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Cantina Margarita

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Hi everybody,

as for the Beatles, I'm all into George these days. An underrated genius, having created an enormous album, not only by means of quantity, providing 6 LP sides of more or less excellent material. "All Things Must Pass" was like a barrage breaking, after years when his songs were underrepresented on Beatles albums.

Here's a gem taken from it, fitting the date:

About this week's song selection:

1. Glen Campbell ... the Rhinestone Cowboy at his best, sounding from the first measure. Sad chapter with John who wasn't allowed to grow old with anybody.

2. Help ... a classic. Not even Bananarama were able to destroy it.

3. Catch A Wave ... certainly one of the Beach Boys song I like least.

4. Willie Nelson ... the song is in my ear, but I don't like watching those reactionary hillbillies in the video at all. I'm sure the TV news will feature their godfather again this evening.

Here's another one from ATMP. PS's wall of sound, supporting one of the most beautiful guitar solos I have ever heard. My acoustic birthday bunch for Brian.

David W

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My votes , Beatles by a mile this week :

Gold-The Beatles - Help
Silver-The Beach Boys - Catch a Wave
Bronze-Willie Nelson - On the Road Again
Tin-Glen Campbell - Grow Old Along With Me

Have been enjoying some "heavy" stuff from Royal Blood at Glastonbury reminds me a bit of White Stripes and how do they make all that noise with just a bass and drums ? .....someone has posted their entire set so it may get taken down . First track is called Lights Out which sort of goes beyond this weeks theme !


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GOLD: Catch A Wave-The Beach Boys

SILVER: Help-The Beatles

BRONZE: Grow Old Along With Me-Glen Campbell

TIN: On The Road Again-Willie Nelson

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles
paul g adsett

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a goodly bunch.
one outstanding and two i can't split

gold: 'help!'
- a cri de couer that still resounds.

joint silver: 'on the road again'
- i'm very partial to willie...

joint silver: 'catch a wave'
- never in a million years,
but the thought is there.

tin: 'grow old with me'
- nope, in all likelihood, the best isn't to come,
but y'might as well make the best of it...
really really want to like this a lot,
but it veers into mawkishness.

ouch all the way as i try typingn on my phone
wiith one dodgy digit, dull headthrob
and dicky eyebrow.
still, chin up, eh...

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Gold - Beach Boys
Silver - Beatles
Bronze- Glenn Campbell
Tin - Willis Nelson

Last time I saw McCartney on stage was in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2002. I was pregnant with a now crazed Beatles and Beach Boys fan. Taking that crazy fan to see MaCartney next month!

Great week!!

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Deb, those fireworks in that circa '76 clip look tame compared to the '93 version.

Well I guess you had to be there.  I couldn’t find a video of the actual concert I went to at the Capital Center.  I just remember being blown away. 

Unfortunately, the Battle is heavily compromised nowadays as there is an internet copyright block on Beatles master recordings.

I try to stay away from the Beatles and Bob Dylan as good videos for them are so hard to find.  I really wanted a good one of Willie with his tour bus, too.  I guess I’ve become fascinated with tour buses after having seen Brian’s big deal.  One of my remaining bucket list items would be to see something like that from the inside.

bonnie, it sounds like your uncle was a special kind of guy.  Am I missing something, tho? How do Tutti Frutti and On The Road Again relate?

I'm not keen on the lyrics, and it meanders along like a cowboy asleep in the saddle

Sigh.. Willie (asleep maybe but) Still Not Dead

I appreciated hearing Lauren.

Al, I hope you enjoyed the roots fest and Sarah Jarosz and Rhiannon Giddens.  Summer and music go together.

Paul, how convenient of me to supply you with the proper catch phrases for your experiment’s evaluation.  An important one being “Grow old” should be taken to heart.  That really looks like a near miss to the eye there. Yikes!

I though pauls’s avatar was a pair of briefs.  So are knickers women's underwear or boy’s loose-fitting pants that reach just below the knee?

Lisa, it’s horrible to lose a pet.  They are such a part of your life that it takes a while to remember that they are gone.  I would see my cat out of the corner of my eye for a while after I lost her, and it would just be a shadow or something.  Unfortunately we only have so long with them.  I hope you have a lot of pictures or videos. Oh, and Batman had a sexy enough voice.  It was the show dialog that interfered with me taking the voice seriously.  Kapow!!

Tom, I envy your week on the beach. Now you are back and I appreciate your words on Glen.  Hearing him sing Grow Old Along With Me is bittersweet

Cantina – That’s my first encounter with Johnny’s Birthday.  It seems George ended up sharing royalties with songwriters Bill Martin and Phil Coulter as it was sung to Cliff Richard’s Congratulations. Shades of My Sweet Lord maybe?

I know a few hillbillies by the way.

dkmh (Debbie!), I think you must have brought that crazed fan up right.

Thanks to Tom, Lisa, D.A.N, bonnie, David, GGH (Jenny, right?),paul  and dmhk for your votes.

Here’s mine.  And I’ll be back in the morning (my morning that is) with the totals.

   Gold – The Beach Boys - Catch a Wave

   Silver – The Beach Boys Help

   Bronze – Willie Nelson – On The Road Again

   Tin – Glen Campbell – Grow Old Along With Me

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It's the only thing that there's just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.”

Lisa G/TS

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Thanks, Deb ! It's funny how some people sound like taking their dog for a walk is a chore, but that's actually one thing I kinda miss -- at least in the nicer weather half of the year. Got a feeling I'll be on to canine #6 before the snow flies! [wink]

True, Paul's avatar is more like briefs than knickers, though I'm not sure if Brits call 'em briefs. A quick Google came across "stretch trunks" for the slightly longer, not-as-brief briefs. They call pullovers "jumpers" so who knows -- maybe he can clarify that, too.  [smile]

True good videos can be hard to find --- even good cover videos. No one's offered up Marty Tingles yet. He must have spent at least $50 on this video, wonder how it would rank in Battle?:

bonnie bella

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Lisa, I'm so sorry you lost your little dog.  

When I saw her photo she reminded me of a white version of Hairy Maclary (from Donaldson's dairy).  He and his furry pals are the subject of a set of children's books here.

Image result for Hairy maclary

I always liked Schnitzel von Krumm.

Image result for hairy maclary quotes



Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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One of the things that helps make this contest appealing is the group’s diversity.  It would be very boring if we all voted the same way.  And while I think I know which way most will vote there are always surprises.

Even though The Beach Boys didn’t get the Gold this week, they didn’t get any Tin either.  Willie only got ½ of a Silver and a lot of tin.  A lot of folks did say it was a decent song, tho.

The Beach Boys and The Beatles were close all week, but as soon as The BBs got close, The Beatles moved ahead again.

Glen was a strong third to the Beach Boys and The Beatles.  He took 4 Gold and the most Silver but still a bit of Tin. 

Here are the totals  [comp]:

    Gold winner is Help by The Beatles with 60 total points:

             9 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze, 1 Tin

    Silver winner is Catch a Wave by The Beach Boys with 56.5 total points:

             6 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze, 0 Tin, 1 Silver/ Bronze Tie

    Bronze winner is Grow Old Along With Me by Glen Campbell with 48 points:

             4 Gold, 7 Silver, 3 Bronze, 5 Tin

    Tin winner is On The Road Again by Willie Nelson with 25.5 total points:

             0 Gold, 0 Silver, 5 Bronze, 13 Tin, 1 Silver/ Bronze Tie

Number of Players: 19

Total Points: 190

Thanks to all for playing, voting, posting, and making this week the week that was.  This week the songs were simple and well known.  Growing up and old is not so simple.  We gave thoughts to living, aging, and dying (RIP Chiquita).  Brian’s achievement of 75 years was the cause of celebration.

From Brian’s book:
“Now it’s more than that many years past that.  “When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)” keeps counting.  I look younger than I did when I was younger, in some ways.  In the ‘80s my chin was looking bad, like a turkey gobbler, and Dr. Landy didn’t like that so I had a face-lift.  I also got the bags under my eyes fixed.  I kind of saw what he was doing, but then there were the facts.  I wasn’t young anymore.  I couldn’t get around the way I wanted to.  I don’t think I could’ve thrown a ball twenty feet.  I look in the mirror now and I think about all the things that have happened.  Mainly, one thing happened.  I grew up to be a man.”

Indeed.  Many more, Brian.  Keep those years counting.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It's the only thing that there's just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.”

John B

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...and thanks for saying in your book, Brian, that you don't need a cellphone.   I agree.  My hero says so! 
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Deb.

They’re in the book.

It was the third appearance for ‘Help!’ by the Beatles.

Its history:

- a Silver in Week 26 of Season III, 1st in Silver Play-Off, 4th in Preliminary Final (Kevin Witts),
- a Silver in Week 7 of Season VII, 1st in Silver Play-Off, 5th in Preliminary Final (BrianFan),
- a Gold in Week 18 of Season VIII (Deb#1)

The Beatles as a group have now had 30 selections in the Battle, 17 of which have made play-offs. (‘Help!’ may become the 18th.)

Their record is 10 Golds, 14 Silvers, 4 Bronzes and 2 Tins (one of which, 'Back in the USSR', won a Tin Play-Off).

‘Catch a Wave’ is the ninth of the 15 tracks associated with Surfer Girl to be used in the Battle.

Its record:

Surfer Girl (a Gold in Week 28 of Season IV, 1st (annual Gold) in Gold Play-Off - Jo McGuire),

Catch a Wave (a Silver in Week 18 of Season VIII - Deb#1),

The Surfer Moon (a Gold in Week 20 of Season I - Paul Adsett; a Gold in Week 6 of Season VI - Tom Tobben),

Little Deuce Coupe (a Tin in Week 45 of Season I - Cynthia D, Hood),

In My Room (a Gold in Week 2 of Season III - DomesticAnimalNoises),

Hawaii (a Bronze in Week 21 of Season V, 1st in Bronze Play-Off, 8th in Preliminary Final - Jo McGuire),

Fun, Fun, Fun (mono) (a Gold in Week 6 of Season V, 4th in Gold Play-Off - Deb#1; a Gold in Week 11 of Season VIII - t Bedford),

In My Room (German version) (a Silver in Week 39 of Season VII - t Bedford),

I Do (a Tin in Week 12 of Season I, 1st in Tin Play-Off - Prodigal Son)

‘Grow Old With Me’ is the fifth entry for Glen Campbell.

His record:

Wichita Lineman (a Bronze in Week 42 of Season I - Darren J. Ray),
Wichita Lineman (a Gold in Week 21 of Season V, 6th in Preliminary Final - Jo McGuire),
I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star) (a Silver in Week 45 of Season V - Darren J. Ray),
Try a Little Kindness (a Bronze in Week 11 of Season VI - Graciegirl),
Grow Old With Me (a Bronze in Week 18 of Season VIII - Deb#1)

‘On the Road Again’ is the second entry for Willie Nelson.

His version of ‘City of New Orleans’ won a Silver in Week 10 of Season II (Gordon Higgins).

‘Catch a Wave’ is an outside chance of qualifying for the Silver Play-Off.

‘Grow Old With Me’ is likely to make the Bronze Play-Off.

If either win, it will give a lifeline to ‘Help!’.  

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