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Larry Franz

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There is no screaming, so I presume these young men were live in a BBC studio.

The Beatles, "Thank You Girl" and "I'll Get You"

Could the striped shirt be an homage? 

Django Django, "Marble Skies"

Al Forsyth

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I can vote this week - early  (third day).

Gold - The BB's - it just is amazing 50 years on.  Not many songs can do this!
Silver - Wolf Alice - you've been educating us all along.  They're really good!!!

The challenge was to sort the bottom two.
I'm going to go with just a nudge for Bronze to the talking REM's. 
Thus the redux of Pumped Up to the Tin pile this week. 

Original PUK and still sounds good stripped down:

LOVE the Daryl's House stuff (WITH KT)

Gotta see/hear Nicole sometime

Saw/heard Jenny two years ago - great!

Roger - playing over himself - own studio:

Larry, two of my FAVE early Beatles:  Thank You Girl and I'll Get You.  Thanks for that!

Carry on, Miss Bella, with your clever week.

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Larry Franz

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The War on Drugs, "Holding On" and "Red Eyes" (at least one of these songs is primarily sung in English)

The Rolling Stones, "The Spider and the Fly", "Mona" and "Roll Over Beethoven"

Lee Marshall

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Red Eyes can't be 'trusted' as a tell-tale sign of anything Larry.  For the [almost] 4 years I just spent down south I served on the Royal Canadian Legion executive most recently as their First Vice President.  I am a Past President of the Branch I've just transferred back to up here.  Just prior to my departure the regular Bar Steward told me that she just assumed every time I came into the Legion for some social fun and a few 'drinkipoos' that I was out and out "stoned."   My consistently Red Eyes were her dead giveaway.

That, of course, was NOT the case.  One of the factors which caused me to move out of S.W. Ontario were the plethora of allergens floating through the air.  Factor in the added air pollution, excessive humidity and the over-the-top heat and I was generally under duress...even inside...during winters.  As I said to her..."Stoned?!?!?  I wish.  I can't smoke ANYTHING with this COPD.  They're just about to legalize 'it' and I can't smoke a thing.  What a pisser!!!"  My Red Eyes were always present...the result of my being allergic to so many things down there.

bonnie bella

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John B, Thank you for your considered vote.  In fact, Ellie and the band wrote the song, I'm not sure how much she contributed to it, but the message is distinctly feminine. If you like this song, you might enjoy more of them.

Giant Peach

Planet Hunter

Thanks, Al, for putting your votes in early, and another surprise silver for Wolf Alice.  I was expecting almost a straight run of last positions for them, but you never know what people are going to like.  Music is so objective.  Loved seeing Paul McCartney in there this week, and really enjoyed Austra and (particularly) Phantogram.  Had never heard of them so will be listening to more.  What I like about in studio work is that they honest performances and showcase real talent, not the usual autotune stuff we get these days.

Larry, lots of good stuff again.  Arcade Fire is a great choice, loved their live performance here.  Elliot Smith - I have always wondered the very same thing he said at the end of that clip; do artists get totally sick of their own songs?  It seems the Beatles are easier to listen to when not mobbed by screaming girls.  I'm sure there would have been a gaggle of them outside in any case.  Good Django Django song.  One striped shirt does not make a homage, unfortunately.

Looking forward to listening to the rest of the contributions this afternoon. 

I had this song picked out, but doubted it would get much love.  Living on the Moon, Adam Fawcett

And this, also possibly an acquired taste.  Both from the Audiotree sessions, which seem to locate some pretty good lesser known artists.  Shakey Graves, Roll the Bones.  A true one man band.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Larry Franz

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The White Stripes, "Blue Orchid" (from a basement, with darkly clad men lurking) and "Jolene" (from John Peel's program)

Fleet Foxes, "If You Need To, Keep Time On Me" and "Grown Ocean"

Lee -- We've also got that stuff in the air and that weather in New Jersey. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the brownies.

bonnie -- I beg to differ. One shirt can constitute an hommage en solo!

Lisa G/TS

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Live  and in ballot:

GOLD -- Beach Boys, Surfer Girl -- Tried to bump it down, but couldn't. Fine harmonies from the old fellers. Could hear Al Jardine in the mix a little better than usual. 

SILVER -- Owl Alice, PUK -- Not quite "puke" for me, though I'll admit my Silver and Bronze could be interchangeable and flip flop every few minutes. The xylophone reminded me of Jimmy Fallon's Classroom Instruments clips which might not quite fit the theme, but here's the most bizarre one. Fasten your seatbelts:

Sigh ~ Whatever became of FTP? I've noted bassist Cubbie Fink left a couple of years ago and they're more recently gone more electropop (Blech! Just what the music world doesn't need more of...). Nothing wrong with their acoustic chops - evidenced here with a fantabulous simpler "Houdini", followed by a Johnny Cash-ish take on "Helena Beat", ending with PUK:

BRONZE -- Wolf Alice, Don't Delete the Kisses -- I liked the "thunky" drums especially at the beginning. Nice voice except those breathy, gaspy, whiny bits (eg: 2:06-2:10) got a little irksome for me. Might explore what else they have to offer.

TIN -- REM, Oh My Heart -- That accordion/squeezebox reminded me of Great Big Sea or other maritime groups. Seemed a bit "fish out of water" for this Georgia group. Nice but dunno if I'd hurry back to it.

Generally good choices and concept, bonnie! Hope a few more ballots pour in over the weekend! 

bonnie bella

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Thanks very much to Al and Lisa for voting.

Al, always a good lineup.  I see your Nicole Atkins in there again and enjoyed the FtP clip and also Roger McGuinn.  What he's done is an interesting alternative to having to sing all the lyrics over and over again like Elliott Smith complained of if you run out of joy.  Looks like Roger still has the joy anyway, so not a problem here.

Lee, thank you for the rousing Legalise Marijuana post.  There is enough here to sway anyone.  That third clip -- my my, that's a lot of quality bud, my friend. [smile] The UB40 clip was cool, but whoever prepared the graphics confused pot with LSD, for sure.

Lisa, Loved Jimmy Fellon's borderline acoustic, almost a cappella, completely unplugged and totally understated school version of Enter Sandman.  Reminds me of my own primary school when the music box was a case of being first up best dressed.  I usually got the triangle without the stick.

Larry, I'd forgotten about Fleet Foxes, If You Need To, Keep Time On Me, released last year and a song I totally love.  This is a very beautiful version of a gorgeous song so thanks very much for the link.  The White Stripes and most stuff by Jack White is great, in my opinion.

Hopefully another couple of voters coming through over the weekend.  Hoping t and poetry Paul make an appearance.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

David W

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My votes and an easy gold :

Gold : Beach Boys
Silver [redface]wl Eyes
Bronze : REM
TIN: Wolf Alice

The XX and On Hold

Two songs featuring drum solos at the end


Faces and I know I'm losing You

Larry Franz

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The Kinks, "Tired of Waiting for You" (with a bit of chat at the beginning)

The Who, "Substitute" and "I'm a Boy"

Lord Huron, "The Night We Met" and "Time to Run"

Elvis Presley recorded "Too Much" on Sept. 2, 1956 at a studio in Hollywood. Presumably, all the musicians were alive, but two takes were spliced together, so it doesn't really count as "live" live. Plus the sound may have been tweaked. So it doesn't belong here at all. On the other hand, it's Elvis, with Scotty Moore on guitar. The video also has some cool pictures.

Popeye (not the sailor)

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My live in studio votes:

Gold: Surfer Girl - The song that made me a fan for life. She'll always be my favorite Beach Boys song.

Silver: Oh My Heart - R.E.M. - Heartfelt.

Bronze: Pumped up Kicks - Owl Eyes - First time hearing this one. Not bad.

Tin: Don't Delete the Kisses - Wolf Alice - This song droned on and on and never quite grabbed hold my ears.

Thanks bonnie b!
Tom Tobben

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Nice blend of old and new artists/music this week, bonnie! Live, in-studio versions of songs also have a way of stripping them down to their essence and letting the song rise or fall on its own basic merits without all the trappings of special effects, voice-overs, special mixing effects, and post-recording production wizardry. My take this week:

Gold -- "Surfer Girl", Beach Boys. The vocals, layered harmonies, and gorgeous melody really have the chance to stand out in this stripped down live studio version. It was also fascinating to watch the original Beach Boys members take this song so seriously and give it their individual and collective vocal best, even though they've sung this song in concert a zillion times over a zillion years. Brian's first is still one of his very best. 

Silver -- "Oh, My Heart", REM. This poignant song, a personal reflection on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and a song originally from REM's final album, packs more emotional punch for me in its subdued, melancholic live version. Though we've all seen the many photos and news reports in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I doubt that many of us can really appreciate the full impact of what that disaster and its immediate aftermath did to that city and its many people. Many people from New Orleans before the Hurricane who fled to go elsewhere have never returned to that city. 

Bronze -- "Don't Delete the Kisses", Wolf Alice. Whether it's intended or not, this song reminds me of some of the early stripped down talked/sung music of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. Almost like recited poetry with a backing musical accompaniment that doesn't get in the way of the vocals and lyrics.  

Tin -- "Pumped Up Kicks", Owl Eyes. Familiarity with this excellent hit song almost caused me to move it to a higher ranking this week. And, once again, the more stripped down instrumentation and Brooke Addamo's clear, well-enunciated lyrics are an improvement over Foster the People's original pop/rock recording. A fine choice that unfortunately got tagged with my tin this week.  

I'm surprised that nobody has included anything from the Beach Boys' supposed live-in-studio Beach Boys Party album, so I will include a couple of their "live" party covers of songs from the Beatles' Help! album:

Now for some more of the real thing from the Beatles On Air - Live at the BBC Vol. 2 album released a few years ago, in 2013:

Nice battle, bonnie, and a bit off the beaten path with live, in-studio versions of songs. 

John B

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this is hilarious. I can't post at home in California, my cookies are wrong (only at work), but here in Beijing, I can post. 9 am. here, first taro icecream and beer, why not, it's vacation. Just want to say thanks for the extra Wolf Alice songs. I suspect the more they are heard, they will become bigger.

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B Wolf Alice
T Owl Eyes

Darren J. Ray

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Gold - Surfer Girl (live) (The Beach Boys - 2012)
Can you imagine the Beatles ‘reforming’ without John and George and having at least one ring-in singing prominent parts on their songs (but pretending they’re not)? Me, neither.

Then it was trying to sort out the rest…

Silver - Don’t Delete the Kisses (live) (Wolf Alice - 2017)
The lyrics and performance are at least interesting.

Bronze - Oh My Heart (live) (R.E.M. - 2011)
An overrated band with some decent songs, but not enough to warrant their third inclusion in this.

Participant - Pumped Up Kicks (live) (Owl Eyes - 2011)
A dumb song, trying to be clever and controversial, that didn’t need a poppy cover. 

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