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Larry Franz

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This week's songs concern places with people and buildings.

It's the first time in the Battle for all four.

The Beach Boys, "That's Not Me", 1966 -- the only Pet Sounds non-instrumental that hadn't been in the Battle yet [NOT TRUE, as Darren points out below]


The Byrds, "Eight Miles High", 1966 -- sometimes called the first psychedelic rock song

Stevie Wonder, "Living for the City", 1973 -- the shorter single-record version

Jan and Dean, "Surf City", 1963 -- the #1 song that Brian gave away

Please let me know if any of these don't play for you.

For anyone new out there, all you need to do in order to participate is rank the four songs above, most favorite to least favorite, sometime in the next seven days.

Explaining your vote or posting songs that relate to the theme (City, Town, Village) is completely optional but can be fun.


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Gold - The Byrds - It's rare that I won't give a Pet Sounds track the gold, but this Byrds song is just that good.

Silver - The Beach Boys - "This is about a guy who looks in the mirror and says 'Hey, that's not me!'  It's called 'That's Not Me'."

Bronze - Jan and Dean - Brian's first #1

Tin - Stevie Wonder
Lee Marshall

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I hear 2 runaway winners here.  I'd tie the top 2 and tie the bottom 2 but that's not me. [wink]


GOLD...That's Not Me.  ALL of the vocal songs on Pet Sounds are Winners.  This one is a gem...a masterpiece...and not beatable this week.
Silver...8 Miles High.  A great song BUT, for me, it hasn't quite been able to stand up to the test of time.  Puff the magic dragon REALLY takes off.
Bronze...Hard to vote against a GREAT Brian song BUT...Living For the City is an outstanding piece.  Stevie was a voice for mankind's suffering.
gold hidden in a TIN...2 girls for every boy [thumb]...I couldn't vote for the first 'menage a trois' song and still chastise that Trump guy.  In truth Surf City is, indeed, dated.  Besides...I know that Dean's a bit of a dink.
Darren J. Ray

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That's a really good battle, Larry. 

A question to those who know regarding 'Surf City'. 

I think I only became aware of the version on showcase this week when I saw it in the movie Blast from the Past

I take it then that this is the #1 hit recording from 1963.

Now this is the version that I grew up with (minus the annoying sounds of the beach): 

Can anyone tell me the history of that particular, and to my ears superior, recording?

Confirming 'I'm Waiting for the Day' hasn't been used in the Battle yet. 

Nor has 'Hang On to Your Ego'. 

Prior to this week, 11 of the 16 tracks associated with Pet Sounds have featured in at least one battle. 

They are:  

Wouldn't It Be Nice (a Gold in Season III, 1st (annual Gold) in Gold Play-Off3rd in the Ultimate Battle - Cindy Hood), 

You Still Believe in Me (a Gold in Season IV - Verden McCutcheon; a Gold in Season VII - Larry Franz), 

Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) (a Gold in Season I, 5th in Preliminary Final - Wow! Great Concert; a Gold in Season VI, 2nd (annual Silver) in Gold Play-Off - Deb#1), 

Sloop John B (a Gold in Season I, 10th in Gold Play-Off - Prodigal Son), 

God Only Knows (a Gold in Season II, 1st (annual Gold) in Gold Play-Off1st in the Ultimate Battle - Cynthia D. Hood), 

I Know There's an Answer (a Gold in Season I - Al Forsyth), 

Here Today (a Gold in Season V, 7th in Gold Play-Off - Roy Rogers), 

I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (a Gold in Season II, 4th in Gold Play-Off - Al Forsyth; a Silver in Season V - Tom Tobben), 

Caroline, No (a Gold in Season I, 8th in Gold Play-Off - Joy B; a Gold in Season III (still the only song to ever receive unanimous Golds in a week), 6th in Preliminary Final - Al Forsyth; a Gold in Season VII - Deb#1) 

A cover of 'Caroline, No' by Tony Clef won a Gold in Season II and finished 10th in the Preliminary Final (John Potter).  

A live version of 'Let's Go Away for Awhile', performed by Brian Wilson in 2000, won a Silver in Season II (Deborah O'Neill).
A live version of 'Pet Sounds', performed by Brian Wilson in 2002, won a Gold in Season VII (Lisa G/TS) and may make this season's play-offs. 
Larry Franz

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Thanks for the early votes, Lee and kds (and the especially early vote, kds).

"Surf City" was a late addition when I saw it hadn't been in the Battle yet. That seemed like an odd oversight.

The song that was going to compete instead for the past few weeks was:

The Crystals, "Uptown", #13 in 1962

PS -- Darren -- I can't play the music with sufficient volume right now but the version you posted doesn't sound familiar at all. Thanks for pointing out "I'm Waiting for the Day" hasn't been used either, but the year is still young for anyone wishing to further commemorate the PS 50th anniversary.

Cindy Hood

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Darren, I'll stop in here and cast my votes for your battle.  I sent you my tallies and posted them on week 35 as preliminary.  

Some really good ones here, so I'll vote this way:

GOLD:  Surf City by Jan and Dean.  I just love the upbeat 60's California Surf music, especially since this one was written by our Brian Wilson and Jan Berry.  Murry supposedly had a fit when Jan and Dean got a #1 rating on this song that he felt Brian just gave away a #1 record that could've been one for the Beach Boys.  

SILVER:  That's Not Me by the Beach Boys.  Another goodie from Pet Sounds!

BRONZE:  Living for the City by Stevie Wonder.  Not one of my faves by Stevie, but I can't deny the talent.

TIN/PEWTER:  Eight Miles by the Byrds.  It's ok, but really couldn't get into this one too much.  

My final answer.


"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".
John B

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1) 'That's Not Me'

Brian sang for me, as I moved around the U.S. of A.

2)  'Surf City'

despite Dink

3) 'Livin Just Enough for the City'

4) '8 Miles high'

   I've never done drugs, so maybe I'm missing something...

bonnie bella

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Hi, Larry.

Sad news today about Bobby Vee.

Fly My Pretties.  "Leaving This Town", a live version from 2014, which is pretty much all they do. 


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Peter Simpson

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Very strong week,

Gold Jan and Dean
Silver Byrds
Bronze BBs
Tin Stevie
Larry Franz

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Thanks for your votes Cindy, John B and Pete. 

Yes, bonnie, sad to see Bobby Vee died. Born Robert Thomas Velline in Fargo, North Dakota, he had 10 songs make the US top 20.

Somewhat fitting with the theme, "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" reached #3 in 1962:

Another death in the news: Tom Hayden, who would have fit nicely in Cindy's "I Protest" week. A founding member of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), one of the Chicago Seven prosecuted after the 1968 Democratic Convention, a civil rights, anti-war and environmental activist, he later served in the California state legislature for two decades. (He was also married to Jane Fonda for many years.)

Lee Marshall

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Originally Posted by bonnie bella

Sad news today about Bobby Vee.

Yup.  My Mother in Law is in the same boat.  She is a real sweet lady and she has absolutely no idea what the oars are for.  She lived with us for 11 years.  She'll be 90 in January...if she makes it to January...  Alzheimers is a bad mother...[shut your mouth]  Glen Campbell is there too.  Linda Ronstadt also.

Sorry for Bobby's family, his friends and fans.  Listening to this song Bonnie provided?  Well I don't recognize his voice anymore at all.  There's nothing there from back in the day that my ear can hear...and I'm really quite good with recognizing voices.

Remember my first hosting of the Battle?  Beach Boys, Cliff Richard, Chubby Checker and Bobby Vee...and the first 45s I ever bought?

THIS is really and truly a PISSER!!!

I'm not happy.

VERY sad.

Al Forsyth

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Oh great - FOUR incredible songs and artists.  Thanks, Larry for an impossible task ahead.  I think that I have my gold.  Wow - good choices and good battle. 
A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Lisa G/TS

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Geez, I hadn't heard about Bobby Vee's passing until I came here. Brutal...

Lee -- Hugs to you (and especially your wife, Lucy) on your mother-in-law's state. Lost my own mom 4 years ago the same way, at a relatively young age of 83. Darn straight it's the cruelest disease, bar none.

Larry -- I'll take a few days reviewing your towns and places and map out my ballot.

Larry Franz

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Darren -- The internet says Dean Torrance re-recorded several Jan and Dean songs in 1977 for an album called The Jan and Dean Story -- Their Greatest Hits. Those re-recordings were released on various labels in subsequent years. The version of "Surf City" you prefer is apparently one of those re-recordings.

Here's a link to what's labeled as a 1977 re-recording, which I believe is the same as the version you posted:

Here's a page showing some albums containing the 1977 versions:

And here's a long thread from a Jan and Dean message board devoted to the topic. As we might expect, opinions regarding the re-recordings vary:

Speaking of Jan and Dean re-recordings, this is "Tijuana" from 1967. It's one of their big hits with new lyrics:

Al -- I hope you don't feel a tie vote coming on. [smile]

Lastly, there was news a couple months ago that a cure for Alzheimer's may be on the way. The treatment is now being tested:

Darren J. Ray

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RIP Bobby Vee

(Yesterday and You - 1961, Tin in Week 1 of Season VI - Lee Marshall)

On a personal note, I was even listening to 'Run to Him' last night. I do a Bobby Vee medley in my solo show. That medley will get a run this week. 

Thoughts, Lee. 

Here is an article about Linda Ronstadt's battle with Parkinson's.

Larry, thank you VERY MUCH for that info on 'Surf City'. I'm delighted.  

I like thorough people. [thumb]

So it's a 1977 recording! 

I have it on a five-record set Rock 'n' Roll Greatest Collection, that I bought in the mid '80s. 

I think most of them are re-recordings or outtakes. I wasn't sure about that one, though. 

So much for me trying to listen for Brian Wilson on that recording over the last 30 years!

I wonder if Jan Berry is even on it!

Still, great recording. I think it's way better than the original, which is seldom the case. 

Image result for Rock n Roll Greatest Collection

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