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paul g adsett

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well, i'm late on parade today.
for once, there's a proper reason.
not merely dilettantish faffing around
(though that's the norm for me).
but i've been revising what i'd written as an intro blurb,
since i genuinely don't want to cause anyone offence.
when it comes to delicate subjects, i, like many / most / nay, all of us,
can blunder in and be insensitive in allsorts of ways.
me, i quite enjoy a gentle wind up.
never going to turn down the chance to tweak and confuss,
to prod, question and , when required, confront.
but, never done with malice, even if the end result might annoy.
never done with blinkered, downright self-righteous zeal.
i've had cause, in the past few weeks,
to reflect m'self on the deepest questions of mortality,
attaining inner peace and the (lack of a) hereafter.
and that led me into picking songs that address these thoughts.
little did i know, even when the theme materialised,
that my botb week would coincide with a funeral on wednesday.
for the, um, inspiration behind it all,
maybe go look at the thread in the welcome new members section.
enjoy the selections below,
lob in a few of your own thoughts,
be adventurous. be cheeky. be oblique.
i'd appreciate it more if you resist merely posting any and every song
that has 'heaven' in its title.
talking heads
 'heaven', from 1979's 'fear of music'
jerry harrison is now co-credited with writing this one with david byrne.
what a depiction the sheer ennui...

rian wilson with a ditty from 1988,
which was used as a movie soundtrack number,
co-written and produced with gary usher, who had a hand in early bb numbers
and some notable production duties for eg the byrds.
this one isn't merely a retread of an old hot car song,
but offers a possible solution to inner turmoil.

rom the 1986 album 'skylarking' here's xtc
with a song penned by andy partridge that is self-explanatory, really.

and, an example of how, simultaneously, to question and inspire.
i could write pages, but not achieve anywhere near the beautiful clarity offered here.
nick cave and the bad seeds from 1997's 'the boatman calls' lp,
'into my arms':


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Gold - Brian Wilson - This song deserved so much better than to be buried on the soundtrack to Police Academy 4.   I think with proper promotion, it could've been a big hit in 1987.   But, it remains an almost unknown gem in Brian's solo catalog.  

Silver - Talking Heads

Bronze - XTC - Not really into them, but pretty good

Tin - Nick Cave 
paul g adsett

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thanks for the prompt reply, kds
- agree, it was a lost opportunity to reestablish bw firmly back on top.

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Both sides of the spectrum from Black Sabbath

paul g adsett

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ah, doncha just love da sabbaf?
never backwards in coming forwards to squabble and hurt amongst themselves...
i was never the hugest fan, but this dio era number is fine.
literate, almost meaningful, in its lyrics
and, in its own sweet head banging way,
it addresses dealing with these issues of morality,
good / bad,
reality / illusion,
dupliciousness / truth
and showing compassion down here on earth
- 'bleed for the dancer'

a good one - ta.
Larry Franz

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If it's endless sleep, is it also dreamless sleep? That would be important.

The original "Endless Sleep" by Jody Reynolds (March 1958):

The UK hit, a quick cover by Marty Wilde (June 1958):

This is sometimes attributed to the Beach Boys, but the lead was sung by someone named Rick Denton. The Bellagio site says it was recorded in February 1964.

Darren J. Ray

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I really hope people take their time in voting this week and really listen to the Nick Cave track, especially if they don't know it. 

Thanks for including it, Paul. 

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Heavens to Betsy. It is a question. One we will all find the answer to. Eventually. Or maybe not. 🤷‍♀️
Good week for this. Husband lost his best friend over the weekend, service tomorrow.

Nick Cave was new to me and I like what I've heard so far. I hear shades of Leonard Cohen.
I have a hard time listening to Let's Go to Heaven in My Car 🚗 . It's a macabre feeling. It doesn't mean it is not a good song. Especially for this week.
XTC is quite good, but I didn't hear much with Talking Heads. And the premise..I don't know, maybe you can find heaven in a bar.

Gold - Brian Wilson - Let's Go To Heaven In My Car
Silver - XTC - Dear God
Bronze - Nick Cave - Into My Arms
Tin - Talking Heads - Heaven

Again, sorry about your bruv.

I try hard to be strong
But sometimes I fail myself
And after all I've promised you
So faithfully
You still believe in me
I wanna cry . . .”

Lee Marshall

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Originally Posted by Darren J. Ray
I really hope people take their time in voting this week and really listen to the Nick Cave track, especially if they don't know it. 

Do you?  Ol' Nick sounds like he's covering his bases... know... ... ...just 'in case'.  This is a dangerous bit of conversation-starting 'matter' here Paul old chum.  I don't need to listen to 'anti reLIEgion' and 'sincerely opposed to the man-made concept of god and hay-zeuss' ditties in order to know what I know.  Just like I don't need to play Tuesday Afternoon by the Moody Blues every Tuesday at 12:01 PM.  I already know that it's Tuesday afternoon.

So let's examine these various and sundry bits of music and lyric with an open mind.  Like...if the message doesn't matter...what about the melody?  The chorus?  The arrangement?  The performance?

With that in mind I will HAVE to tie all 4 songs for LAST place...They can all sip from the tin of needless disappointment.  [although THAT was to be expected...the disappointment part I mean.]  Although I like the Brian song better than the me...he dismantled, dissected, and obliterated Water Builds Up...a song which flowed and boiled over with a playful forward motion...and replaced it with this 1/2 measure which, for me, doesn't work.  The fun is gone.  The back seat is too small.  Who tricked Brian into leaving his muse behind for a cheap thrills, chills and peppermint pills imitation of what WAS a great song?

Tinn too...Talking Heads.  Never really took a liking to them.  Oh...OK...the odd song was almost 1/2 decent...but not many.  [including this one.]

Tinnn 3...The Ecstasy song...Making Plans for some guy named 'god' and planting people in a tree to do it.  Nigel is just as likely, if not more so, to turn out to be 'the guy'.

Tinnnn 4...The Head bad seed.  From the album 'Melodies R'nt Us'  [and neither, really 'R' singing]  We do have 1 thing in common though. [besides the fact that I really can't sing to save my life.]  I don't 'believe' either.

Sorry to be such a downer but I'm the guy who fired the lazy that 'notion' is.  I don't need anti deity songs and child molesting [and condoned] priests to remind me that it's all just a power/money grab and that the story is even less equivalent to reality than 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.  I mean really!!!  In this "me too" era IF 'god' existed...especially as advertised...'he' would be in jail for what he did to Joseph's wife.  No...ALL I need to do is look at the story of those 15 people killed in that bus crash with a transport while they traveled to play a post season hockey game.  All I need to do is look at the dozens of dead children who's bus just plunged 60 metres into a gorge in India.  All I need to do is look at the latest mental mayhem and the gases used in order to kill all those kids, women and civilians in Syria.  All I need to do is watch as the current [and hopefully not for much longer] 'president' of the united states brings the western world to financial ruin with his pocket lining greed.  The proof is in reality.  There has NEVER been a 'god' least not the one heralded from money sucking pulpits placed hither and yon.  The shear weight of the evidence hardly even makes the news casts each night as protected evil controls [or at least tries to control] the airwaves with cosmetics, non facts and out and out lies.

And we just sit back and let it deteriorate at a plummeting rate of decline.  We've been divided and conquered.  And we like it, and pay into 'it' in order that 'it' may continue.

The closest we've likely ever come to a living 'god' was a [some say] flawed human who at least inspired the lyrics for THIS bit of wisdom and potential, but yet to be regarded...let alone instituted, guidance.

So who you gonna call?  Ghost Busters?  NO!!!  That clean and clear concept helps those who help themselves...So?  We need to face the music, the mirror and something called honesty and quit waiting for 'god' to get back from hiding in shame for not even attempting to pull 'his' weight.

No need to sing about it.  Just give it a try.  Anything's better than 'this'.

I fired 'god' the day I learned that my first wife's only daughter [from her 2nd marriage] was killed in a senseless car crash on the highway while driving home from work one night.  The time to STOP PRETENDING had arrived right upside my face.  Sorry for you loss Paul.  I'd volunteer to fill the void if I thought for a minute that it would be of any help to you.

John E

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All okay, but I'll go for this order:

1. Nick Cave

2. Talking Heads

3. Brian

4. XTC

Here are a couple more afterlife tracks:

First Maria McKee, a Christian like her late brother (Bryan McLean of Love):

Meanwhile, it took one of the most profoundly philosophical bands of the Sixties to address the really big issues!


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Here's the title track to Queen's posthumous release Made in Heaven.   It's actually a Freddie Mercury solo song from 1985 that Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon "Queen'ed" up after Freddie went into the great beyond

Meat Loaf gave us one of the all time great album openers with the title track to Bat Out of Hell

Here's a song REM wrote for the biopic of the late Andy Kaufman

Here's some original Black Sabbath, citing their love for God and is......really

Larry Franz

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Isn't the idea of the Great Beyond supposed to make us happy?

Gold -- Talking Heads -- I'm a fan and love the lyric about nothing happening in heaven, which is why I've quoted it more than once, including here.

Silver -- Brian Wilson -- I like this musically but it's depressing. "Nothing has helped, I'm flipping out, I'm desperate, let's do it in the backseat, baby, or maybe I'll just crank up this death machine and smear us all over the highway."

Bronze -- XTC -- We get the message. 

Pewter -- Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds -- That's an excellent refrain, but the song isn't as deep as it sounds. "I'm a deist and you're perfect, so why do I sound this way?"

Talking Heads, "Road To Nowhere"

The Doors, "When the Music's Over"

Al Forsyth

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I think Darren used this song once (demo version here) - which may be even better:

Rockville Rocket (check it out Darren - BOTH) Mr. Pitney

More Heaven:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Darren J. Ray

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Larry Franz

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I corrected my vote. I meant to give bronze to XTC.

Neil Young, Dead Man theme

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