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bonnie bella

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Okay Jenny.  I'm not very symphonic, but I'll do my best.

GOLD - Whiter Shade Of Pale. With all it's soaring crescendos and whistly bits, it's the nicest of the four and rather moving.  Made me think of Bright Eyes, the rabbit, which made me think of the poor rabbit getting shot and Art Garfunkel.  Altogether, not the most uplifting train of thought.

SILVER - Let It Be.  Let it be silent.  Saved only by that most excellent but too brief guitar bit. 

BRONZE - God Only Knows.  Overblown, to say the least.  This time I was transported to Scarlett O'Hara, which made me think the curtains could do with a spruce up, and also how I always get caught up checking out the horses in movies and miss the plot.  Horse-free movies are a blessing.

TIN - Good Vibrations.  I'd right royal philharmonically had enough with this one.  Heard it the other day and was not impressed.  I had to keep adjusting the volume ... down.  

While I understand the complexities of the four songs above, I wouldn't play them for fun.

In fact, Even the 80's looks appealing.

Thanks for coming back and hosting, Jenny.  I hope you enjoyed your travels.  [smile]


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David W

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The Royal Philharmonic having a bash at Abba .

This one gets most of the hits in...... Abbature

Al Forsyth

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Okay - NOT a British orchestra - but still - orchestral in it's support:

My fave piece of music from Orange Crate Art:

Listen without vocal:

Brian at work

You wanna be moved?

And there is chorale in this, but back to where this week began:


A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Lisa G/TS

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Orchestral maneuvers could be a bold topic, Jen. Somewhat fortunately for me, both LSO and RPO come away with one tolerable and one "Do Not Play" each:

GOLD-- LSO, A Whiter Shade of Pale -- Still somewhat regal. 

SILVER -- Royal Phil, Let It Be -- More tolerable than their GV, not that I'd hurry back for a repeat.

BRONZE --Royal Phil, Good Vibrations -- t Bedford, you are correct, sir...although I hear a little Mantovani hokum in it also:

Good Vibrations - I always wondered what GV would sound like without the cojones...[nono].

TIN -- LSO, Gawdawful Only Knows -- More like the 3-toed Sloth Orchestra: It's to-o-o-o-o-o- sl-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w-w! Couldn't listen to more than about 2 minutes, and I could feel my hair growing in that time allotment!  Sorry. [frown]

I'm another who has the "String Quartet Tribute to Pet Sounds" and gives it a spin occasionally for something different. 

bonnie -- Gotta love Mr Bean..both of 'em. Rowan Atkinson for the clever dialogue-free comedy and actor Sean for...for...his acting...and being welcome to have crackers in bed anytime, if you know what I'm sayin'.  [rolleyes]

I've posted this once (maybe twice?) before, the quirky United Kingdom Ukelele Orchestra with their take of "Good Vibrations":

Thanks, GGH/Jen!

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It’s interesting to hear all of your comments since it’s such a mixed week. I’m sorry to hear that some of you didn’t like some of them, but I suppose you can’t please everyone. Thanks for sharing all the cool videos though! FYI I’m closing the week in about 9 hours.
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~The Beatles

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G God Only Knows
S A Whiter Shade Of Pale
B Let It Be
T Good Vibrations

a bit of unintentional alliteration there (sort of).

paul g adsett

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well, gulp, here goes...

joint tin: 'god only knows'
- good grief!
try to forget the original.
for heaven's sake, don't think of the original.
blot out all recognition of the original.
treat it as a stand alone piece.
it's not a slowed down 'gok',
it's a work in itself.
forget that it attempts to sound like a tone poem piece
in the style of, what, grieg or richard strauss.
or elgar or butterworth.
i can almost do so.
i can almost...
no, i can't.
i can't maintain any pretence any longer.
it's pretentious shite.
that's what it is.

joint tin: 'let it be'
- plod.
and more plod.
if i'd never heard the tune and came across it
bunged somewhere in the soundtrack to 'the hobbit',
maybe i'd think.
oh, yeah.
but, no.
oh, no...
pompous without circumstance.
and then there's that f'in' guitar.
why, oh why, oh why did that get grafted in?
oh, no.
very oh, no...

joint gold: 'a whiter shade of pale'
- a paler shade of light.
english pastoral lite'n'bland.
but at least it doesn't decimate the tune.
it doesn't try to dwell on any bachisms.
or does it?
yep, it can't help but try to add organ into that contentious theme.
the one that some judge decided matthew fisher should be credited with.
and, by stepping over that line and meandering into jsbach territory
it loses any consistency,
which is further destroyed as the final chords rise up and beat any subtlety out of the arrangement.
but, it's a decent tune in the first place.

joint gold: 'good vibrations'
- plinky plonk.
at least it's humorous.
jaunty orchestration.
a few nods to 'smile' arrangements and vdpisms.
plus a good few gershwinisms thrown in.
not quite as inventive as it'd like to be,
but, hey - it works for me.
at least, it did most of the week.
began to tire of it by tonight.

let's face it.
none of 'em work anywhere near as well as the arranger / orchestrater / conductor
or even the piccolo player would've wanted.
they're faf'n'fad for faded farts.
not saying they shouldn't've been recorded.
just that they shouldn't've been subjected to our collective ears for the past week.
beyond the call of anyone's duty.
none of 'em truly deserve 'gold' status, but i've done my honest best.

my one, personal link with these tunes
is that i've met and shook hands with each of these composers(*)
(incl. the wordsmiths who aren't in the running this week).
these are mighty composers of 20th century popular music.
they're not well served here.

brian wilson
- at brighton dome / royal albert hall / (+...)
mike love - brighton dome and beach 1969 / brighton centre 2008 / hollywood bowl 2012...
paul mccartney - royal festival hall bw 'smile' show audience 2004
gary brooker - london fan show 2007
+ had the joy of meeting procol harum lyricist keith reid at brighton station
and walking down to a gig by richard durrant and stephen kalinich we were putting on at the komedia in 2007
stevie k had invited mr reid along and, yes, he came down to sunny brighton for the gig.
what's more, we took him home (where mr k was ensconsed, living in the library room) and keith stayed with us.
a private man, not a showbiz extrovert.
but we had some fine conversations.
he's a splendid fellow, who has an eye for good quality mod tonic suit
and (so it was that) later (as adsett told his tale)
that keith sought us out at that procol harum concert to spend a bit of time with us,
when he was certainly less intent on mingling with fandom...
these memories are more lasting than the chords plucked and tooted on any of the above tracks.


paul g adsett

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my contribution to the week's listening,
music i've enjoyed for all of its 50 years of existence:
george martin 's incidental music for that animated feature,
'the pepperland suite'
it's imaginative and works in context of the movie and away from it.

unfortunately, with youtubube and stuff not allowing much in the way of beatleband,
this is from the berlin music ensemble album conducted by craig leon
not the movie soundtrack by george martin.
there's a nice audio pun in the fillum,
where, as the submarine is travelling to pepperland,
a monster is given a cigar that explodes
- a theme from js bach 's 'suite no. 3 in d major, bwv 1068' 
('air on a g string') pops up in the score.
it was used in commercials for hamlet cigars
and it's essentially the theme that matthew fisher based his twiddle on
for whch he was eventually was granted composing royalties for
on gary booker's 'a whiter shade of pale'...
but i can't find a clip that shows that.

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Gold- Let It Be - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Silver- A Whiter Shade of Pale - London Symphony Orchestra

Bronze- Good Vibrations - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Tin- God Only Knows - London Symphony Orchestra

Graciegirl :-)


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Alright guys it’s time to close. It’s been a very varied week, and the results are quite close. However, I can’t quite finish up without contributing my own two cents...

GOLD: A Whiter Shade Of Pale
I love this song and I love the orchestration in this version. It’s not too bland and not too overdone. IMO the orchestra compliments the piece beautifully. Well done.

SILVER: God Only Knows
I was quite surprised with the opinions about this one. It seems like people either hate it or love it. I enjoy it very much. I think it’s very expressive. I’ve always thought the original GOK was a little quick fit what it was and I wished it had more time than two minutes to really sink in. I guess this rendition is an acquired taste, but I happen to be very fond of it.

The Beatles’ Let It Be is probably the one song that has gotten me through life more than any other. I absolutely love it. However, though I think the arrangement is decent, it doesn’t flow as nicely as I’d like it to.

TIN: Good Vibrations
I really don’t hate this. I don’t think the arrangement pairs well with the song, but I do like the bridge with the organ and slightly out of tune piano, among other things. Overall, this piece doesn’t quite so it for me.

Thank you all for contributing. I’ll have the results up in the morning.

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles
Darren J. Ray

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and then there's that f'in' guitar.
why, oh why, oh why did that get grafted in?

I was really looking forward to your analysis this week, Paul. 

You didn't disappoint.

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GOLD: A Whiter Shade Of Pale (LSO) with 55.5 points

SILVER: Let It Be (RPO) with 42.5 points

BRONZE: Good Vibrations (RPO) with 31.5 points

TIN: God Only Knows (LSO) with 30.5 points

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.
~The Beatles
Darren J. Ray

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Thanks, GGH.

It was the first Battle appearances for any version of ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ and ‘Let It Be’.

It was also the first appearances for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra.

Both ‘Good Vibrations’ and ‘God Only Knows’, as recorded by The Beach Boys, are season winners and those versions are retired from the Battle.

‘Good Vibrations’ (The Beach Boys - 1966) history:

- a Gold in Week 19 of Season I, 1st (annual Gold) in Gold Play-Off (Cynthia D Hood),
- 2nd in the Ultimate Battle

‘God Only Knows’ (The Beach Boys - 1966) history:

- a Gold in Week 7 of Season II, 1st (annual Gold) in Gold Play-Off (Cynthia D. Hood),
- 1st in the Ultimate Battle

Sólo Dios Sabe’ (Charly García and Pedro Aznar - 1991), an Argentine version of ‘God Only Knows’, won the Silver in Week 13 of this season (D.A.N). 

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