently).

tom - i've struggled with lady antebellum,
not figuring out if it's just prettified mainstream corporate country.
quite wanting to like stuff, but...
this helps secure my sense that it's not just music by numbers
(though all the elements are there on tap, coming in on cue)
that's there's something of substance (love the simple piano figure),
but too much fluff.
i'm still struggling.

crikey - is that the time?

paul g adsett

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well, i set m'self a thankless task,
as they're all songs i like to bits,
but, i've listened with as much dispassion as i can muster
and it pains me to differentiate by score, but...

tin:  'she says that she needs me'
- a nicely composed song.i love the song.
i do like the delicately throaty clarinet / wind opening (and close)
if only throaty bw vocals then entered.
but his vocals are too, too modified,
too much of an attempt to youthenise him.
there's bits, like the little acoustic guitar lick, that are beautiful,
and some of the layered backing vocals
(later on, not the first backing segment)
but, the drums - eek! the snare drum sound.
why, oh why?
very sorry, but
it's joe thomas 's production that thwacks this gorgeous number into last place. 

bronze: 'as long as he needs me'
- 'consider y'self' and / or  'be back soon' are chirpier, 
who will buy' is utter beauty,
but this is possibly the best song here.
'a showstopper' as they say.
and, as i said, is pivotal in drawing nancy into her doom.
but too 'fine' a performance with the odd cockney nuance
(as opposed to too cockneyfied other ones).
too sugary an orchestration here (though i like the flute bit).

silver: 'he needs me, he...'
- must own up to a firm penchant for vdp arrangements
over many a year and album / project.
this was a genuine surprise treat for me in a so-so movie
(that i enjoyed much more on last viewing that first time in the cinema).
but i can understand it being somewhat limited in its charm,
especially out of movie context
(as musical numbers too often are).
i love the loping beat,
the way the stress on the three words changes on repetition,
'he needs me, he needs me, he needs me, he needs me...'
all emphasise the gangly, geeky character of olive oyl

inara george may well have trumped shelley d's interpretation of the song
they're both just so much that character i've been in love with since childhood...

on the mediterranean island of malta,
a couple of little bays away from where we stayed, near-top left
(and we didn't know until we arrived, and  i looked across and thought
'what the f? the medication's not working...!)
is the film set of sweethaven.
still there and a tourist attraction.
35°57'39.00"N, 14°20'28.00"E
(for those with treasure charts and / or goggly earth).
anyway, it's not my number one this week.

gold:  'he needs me'
- for me, the best performance, though not the greatest song in her repertoire.
just love the sparceness of nina simone's piano arrangement.
and that last sightly flattened vocal note...!
on record, she moved through styles, in and out of favour,
but very rarely recording what was expected of her in terms of commerciality.

produced some of the very very best recorded music you'd wish to hear,
whether her own compositions or top songs by other writers,
even if not easy listening
(and, in that way, flutters near to scott walker at times).
live, she was absolutely mesmerising in performance,
(un)balanced on a very fine edge.
i'd call her a true genius, m'self - and there aren't too many of 'em about.
and this was amongst her first recordings
'my baby just cares for me' was on the same album).

- i did it!

scores a bit later on
(i'm behind m'self - yes, again today)...


Darren J. Ray

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Kudos, Paul. 

Love the way you dissect the songs each week. 

Perceptive and entertaining. 

And here's the 1968 version of 'Who Will Buy?'. RIP Jack Wild.

paul g adsett

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so,ta for all the entrants / comments / additions etc.
i've enjoyed it this week, too.
a healthy (if not damned near reliant) bunch
showing their resolute need to participate this week.
20 souls baring their all in supplication.
and, from my angle, at this distance,
a pretty sight indeed, though i dunno what it all looks like from your end
(as it were).
the kitchen dept will be in to cater to your every desire,
just as soon as we've doled out the rationed results to those in need. 

i took m'socks off the better to keep count of scores
but, no matter how many times i totalled 'em i ended up with 201 points.
that is, until i eventually found the lurking fault
(af - 'twas your scores that i misinterpreted!
(should've just relied on overloaded djr to super-compute,
but i was loathe to ask him to spread 'em).
here, therefore are my totals for this week's botb

in tin place, with a laudable solo gold, but a surfeit of tins (not of spinach):
'he needs me': shelley duvall
1 gold, 4 bronze, 4 silver, 11 tin = 35 points 

bronze which i thought might've 'd stretched higher, but split this way:
'he needs me': nina simone
3 gold, 9 bronze, 5 silver, 3 gold = 48 points 

silver fewer golds, but by 1 'let's do the show right here' point:
'as long as he needs me': georgia brown
4 tin, 5 bronze, 9 silver, 2 gold = 49 points 

gold, by too goodly a margin, though accruing some brickbats:
'she know that she needs me': brian wilson
2 tin, 1 bronze, 3 silver, 14 gold = 69 points 

i'd like to register my disapproval of the overwhelming number of golds
accrued by mr wilson (or, rather his producer)
and demand a stewards enquiry, a dope test and a rerun...
i'd like to, but i won't. 

as a sign off,
i'll leave you with just about the worst clip i've ever chanced upon on youtubube.
it sums up the abysmal nature of some uploads.
totally questions why whoever recorded did so.
an utter triumph of someone's need to post over quality of content!
i dare anyone to listen all the way through to this:


John B

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Post #34: Larry has my favorite Brian/Paley sessions song.
paul g adsett

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djr, i'm inclined to attempt to strip you of your musical gong
('wot, fisticuffs?')
- surely it's oliver himself who sings 'who will buy?'
not the artful dodger
(though jack wild did play both parts - oliver onstage at one point).

here's jack from the movie with mark lester and co:

and, something i watched with kids in the residential home
i worked in in n london a whole long long time ago
(their heroine was undoubteldy  witchypoo)
- all a bit psychedelicately-surreal for the time.
here's a clip from the movie, not telly show:

Darren J. Ray

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H. R. Pufnstuf? Now we're talking!

Thanks for both of those, Paul. ('Wot? Fisticuffs?', indeed!)

I was referring to the clip I posted, featuring the sadly departed Jack. (Sad to think the two most famous Artful Dodgers are no longer with us.)

Incidentally, in two of the Oliver!s I've seen, females have played the Dodger. 

But it's such a wonderful song. 

Of course, the town of London and Oliver sing it, although Mark Lester's singing voice was dubbed. It was an actress named Kathe Green. 

Here's John Bluthal in one of a series of commercials he did here in the '70s and '80s. Thankfully, he's still around.  

PS You have mail [wink]

bonnie bella

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Pufnstuf??  I class that as my first viewing of a horror movie.  Still haunts me.  Should have had a warning attached.

Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

t bedford

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an utter triumph of someone's need to post over quality of content!

Said poster couldn't even be bothered to properly identify the song as a cover of "Handle With Care" by the Traveling Wilburys!

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Paul.

The Nina Simone track was actually your Silver, on account of three Golds to Georgia Brown’s two.

Both tracks scored 48 points (verified by DAN).

‘She Says That She Needs Me’ is the sixth track from Imagination to be used.

Only ‘Your Imagination’ has made play-offs.

The record:

Lay Down Burden (a Gold in Week 41 of Season I - Deborah O’Neill),
Lay Down Burden (a Gold in Week 45 of Season I - Cynthia D. Hood),
Dream Angel (a Bronze in Week 18 of Season II - Teenage Symphony),
Lay Down Burden (a Gold in Week 35 of Season II - Prodigal Son),
Dream Angel (a Tin in Week 22 of Season III - Tom Tobben),
Your Imagination (a Gold in Week 41 of Season IV, 8th in the Gold Play-Off - Verden McCutcheon),
South American (a Silver in Week 41 of Season V - Kevin Witts),
Happy Days (a Bronze in Week 15 of Season VI - Verden McCutcheon),
She Says That She Needs Me (a Gold in Week 30 of Season VII - paul g adsett)

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