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Peter Simpson

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Thanks for the votes 


The final results are:


Gold - Beach Boys  “Don’t Talk, (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) 66 points (14G, 3S, 0B, 1T)


Silver - ZZ Top  “Legs” 48 points (3G, 9S, 3B, 3T)


Bronze - Bread  “Down On My Knees” 35 points (0G, 3S, 11B, 4T)


Tin - The Weeknd  “Can’t Feel My Face” 31 points (1G, 3S, 4B, 10T)


18 people voted.

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Pete.

They’re in the book.

It was the third time a host has selected ‘Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)’.

It won the Gold in Week 2 of Season I and finished 5th in that year’s Preliminary Final (Wow! Great Concert!).

It won the Gold in Week 35 of Season VI and finished 2nd (annual Silver) in last year’s Gold Play-Off (Deb#1).

With the equal 17th highest points total but third highest percentage (36.67% of the vote) so far this year, and just five weeks to go, it looks very likely to feature again in this year’s major play-offs.

12 of the 16 songs associated with Pet Sounds have been used, four of them multiple times.

The actual album songs that haven’t been used are ‘I’m Waiting for the Day’ and the three bonus tracks. The two instrumentals have been used but only as live versions by Brian’s band (a Gold for ‘Pet Sounds’ and a Silver for ‘Let’s Go Away for Awhile’).

The record in normal competition for the remaining 10 actual album tracks used is 16 appearances for 14 Golds and two Silvers.

‘You Still Believe in Me’ (two Golds), ‘That’s Not Me’ (a Silver) and ‘I Know There’s an Answer’ (a Gold) are the only tracks of those 10 not to have made play-offs so far.

Of the seven tracks that have made play-offs, from nine play-off appearances from the previous six seasons, the record is two annual winners (‘God Only Knows’ in Season II and ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ in Season III), a season 2nd place (‘Don’t Talk’ in Season VI), a 4th (‘I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times’ in Season II), a 7th (‘Here Today’ in Season V), an 8th (‘Caroline, No’ in Season I), a 10th (‘Sloop John B’ in Season I), a 5th in a Prelim (‘Don’t Talk’ again, in Season I) and a 6th in a Prelim (‘Caroline, No’ again, in Season III).

‘God Only Knows’ was also the winner of the Ultimate Battle, to commemorate five completed seasons of the Battle at the end of 2014.

‘Caroline, No’, despite the finishes of only an 8th in a Gold Play-Off and a 6th in a Prelim, is still the only song to ever receive unanimous Golds in a week (Week 11 of Season III - Al Forsyth).

Put simply, Pet Sounds is easily the most popular album ever, according to the Battle.


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