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paul g adsett

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my list never posted this morning!
however, my preferencesd mirror the result completely.

main comment was remarking upon the 'everything connects'ness of the world,
with mark isham being the connection between 3 of my very favouritest musicians:
playing on this bw track,
on a fab reinterpretation of miles davis's 'in a silent way'
and joining van morrison as he began to distill joyous spiritual songs,
back in england at the turn of the 70/80's,
with the 'into the music' album
and some magnificent live shows where isham and pee wee ellis added very fine horns.



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Originally Posted by Tom Tobben
My apologies, GGH and dmkh. Sorry for the mixup. Proper credit where it belongs!

😂 I can't play didly!!!
Cantina Margarita

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Hi guys,


here’s my picks:

  1. Sir Surfalot

An awesome surf song, of course a little old-fashioned or even anachronistic, somewhat sounding like the 21st century’s Spotnicks or Shadows. Very well done, and the presence of half of the Brian Wilson Band adds some high gloss to it. Great discovery, thanks for posting.

  1. Half Moon Bay

In the album’s context, it’s like a summary of the “Think About The Days”, “Runaway Dancer” and “On The Island” melodies. After listening, I’ve got a strong desire to hear the whole NPP thing from beginning to end. Alternately, I could feel reminded of “Let’s Go Away For A While” and do the same with Pet Sounds. Or even feel reminded of the great concert last week in Frankfurt, or feel like buying tickets for more PS shows. Creating a song like this in 2015 is clever, very clever, and please never argue again that Brian Genius Wilson might f*ck with the formula which will lead to commercial success.

  1. Suenos

Remarkable guitar play, as usual, by Mr. S. A typical wellness song to me, good for listening while sauna-ing. But please read my remarks about #4, they might fit this one, too.

  1. Flight from the City

Here, competition seems a little biased to me. Surely it’s beautiful, and the video is even great, but standing alone, the song seems rather poor in musical ideas. As we all know, being well-experienced with concept albums, knowing and understanding the whole in which a song has been embedded is very important for doing justice to it. Imagine ‘I’m In Great Shape” outside the SmiLE context. I haven’t got the time to listen to the entire album, so I can only judge it stand-alone. And in this way, it can’t keep up with the others in this week.

An interesting collection, like very often on this interesting BOTB game.


Darren J. Ray

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Hi Cantina, 

I bring you good news and bad news. 

Firstly, the bad news. 

Tom's week closed nearly six days ago. 

This is a mid-season rest week. 

Now, the good news. 

GGH's week starts tomorrow. 

And it should be a beauty, so we hope you'll get in early and vote. (You've already received a preview [comp])

PS There is one more week available to host on Pete's schedule. It would be great if you put your name down for it. 

Lee Marshall

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Not that Cantina's votes would have done much to change the final outcome.  It would have made the battle for first a little tighter...but the results would have stood as officially posted.  Then there's Paul.  Issues in high tech.  Yikes!!!  We need Larry to solve THOSE.  [he surely helped me out I have to say.]

See you tomorrow...or Tuesday.  [of THIS COMING week Cantina. [tongue]]
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