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Larry Franz

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Originally Posted by Al Forsyth
Larry, et al.  - one could always record "The Secret Album", press one and sell for millions.....

For anyone who didn't click on Al's link, it was reported in 2014 that Wu-Tang Clan would record a secret album and then auction it off to one bidder for millions of dollars.

It wasn't their last album, but this is an interesting story:

Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is a double album by the New York hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan which was limited to a single copy sold in 2015. It is the most expensive single album ever sold. One double-CD of the album, which was recorded in secret over six years, was pressed in 2014 and stored in a secured vault at the Royal Mansour Hotel in Morocco. The album was auctioned to the highest bidder ... in 2015, and it was subsequently revealed the winning bid of $2 million was placed by American businessman Martin Shkreli. A legal agreement with the purchaser states the album cannot be commercially exploited until 2103, although it can be released for free or played during listening parties. It has since been argued by some artists involved with the project that producer Cilvaringz misrepresented to members of the group what they were contributing their work to and that it is not a true Wu-Tang Clan album, but rather a con job.

Shkreli shared the intro and part of two tracks after [the 2016 election], after threatening to destroy the album. In 2017 Shkreli allegedly livestreamed a portion of the album to YouTube after a verdict was reached in a criminal case against him. On September 6, 2017, Shkreli placed the album up for auction via eBay; it received 343 bids, with a winning bid of $1,025,100 USD. However, the sale was never completed, and in March 2018, the album was ordered by a judge to be forfeited as a result of the seizure of Shkreli's assets following his conviction for securities fraud. [Wikipedia]

Shkreli is best known for being extraordinarily greedy:

In September 2015, Shkreli received widespread criticism when [one of his companies] obtained the manufacturing license for the antiparasitic drug Daraprim and raised its price by a factor of 56 (from $13.50 to $750.00 per pill), leading him to be referred to by the media as "the most hated man in America"...

In December 2015, he was arrested by the FBI after being indicted on federal charges of securities fraud.... [He] was sentenced in March 2018 to seven years in federal prison and to $7.4 million in fines.

After that, this from Arcade Fire's last album (Everything Now, 2017) sounds appropriate:  "Put Your Money on Me".

The title track from that album:

Larry Franz

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Since nobody else has voted lately, I shall become voter #10:

Gold -- Brian Wilson -- I don't know if Brian ever intended to include "Whatever Happened" in that suite he was supposedly going to record, but it fits nicely with other songs that should have been included. Listening to it in the company of those other songs has probably elevated it for me.

Silver -- Buffalo Springfield -- Written by Neil Young, mostly sung by Richie Furay, it's a classic.

Bronze -- San Fermin -- I think this one is beautiful. I could have followed the time-honored tradition in which hosts rate an obscure personal favorite higher than anyone else, but the coin flip came out in Buffalo Springfield's favor.

Tin -- The Beach Boys -- "Pacific Coast Highway" was supposed to be the fourth song this week, but the one YouTube video didn't work everywhere. I think I kind of liked this one when I first heard it, but it hasn't worn well. "The good times never have to end." Really? Most of us, including Brian, know better.

I didn't think of listening to Bruce Springsteen's last studio album, High Hopes (2014), in preparation for this week. This is "Just Like Fire Would".

Also eligible, but never seriously considered: Antony and the Johnsons, "Christina's Farm", Swanlights (2010).

David W

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My votes

Gold:The Beach Boys, "Isn't It Time"
Silver:Brian Wilson, "Whatever Happened"
Bronze:San Fermin, "Bride"
Tin:Buffalo Springfield, "On the Way Home"
Tom Tobben

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Nice mix of battle songs -- not just a group of overplayed big hits. Had to think about these for a bit before ranking them:

Gold -- "Whatever Happened", Brian Wilson. A lovely, mellowed out tune with nicely layered harmonies. Seems like in Brian's later years, he gravitates more toward these types of reflective songs rather than some of the up-tempo rockers of the past. Perhaps that's what happens as we get later in life and become more pensive about things and about all the proverbial water that has passed under the bridge over the years.

Another such song from Brian's NPP album, "Somewhere Quiet":

Silver -- "On The Way Home", Buffalo Springfield. A classic early Neil Young song, in this case featuring Richie Furay's lead vocals. Buffalo Springfield made a lot of good music in their brief incarnation as such, before the individual members went on to greater fame in other groups or solo. 

Bronze -- "Isn't It Time", BBs. A decent enough song from the inconsistent TWGMTR album. The real strengths of this album are Brian's final trio of reflective songs that close out the album: "From There to Back Again", "Pacific Coast Highway", and "Summer's Gone". 

I'll still never forget the stunned look on Mike Love and Bruce Johnston's faces when Brian closed out the second last show of the Boys' 50th anniversary tour at the Royal Albert Hall in London with a poignant version of "Summer's Gone", accompanied by Al Jardine, David Marks, and Jeffrey Foskett and members of the band. This, of course, was shortly after Mike had insensitively announced that he and Bruce would be returning to their own version of the touring "Beach Boys", without Brian, Al, and David.  Mike, you're a jealous scumbag.

In this live fan clip from that performance to close out the concert, notice Mike and Bruce lurking off in the distance, as Brian gets the final word.

"Old friends have gone,
They’ve gone their separate ways.
Our dreams hold on
For those who still have more to say." 

Tin -- "Bride", San Fermin. A decent enough song and nice lead vocals, but it didn't rate as highly as the other contestants this week. 

A couple other favorites from "last" or "most recent" albums:

George Harrison's lovely instrumental, "Marwa Blues", from his final album, Brainwashed:

"White Man's World", a poignant song from Jason Isbell's most recent album, The Nashville Sound, from 2017:

Finally, this powerful song about racial prejudice, evocative of the Black Lives Matter message, "What It Means", by Alabama's Drive By Truckers, from their most recent album, American Band, from 2016. Tragically, as we continually hear on the news, this song is all too relevant in 2018.

Good battle this week, Larry.

Larry Franz

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David W & Tom -- Thanks for your votes.

There have been a mere 12 voters so far. (Some of the usual participants have been out hunting Easter eggs.) As of now, we also have two songs with the same number of points.

Originally Posted by Tom Tobben
A decent enough song from the inconsistent TWGMTR album. The real strengths of this album are Brian's final trio of reflective songs that close out the album: "From There to Back Again", "Pacific Coast Highway", and "Summer's Gone". 

I'll still never forget the stunned look on Mike Love and Bruce Johnston's faces when Brian closed out the second last show of the Boys' 50th anniversary tour at the Royal Albert Hall in London with a poignant version of "Summer's Gone",accompanied by Al Jardine, David Marks, and Jeffrey Foskett and members of the band..... 

In this live fan clip from that performance to close out the concert, notice Mike and Bruce lurking off in the distance, as Brian gets the final word.

Definitely. If there had been a workable video of "Pacific Coast Highway", it would have replaced "Isn't It Time" this week.

I guess that's Mike and Bruce standing next to Bruce's organ. The helpful fan who filmed and uploaded that performance needs to invest in a steadicam. 

There are roughly 12 hours left in this week's battle. To encourage a few more votes, here's a song from Roxy Music's final studio album, Avalon (1982): "More Than This".

bonnie bella

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Have not found a single egg due to not hiding any.  Also feeling some concern for The Egg around now.  Dangerous times indeed.

GOLD - San Fermin.  (That's Fermin, not vermin.)  I really like this song on first listen and had it pegged for second place until this morning, when it came to me that I liked it enough to award it the giant golden-wrapped egg this week.  Pretty vocals, and basically my kind of song.  Another group that I need to hear more of.

SILVER - Buffalo Springfield.  Great song, deep lyrics, and great vocals.  This is no hollow egg.  It does sound a lot like 1968 and that's fine.  What's wrong with it?  The beat.  It's all a little simple.  Needs a few milk buttons in the middle so when you shake it, it rattles a little.

BRONZE - Brian and co.  I love the pretty harmonies in this song, and it has a lovely tune too, but it's much too over-produced for my liking, and that makes this egg sickly sweet.  We're moving into the dreaded white chocolate territory with this one - and we all know that's not really chocolate.

TIN - TBB.  And here we have the worst kind of egg. Faux white chocolate, even. It's bad.  If I found this one in the garden, I'd probably leave it there.

From Steely Dan's 2003 album Everything Must Go, sounding a whole lot like ... Steely Dan.

Avicii; Sunset Jesus.  From the 2015 album Stories.  Love this song. 

Thanks, Larry.

(Stay safe out there, Egg. It will probably be safe to come out tomorrow.)


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

t bedford

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bonnie says:
(Stay safe out there, Egg. It will probably be safe to come out tomorrow.)

Let's hope his significant other hasn't dropped him.

It's still Easter, I hope he hasn't been rolled.

Maybe he's developed wise cracks?

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Larry Franz

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Thanks for your votes, bonnie. You broke the tie and with your support for San Fermin, 15 of the 16 possible votes have now been filled in. We need one silver to fill in the last slot on the spreadsheet.

You and t bedford are on fire today! We might even say your comments have been egg-traordinary.

San Fermin, by the way, was chosen as the group's name to honor the San Fermin Festival (for some reason). That's the week-long gathering in Pamplona, Spain, that features the dangerous "running of the bulls", among other activities. I feel sorry for the bulls.

I still have two songs I was meaning to post, so in honor of broken eggs and broken bones everywhere, here's My Morning Jacket, "Compound Fracture", Waterfall (2015). Funny how this worked out.

paul g adsett

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gold: 'whatever happened?'
whatever brought these together on an album track?
you'd've thunk there was some internecine doings going on within the ranks...
next think you know,blondie c will be out on the road with bw.
eh, wha'dya mean he is?
did i miss something?
dear david m has neatly sidestepped all the crap and seems not fallen in or out of any faction.
bits of this album i can't play without cringing.
so i don't play.
but, this is one track that i'm prone to have a listen to.
crafted nicely, wistful, nostalgic, without too much saccharin.

silver: 'on the way home'
- upbeat 60's poppy, 
more so than the way in which neil young has performed the song since.
not best track on the album nor buffalo springfield's best offering,
but it's a beautiful album.

bronze: 'isn't it time?'
- wasn't it time these old codgers realised they're not youngsters no more?
at least 'do it again' had a sense of irony alongside its nostalgia.
and that was well within a decade of the group's formation.
this is a different millenium.
production is way over glossed.
it's so contrived!
yet, i like it.
admittedly not as much now as i loved it when it was released.
but, it's ok.

tin: 'bride'
- 'ay, ay, ay...!'
immensely irritating.
repetitively, immensely irritating.
immensely, repetitively irritating.
'ay, ay, ay...', oh, woe is me!

ta for a testing set of picks.
i'll add a couple of tracks that comes from final albums
which still just cut me up.
masterclasses in how to bow out with flair and dignity:

The Egg

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This is NOT The Egg........just an acquaintance helping out a rotund friend in has been a perilous time for the Egg due to societal pressures for a continued false narrative which puts The Egg and those of his ilk on the run from those who would have them consumed by chocolate deprived children!! I have received a coded message directed to this elite group of music conneseurs......I am not sure of its meaning but here goes......

Oro......¿no es tiempo?

Plata.....¿Que pasó?

Bronce...en Camino ha casa


I hope you folks understand The Eggs message......I know he spent his formative years in some South American nests ergo the Spanish....probably his scheme to throw those English speaking countrymen off the trail during this trying time. Please send prayers for his safety until the clock strikes midnight tonight

God bless!

I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!
Lee Marshall

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[confused] So...It's a JOKE then?  [biggrin]  Is JOKE...H-Yolk in Spanish?  [wink]
Larry Franz

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paul -- thanks for your votes and the videos. They're special in different ways.

el conocido del huevo -- Gracias también. Traducido:

Gold: Isn't It Time
Silver: Whatever Happened
Bronze: On the Way Home
Tin: Bride

Lord Huron, "The Night We Met", Strange Trails, 2015

Why not another one?  Buddy Holly, "Blue Days, Black Nights", That'll Be the Day, 1958

Ok, just one more: Buffalo Springfield, "Kind Woman", Last Time Around, 1968

There are only two or three hours left to vote, so if you're still considering, the end is nigh.


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I guess I might be last...
Gold - Brian Wilson, "Whatever Happened"
Silver - Buffalo Springfield, "On the Way Home"
Bronze - The Beach Boys, "Isn't It Time"
Tin - San Fermin, "Bride"
Karen's last, after her passing, from the album "Voice of the Heart ".

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Larry Franz

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Thanks to everyone who participated, including Deb#1, who was last but certainly not least.

With 16 of us voting during precisely seven days of this holiday week, the results are (subject to verification):

Gold: Brian, "Whatever Happened"  (7, 7, 1, 1)   52 points

Silver: Buffalo Springfield, "On the Way Home"  (3, 6, 6, 1)   43 points

Bronze: The Beach Boys, "Isn't It Time"  (5, 3, 4, 4)   41 points

Low Grade Tin: San Fermin, "Bride"  (1, 0, 5, 10)   24 points

Take it away, t.

Darren J. Ray

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Thank you very much, Larry.

And well hosted.

'What Ever Happened' is the ninth track from No Pier Pressure to appear.

It's Brian's most successful solo album in the Battle.

There was a lot of discussion about the album during the week. 

Here is its Battle record:

This Beautiful Day (a Silver in Week 11 of Season VI, 2nd in Silver Play-Off - Graciegirl),

What Ever Happened (a Gold in Week 6 of Season IX - Larry Franz),

Half Moon Bay (a Gold in Week 39 of Season VI - Peter Simpson; a Gold in Week 22 of Season VIII - Tom Tobben),

The Right Time (a Gold in Week 4 of Season VI, 10th in Gold Play-Off - Al Forsyth),

Guess You Had to Be There (a Gold in Week 7 of Season VI, 7th in Preliminary Final - Deb#1),

One Kind of Love (a Gold in Week 15 of Season VII - bonnie bella),

Saturday Night (a Gold in Week 28 of Season VIII, 10th in Preliminary Final - Al Forsyth), 

The Last Song (a Gold in Week 29 of Season VII - Larry Franz),

Don't Worry (a Silver in Week 36 of Season VI - Kevin Witts)

A live version of ‘Runaway Dancer’ won a Gold in Week 21 of Season VI (bonnie bella).

It was the second time around for ‘Isn’t It Time’.

It won the Silver in Week 27 of Season III (Al Forsyth) and finished 8th in the Silver Play-Off.

This week’s scores of 41 and 25.62% doesn’t put it out of contention for play-offs this season.


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