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Verden McCutcheon

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  Season 7 Week 41.........Under the covers

                    1)The Fendertones....I'm a huge fan of these guys who try so hard to make it sound exactly the way Brian did it.

                    2)Vince Gill..............If not for the above he would be gold.Does a very moving version of this classic

                    3)Solomon Burke.....Definitely does a fine rendition of Soul Searchin.I never heard it before

                    4)Three Dog Night...Tough completion this week puts this good cover version in the tin spot

                                                                                   Great covers all around !
Tom Tobben

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The votes are in and here are the results for our Week 41 Brian Wilson, Under the Covers, battle:

GOLD -- "The Warmth of the Sun", Vince Gill -- 53.5 points (7 gold, 6 silver, 3.5 bronze, .5 tin)
SILVER -- "Kiss Me Baby", Fendertones -- 50.5 points (7.5 gold, 4.5 silver, 2, bronze, 3 tin)
BRONZE -- "Soul Searchin'", Solomon Burke -- 35.5 points (1.5 gold, 4.5 silver, 5 bronze, 6 tin)
TIN -- "Time to Get Alone", Redwood -- 30.5 points (1 gold, 2 silver, 6.5 bronze, 7.5 tin)

The battle for gold was neck and neck right up to the end, as was the battle for bronze.

It was gratifying to see that so many of you felt all these songs were strong selections. Likewise, it was good to see/hear so many other interesting cover versions of BW/BB songs that a number of you found and posted. Thanks!

Before closing out this week's battle, here are a few more interesting covers of Brian Wilson songs:

Johnny Rivers scored a minor hit (#22 on U.S. Billboard charts) with his cover of "Help Me Rhonda" in 1975, and with Brian providing backing vocals:

Next, years ago the recently deceased Bobby Vee released his own version of Brian's "Here Today". Vee's version was arranged by the also recently departed Leon Russell, a sometime member of the Wrecking Crew, and a fine songwriter and recording artist in his own right:

And back in 2006, Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs (of the Bangles) recorded their own Under the Covers Vol. 1 album, which included their lovely version of "The Warmth of the Sun":

Finally, to close out this week's battle, here's the London Symphony Orchestra with their gorgeous classical version of Brian's  sublime "God Only Knows". The accompanying video features a delightful montage of BW/BB photos from over the decades, right up to the present:


Thanks to everyone for your participation this week, and don't forget to check out and support Al's new "Depth Perception" battle this week.

Over to you, Darren, for any final analysis and comments.

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Tom.

‘Soul Searchin’’ by Solomon Burke was the only one of these with a previous entry in the Battle.

It won the Gold in Week 44 of Season IV (Al Forsyth).

Brian’s own version has yet to be used.

Vince Gill, The Fendertones and Redwood (nor Three Dog Night, for that matter) had not been used before.

The song ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ has a long Battle history.

The Beach Boys (1964) record of it:

- a Gold in Week 7 of Season I, 2nd in Gold Play-Off (annual Silver) (Tom Tobben),
- a Silver in Week 10 of Season V, 1st in Silver Play-Off, 1st in Preliminary Final, 2nd in Gold Play-Off (annual Silver) (Jo McGuire)
- 9th in the Ultimate Battle (to celebrate five completed seasons of the Battle)

Brian’s solo recording of it, from I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times (1995):

- a Gold in Week 18 of Season VII (Cindy Hood)*

* still in contention for this year’s play-offs

That means, with the Vince Gill version, it’s the fourth time from nine appearances that the song ‘The Warmth of the Sun’ has won its week.

The only tracks to beat it in a week are ‘Good Vibrations’ (in a Gold Play-off), ‘If I Fell’ (The Beatles) (which it overtook later that season in the play-offs),  ‘I Get Around’ (in a Gold Play-Off), and then in the Ultimate Battle, ‘God Only Knows’, ‘Good Vibrations’, ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, ‘California Girls’, ‘Don’t Worry Baby’, ‘Surf’s Up’, ‘Surfer Girl’ & ‘I Get Around’.

‘Kiss Me Baby’ has only had one other entry.

It was the first ever winner of a week here.

Its (Beach Boys) record:

- a Gold in Week 1 of Season I, 1st in Preliminary Final, 5th in Gold Play-Off (Wow! Great Concert!)

‘Time to Get Alone’ has been used twice before.

The original Beach Boys release:

- a Gold in Week 28 of Season I, 6th in Gold Play-Off (Roy Roger Bridge)

The Hawthorne, CA version:

- a Gold in Week 34 of Season II, 4th in Preliminary Final (Tom Tobben)


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