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The Egg

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Egg here checking in from the left coast and happy to report that BW put on a great show last night at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga. Twas' great meeting Bugs and his doe.....wish you luck getting down to SoCal for the "big news"!

On to the battle.....

My egglet put an interesting twist on this weeks encounter and I'm happy to say that BW's song is growing on me. Still, Queen has a strong grip on the Egg's heart strings so.....

GOLD Somebody to love.......soaring vocals, blazing guitar solo and all out desperation for somebody to love lyrics

SILVER. Waiting for the day.....Brian always amazes me with his heart on his sleeve lyrics and his musical explorations

BRONZE. Stray Cat much fun on this track with playful lyrics, rockabilly backbeat, walking bass and great 50's riffs and fills.

TIN For those about to rock.......The Egg likes to rock but is careful when rolling being an egg and all.....unfortunately this track from the Thunder Down Under doesn't make a good quiche....The Egg prefers one if their older recipes!!

Love and mercy to you and yours tonight!!

I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!
Larry Franz

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Mad Daddy was ahead of his time.

It must have been hard for Brian Jones to have started the band and then been eclipsed by the other guys, even if he wasn't that interested in becoming a pop star.

Two more: Brian Causey and Brian Teasley are two of the key members of Man or Astro-Man? However:
It should be noted that, although the real names of the band members are known, the band members themselves have never publicly acknowledged their true identities, and steadfastly claim to be extraterrestrials sent to Earth to play surf music....It's largely believed the group took its name from the poster of the US release of the Japanese film The Human Vapor, which includes the tagline “IS HE MAN OR ASTRO-MAN?”

Thus, Mr. Causey is formally known as Star Crunch and Mr. Teasley is known as Birdstuff.

"Evil Plans of Planet Spectra"

"Super Rocket Rumble"


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Getting back to the four original Brians that started this ridiculously long Brian crazed thread. I have seen all four Brians in concert. Queen and AC/DC in my teenage years, Brian Stetzer in my 30’s and our favorite Brian with BB and in the last two years, three Pet Sounds shows. Yet, this is how my vote rocks:

GOLD - Queen’s Brian

SILVER - The Brian

BRONZE - Orchestra Brian

TIN - England’s (and Australia) Brian

Larry Franz

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Getting relatively obscure:

Brian Chase is the drummer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "Maps" and "Shake It".

Brian Hill has been the drummer for Wavves in recent years: "Way Too Much" and "My Head Hurts".

Finally, Brian Bell is a longtime member of Weezer. From last month: "Beach Boys" (yes, those Beach Boys)


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Gold – Somebody to Love – Queen

Silver - Stray Cat Strut – Stray Cats

Bronze - I’m Waiting for the Day – The Beach Boys

Tin – For Those About to Rock - ACDC


Popeye (not the sailor)

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My Brian Votes:

Gold: Waiting For The Day - Beach Boys - There's not a song on Pet Sounds that isn't gold to my ears.

Silver: Stray Cat Strut - Stray Cats - Spot on comparison between Brian Setzer and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Bronze: Somebody To Love - Queen was always hit and miss with me. This song is a miss because of some of it's annoyingly mashed together delivery of lyrics.

Tin: For Those About To Rock - After Bon Scott died I lost all interest in AC/DC. This ear splitting screecher proves why.

Thanks GG!
David W

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My votes :

Gold – Somebody to Love – Queen

Silver - I’m Waiting for the Day – The Beach Boys

Bronze - For Those About to Rock - ACDC

Tin – Stray Cat Strut – Stray Cats

Well if you can include a co-writer such as Brian Holland of Motown's Holland Dozier and Holland there are hundreds to choose from....heres one:


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GOLD: Somebody To Love by Queen
This has always been my favorite Queen song. I love the vocals, the music, the lyrics, etc. Also, this was the first Queen lead I learned.

SILVER: I'm Waiting For The Day by The Beach Boys
When I first discovered the Beach Boys, this was one of my top 10 Beach Boys songs. Brian is just the best at expressing himself through music. I love Brian's lead vocal. I really enjoy the flute on this one as well.

BRONZE: Stray Cat Strut by The Stray Cats
This song is sooo fun! Like I said before, Brian Setzer=SRV+jazz. It's still one of my favorite songs to play. As much as I love this song, I find it mire fun to play than to listen to. It's tough to put it in third place though.

TIN: For Those About To Rock by AC/DC

I'm going to close the voting tonight at midnight PT so get your votes in while you can!

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~The Beatles
bonnie bella

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My votes.

GOLD - Anything Off Pet Sounds And This Is No Exception.  Although, this song sits in the lower half of my Pet Sounds experience.  Love Brian's incredible vocals over this whole stage of his career.  

SILVER - The Stray Cats.  This only after long deliberation.  There's a lot about it that's not as good as the song below, after all, Queen are iconic and "Somebody to Love" must be one of their best songs.  But this one has something fun and cheeky about it, both lyrically and musically.  Super slinky beat, you can tell that tom owns his neighbourhood; "Don't cross my path". Excellent, but not excellent enough.  Bags-not it being me to put out the first saucer of kippers.

BRONZE - Queen.  Dang catchy, and a popular and powerful song.  Freddie does his best work with half a set of lycra tights, a piano, and fifteen plastic cups.  But, after a while the beat gets to me, it's too bash-bash, or up-down, or whack-a-mole or something.  It's also nowhere near as fun as The Stray Cats, who don't bother chasing mice around and need nobody to love.  

TIN - AC/DC.  These guys could have easily taken Bronze and possibly Silver with another song, so I'm sad to relegate it to Tin (like practically everybody else).  It's got a promising intro, but when Brian starts screaming I start turning it down.  Brian brought a different sound to the band after Bon passed, and even with their really big hits, I've always appreciated early AC/DC more.  They tour reasonably frequently here and I've enjoyed two excellent AC/DC concerts.  

Thanks Jenny.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Tom Tobben

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Still finishing our autumn vacation, so reporting in this Sunday from the sunny, unseasonably warm surfer land of San Sebastián on Spain’s Atlantic coast. Briefly:

Gold: “I’m Waiting for the Day”, Beach Boys. Just one of numerous lovely classics from Brian’s magnum opus, Pet Sounds.

Silver: “Somebody to Love”, Queen. One of their classics and a fine one at that.

Bronze: “Stray Cat Strut”, Brian Setzer. Just when the young rock generation was going all Punk and New Wave, along comes Brian Setzer with his retro rockabilly band sound and that rockin’ stand-up bass.

Tin — “For Those About To Rock”, AC/DC. Another fine group with lots of hits, including this one, and a lot of staying power over the years.

Excellent battle this week, GGH. An eclectic mix of quality songs and artists!


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There is certainly a variety of styles to choose from this week.  Normally I would vote Queen up and AC/DC down, but not here.  It’s a better than average AC/DC song for me and a less than average Queen.  I just never liked “Somebody to Love” by Queen.
I tried to find a song by a Brian but I kept running up into songs that had already been posted.  Brian Hyland’s “Sealed with a Kiss” came to mind but I see Al posted a link already, so I’ll just concentrate on the votes.

    Gold - I'm Waiting For The Day by The Beach Boys (featuring Brian Wilson)

    Silver - Stray Cat Strut by The Stray Cats (featuring Brian Setzer)

    Bronze - For Those About To Rock by AC/DC (featuring Brian Johnson)

    Tin - Somebody to Love by Queen (featuring Brian May)

Nice week, GGH

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
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You still believe in me
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paul g adsett

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greetings from somewhere triangulated off bermuda.

gold: 'i'm waiting for the day'
-  well, who wouldn't be?

silver: 'cat strut'
- retrotastic.
saw 'em live several times and wondered just how this was hip.
but it always was.
and still is.
plus, the wondrous dave edmunds had a hand in it.

bronze: 'for those about to rock'co
- pomprock at its almost preposterous.
gimme bon over brian any day.

tin: 'somebody to love'
- pomprock at its just about most preposterous.
maybe it's just me, but...
for heaven's sake!

for unadulterated style, soul'n'bluesful pop,
we were extremely fortunate to be in the presence of
ms evie sands in a club in her hometown of brooklyn
(living and working in la of course nowadays) on friday night.
first of a flurry of nyc dates with band including teresa cowles
(played carol kaye in the 'love and mercy'  movie),
who we'd met with stevie k at the hollywood bowl 'pet sounds'  concert
a couple of years back
(just to keep this aside vaguely on-topic).

much fun saying hello and surprising them before the gig
(the look on evie's face!).
she recorded a lot of  chip taylorsongs way way back
('angel of the morning' / 'i can't let go' / any way that you want me'...)
but doesn't just rely on a fine back catalogue.
numbers from her new album figured in the set
and she's sounding great.
hoping she'll get to uk next year.

over and out...
paul g adsett

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and so in the spirit of retro-goodieness,
from the solo album 'teddy boys don't knit'
(that relates to the stray cats stylee of music, if only marginally),
here's a ridiculous favourite of mine by
viv stanshall of the bonzo dog doo dah band

John E

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Originally Posted by John E
Here's my order:

1. B.W.

2. Q

3. S.C.

4. AC/DC

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Thanks everyone!
Here are the scores:

GOLD: I'm Waiting for the Day by the Beach Boys-73 points

SILVER: Somebody to Love by Queen-64 points

BRONZE: Stray Cat Strut by the Stray Cats-48 points

TIN: For Those About to Rock by AC/DC-25 points

Aggregate: 210 points (21 voters)

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles
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