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bonnie bella

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Okay Jenny.

GOLD - Ray Charles.  You picked a funky song for your maiden voyage, that's for sure.

SILVER - TBB (I Can Hear Music).  A very close second.  It's a completely different type of song and therefore I like it for completely different reasons.  Carl sounds sublime on this, and I don't care if it's a cover, it's perfect.  It's a radio favourite here.  Oh joy.

BRONZE - TBB (What'd I Say).  It's certainly fun and if I hadn't heard the oringinal first I'd love it so much more.  But for me, it's just a noisier, messier version of the one above.  More pep, more pump, less soul.  (And that's an unusual and seldom used contraction, don't you think?)

TIN - The Ronettes.  What'd ya know, I'd never heard the original.  What'd I think?  Very very nice.  Unfortunately, for them, Carl and the boys did it a whole lot better.  

If you haven't checked out Postmodern Jukebox, you might want to have a look at some of the stuff they post on Youtube.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Cantina Margarita

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Hi Jenny,

battle weeks by seldom-hosters often are highlights because those people really think about a theme, and they tend to pick their songs very carefully. This is clearly no exception from that rule.

My ranking:

1. I can hear music (Beach Boys) ... just brilliant. The imitation of the original harmonies are superior by length, the central accapella section is a 200% enhancemant, and the fallback to the chorus is priceless. The lead vocal ... no words. Only the fade-out is coming a bit cheesy and somewhat understating ...

2. What'd I say (Ray Charles)
what a piece of music. The drums and cymbal parts are way ahead of its time.

3. What'd I say (The Beach Boys)
nice chaos. I agree this must be Carl because Brian can be heard in the background. Double tracking ? No, not in this chaos.

4. The Ronettes
... thin. If it comes to praising Spector's wall of sound, I prefer remembering the ones he built for the Beatles around 1970, and especially for George.

paul g adsett

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gold: 'i can hear...' beach boys
- 'maybe that's why, when we're all alo-wo-one...'

silver: 'what...pts1 &2' ray charles
- cool, daddio, go,man go...

bronze: 'what i'd say' beach boys
- the hamburg years...

tin: 'i can hear...' ronettes
- less pomp, please,vicar...

a proper battle, with real 'compare the songs' stuff.

Professor Dewey

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Emmylou covers Neil, "Wrecking Ball"

Linda covers Neil, "Birds"

Emmylou, Linda and Dolly cover Neil, "After the Gold Rush"

John E

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Here's my order:

1. I Can Hear Music - BBs

2. Ray Charles

3. Ronettes

4. What I'd Say - BBs

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Cantina Margarita,
I tried my best to think of a theme and I had several so I decided to go with this one first, on account of the What'd I Say controversy. And I will be back at it again soon! I'm hosting a few more weeks this year. Also, I looooove What Is Life! George is my favorite Beatle, and I love his solo work. I'm glad you brought that one up!

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~The Beatles
Verden McCutcheon

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  Season 8 week 16.........covers

               1)Ray Charles......Its gotta be Ray........Say what i'd Say

               2)The Beach Boys..I can hear music....One of my fav non big hit Beach boy tracks

              3)The Beach Boys ..What i'd Say....They actually do a pretty decent job of this

              4)The Ronettes..I can hear music  The girls aren't as good as the 'The Boys" on this one

                                                   Great debut GGH

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GOLD What'd I say - Ray
SILVER I Can Hear Music - Beach Boys
BRONZE What'd I Say - Beach Boys
TIN (still good) I Can Hear Music - Ronettes

Darren, yes I thought of that too, but I believe they call it a "can of floodgates" now! 

Here's another one I found duing the some Bruce guy. 
Tom Tobben

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Easy for me to rank this week:

Gold -- "What'd I Say, Parts 1 and 2", Ray Charles. Although Charles previously had a lot of hits on the R&B charts, this was his first really big hit on the US pop charts (#6, 1959). This is one of Brother Ray's all-time classics, and a great early blending of jazz, R&B, and a bit of pop, and a classic dance tune. And it really introduced the notion of "soul" music to the popular music lexicon. Still one of my all-time favorites by him and of that era, when early rock and roll was beginning to sputter. It also seems to me that this classic prefigured, or served as a model for, the Isley Brothers' iconic dance hit "Shout, Parts 1 and 2" (think Animal House), which was released a few months later in 1959. I was fortunate enough to see Charles perform in person at a local Ramada Inn in Columbia, MO back in the early 1970s.

Silver -- "I Can Hear Music", Beach Boys. In my opinion, this is one of the Beach Boys' very best covers, one of a number of musical high points on the underrated 20/20 album, and a marked improvement over the original by the Ronettes. Why? Because Carl's lead vocals are killer -- they make the song, even though the Beach Boys harmonies are tight too. (Perhaps the biggest factor in the video version of the song is Mike's key contribution (cough-cough) -- corny gesturing, finger popping, nerd dancing, limited bass harmonies, and looking totally out of his element on this song.)

Bronze -- "I Can Hear Music", Ronettes. A really nice song, and those Ronnie Bennett/Spector lead vocals are stellar, as usual. But, in comparing their original version to the BBs, I'd have to say Carl's gorgeous lead vocals soar over Ronnie's, and the Beach Boys harmonies really shine compared to those of the Ronettes. There's a reason this song didn't make the Top 40 pop or R&B charts, compared to "Be My Baby" or the other hits by the Ronettes.

Tin -- "What'd I Say", Beach Boys. A noble live effort, but to me it doesn't hold a candle to Ray's original. The Beach Boys' lead vocal (Brian, Carl, whomever) pales in comparison to Ray Charles' original, in terms of grit, pacing, soul, nuance, etc. Likewise, the fuller band sound here is more distracting, compared to Ray's compelling electric piano workout, backed by the Raelettes -- the guy was a distinctive master on the keyboards, in addition to his distinctive vocals. 

Fascinating battle this week, Jenny, and a nice debut!

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Thanks everyone! I'm ending this tomorrow morning so I'll give it about 9 more hours for last votes. My turn...

GOLD: What'd I Say-Beach Boys
I just love my obscure songs and this is a real gem. I am crazy about this one no doubt about it. It's so lively and dynamic. The first time I heard it I completely freaked out (in a good way) 😂 And I can never resist a CW vocal! Just fantastic all around, and very entertaining. I can overlook the messy audio.

SILVER: I Can Hear Music-Beach Boys
Beautiful. Well produced, well arranged, and well performed.

BRONZE: What'd I Say-Ray Charles
It's a classic and Ray was an excellent musician, but I'd still take Beach Boys over Ray any day.

TIN: I Can Hear Music-Ronettes
A talented girl group, but this isn't one of their best.

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles

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GOLD: I Can Hear Music-Beach Boys

SILVER: What'd I Say-Ray Charles

BRONZE: What'd I Say-Beach Boys

TIN: I Can Hear Music-Ronettes

This has been a great debut! I enjoyed reading all of your responses and unraveling the mystery of What'd I Say. I can't wait until my next week!

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles
Darren J. Ray

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Well done on an engaging debut week, Jenny.

Those final scores (confirmed by Jenny and DAN) were:

Gold - I Can Hear Music (The Beach Boys) (69.5) (9G + 1 tie, 8S, 3B, 0T)
Silver - What’d I Say (Ray Charles) (62.5) (7G + 1 tie, 5S, 8B, 0T)
Bronze - What’d I Say (The Beach Boys) (41) (2G, 4S, 6B, 9T)
Tin - I Can Hear Music (The Ronettes) (37) (2G, 3S, 4B, 12T)

It’s the third time around for the Beach Boys version of ‘I Can Hear Music’.

In Season I, it won Gold in Week 36 (Cynthia D. Hood) and finished 7th in the Gold Play-Off.

In Season VI, it won Gold in Week 22 (Rosemary l) and finished 5th in the Gold Play-Off.

This is the record so far for 20/20:

Do It Again (a Silver in Week 9 of Season I - Pete Simpson),

I Can Hear Music (a Gold in Week 36 of Season I, 7th in Gold Play-Off - Cynthia D. Hood; a Gold in Week 22 of Season VI, 5th in Gold Play-Off - Rosemary l; a Gold in Week 16 of Season VIII - GGH),

Bluebirds Over the Mountain (a Silver in Week 5 of Season I - t Bedford),

The Nearest Faraway Place (a Gold in Week 29 of Season II - Teenage Symphony),

I Went to Sleep (a Bronze in Week 34 of Season V, 3rd in Bronze Play-Off - Roy Rogers),

Time to Get Alone (a Gold in Week 28 of Season I, 6th in Gold Play-Off - Roy Roger Bridge),

Never Learn Not to Love (a Tin in Week 26 of Season IV, 6th in Tin Play-Off - Verden McCutcheon),

Our Prayer (a Gold in Week 42 of Season II - Roy Roger Bridge; a Gold in Week 22 of Season V - Al Forsyth)

Various different Beach Boys versions of songs originating on this album have also been used.

They are:

Cottonfields (the single version from 1970) (a Gold in Week 40 of Season III - Tom Tobben; a Gold in Week 25 of Season VII - Darren J. Ray),

Time to Get Alone (the Hawthorne edition, released in 2001) (a Gold in Week 34 of Season II, 4th in Preliminary Final - Tom Tobben),

Cabin Essence (the Smile Sessions edition, released in 2011) (a Gold in Week 37 of Season VII, 6th in Gold Play-Off - Darren J. Ray),

Break Away (the Hawthorne edition, released in 2001) (a Gold in Week 16 of Season IV - Deb#1)

It was the third entry for Ray Charles.

His record:

Drown in My Own Tears (a Bronze in Week 10 of Season I - Gordon Higgins),
Hit the Road, Jack (a Tin in Week 11 of Season II - Prodigal Son),
What’d I Say (a Silver in Week 16 of Season VIII - GGH)

It was the sixth entry for the Ronettes.

Their record:

(The Best Part of) Breakin' Up (a Tin in Week 21 of Season II - David Wilson),

Be My Baby (a Gold in Week 35 of Season III, 4th in Gold Play-Off - Sue Schlichter),

So Young (a Bronze in Week 35 of Season III - Sue Schlichter),

I Wonder (a Tin in Week 14 of Season VII - Larry Franz),

Be My Baby (a Bronze in Week 18 of Season VII, 1st in Bronze Play-Off, 6th in Preliminary Final - Cindy Hood),

I Can Hear Music (a Tin in Week 16 of Season VIII - GGH)

With the highest points total and third highest percentage for a Silver so far this season, ‘What’d I Say’ (Ray Charles) is likely to make the Silver Play-Off.

If it makes it and wins, both it and ‘I Can Hear Music’ (The Beach Boys) will progress to the Preliminary Final, from which the top three place getters will progress to the Gold Play-Off.

If it makes that Silver Play-Off and comes runner-up, only ‘I Can Hear Music’ from this week will progress.


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