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GOLD Arthur Conley
SILVER Soul Searchin
BRONZE Santana
TIN  Train

oh, just spotted Billy so I won't post it again - I heard that somewhere (not here) in the past week or so.

bonnie bella

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Okay Tom, let's see what my soul says. 

I would have voted sooner, but I thought I'd try propelling my soul through the air to see what would happen.  It seems it's all true; kiwis can't fly.  And they are not very good at landing either.

GOLD - Santana.  Whilst today my ears are not too keen for this kind of music, it's certainly been my favourite all week.  Six minutes and nineteen seconds is really good value, too.  (Watch out for the brown acid, guys.)

SILVER - Solomon Burke.  Beautiful.  Brian and Carl do a great version, which I don't believe has been used in the battle before, but this one is fabulous.  

BRONZE- Arthur Conley.  Trumpety. This guy likes to name drop and quote songs that don't exist yet.  It's pretty good, but the others are better.

TIN - Train.  I might have liked this more if I hadn't had it jammed into my lugs fifty-two million times.  It's a good little song though.  Referencing Mr Mister has always put me off this song a little.  Unlike a real train, this one doesn't really go anywhere.

I was saving "I'd Rather Go Blind" to post in my votes, but you beat me to it, Tom.

Brian's most recent soul connection.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Darren J. Ray

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And a much improved adaptation of the more basic and less exciting earlier song by Sam Cooke, as is true with a number of songs that have been adapted and updated into better new songs. 

Tom, I know exactly what you mean.

As Mick Jagger says, the SuBo version of 'Wild Horses' is much better than anything he had done. Plaudits to him for being big enough to admit it.

The record buying public obviously felt the same.

[I missed the three times this version of Soul Searchin' was used before. How did I do that?

Deb, this is the third time this version has been used.

You've voted in all three of its weeks; previously, it got your Gold in Week 44 of Season IV and then your Silver in Week 41 of Season VII.
Lisa G/TS

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Referencing Mr Mister has always put me off this song a little.  Unlike a real train, this one doesn't really go anywhere.

bonnie, now that you mention it, what puts me off that song a little is that there's now a younger generation or two who won't understand that reference, i.e. "Who or whatsa Mr. Mister?" Answer: Just another 1 or 2 hit wonder, you didn't miss much sonny boy.

...and true, it had something in common with Thomas here:

Image result for Thomas train track
John E

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I may be too late. but my order is:

1. Arthur Conley

2. Solomon Burke

3. Santana

4. Train
paul g adsett

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may i throw in my favourite version of
'i'd rather go blind'
- i must've heard it before the etta james recording.
it was on the blue horizon label,
part of the late 60's white men playing the blues explosion
(cue the bonzos 'can blue men play the whites or are they hypocrites...')
and it's stuck with me as perfect.
that's christine perfect with chicken shack
before she joined fleetwood mac and became macvie

Tom Tobben

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Thanks to our final voters and commenters in the waning hours of the battle -- Popeye, DAN, bonnie, Darren, Lisa, John E., and paul

Popeye, thanks for your votes and especially for that soulful version of "Hey Jude" by Wilson Pickett, along with Duane Allman and the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and horns and, like a number of other soul classics, recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. And a Yardbirds classic thrown in for good measure. 

bonnie, sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you're OK now. That Train song certainly did get overplayed on popular radio. I'm glad that both you and Lisa caught the Mr. Mister reference as an old group in the song; just goes to show the young age group Train must have been aiming at. And that song is certainly a stretch as a "soul" music song, so fitting where you ranked it, along with most other voters. Thanks for posting the Janelle Monae song, featuring Brian on backing vocals -- quite nice! Sorry I beat you to posting Etta James' "I'd Rather Go Blind". I'll make up for it by posting the "A" side of that single "Tell Mama", also with that distinctive FAME Studios sound from Muscle Shoals:

Darren, With your persistence, I guess you've convinced us all that David Soul and Susan Boyle are the epitome of soul music:

Lisa, good follow-up to bonnie's comments and the Mr. Mister reference. I'll bet Train feels like circular Thomas the Train after how they fared in this week's battle.

paul, that was a lovely and faithful cover version of "I'd Rather Go Blind" by the British band Chicken Shack. Etta James' original version was recorded in 1967 and first charted at the end of that year, while Chicken Shack's lovely version was a hit on the UK charts in 1969. The original version of the song was written by James' friend Ellington "Fugi" Jordan while he was in prison and shared with her. In the years since, the song has been covered by numerous artists. 

As for this week's final votes, it was a very close three-way race, with Train plummeting to a deep last place, clearly a pretender and not a contender. The results (subject to Darren's final confirmation):

Gold -- "Sweet Soul Music", Arthur Conley -- 48 points (6 gold, 5 silver, 4 bronze, 1 tin)
Silver -- "Soul Sacrifice", Santana -- 47 points (7 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze
Bronze -- "Soul Searchin'", Solomon Burke -- 45 pointse, 2 tin) (3 gold, 8 silver, 4 bronze, 1 tin)
Tin -- "Hey, Soul Sister", Train -- 20 points (0 gold, 0 silver, 4 bronze, 12 tin). 

Besides a razor-thin battle outcome, we also covered a lot of well-known soul artists and songs this past week, which most of you contributed to, and I hope that most of you have also enjoyed. 

With that, I'll end my battle week with this song by Sam & Dave, dedicated to all of you who participated:

Darren J. Ray

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Thanks, Tom.

Those scores are in the book.

‘Soul Sacrifice’ was the fourth entry for Santana.

Their record:

Samba Pa Ti (a Gold in Week 11 of Season IV - Deb#1),
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen (album version) (a Bronze in Week 14 of Season VIII - Cindy Hood),
Sueños (a Bronze in Week 22 of Season VIII, 6th in Bronze Play-Off - Tom Tobben),
Soul Sacrifice (live) (a Silver in Week 19 of Season IX - Tom Tobben)

And, yes, it was the third time around for Solomon Burke’s version of ‘Soul Searchin’’.

Its record:

- a Gold in Week 44 of Season IV (Al Forsyth),
- a Bronze in Week 41 of Season VII (Tom Tobben),
- a Bronze in Week 19 of Season IX (Tom Tobben)

It was the second entry for Train.

‘Calling All Angels’ won the Silver in Week 6 of Season II (Deborah O’Neill).

As far as play-offs go, ‘Soul Sacrifice’ looks borderline of making the Silver, and it looks like third time lucky for ‘Soul Sacrifice’ (Bronze).

Conversely, ‘Hey, Soul Sister’ scored the second lowest points for the year so far (‘Heads You Win-Tails I Lose’ had one point less) and lowest percentage (12.50%).  

Al Forsyth

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My votes wouldn't have changed the order at all, BUT congratulations - THAT was a battle!

I was in a VERY busy week and an incredibly busy month. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
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