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paul g adsett

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david w - funky!
completely new to me.
a mighty sound.

al f - call me blinkered,
but i've not even pressed the button to listen to 'best... 2018'.
- and quoting 'godspell'?
ronald mcdonald would be reeling!
- ok, you redeemed yourself with the k.t./ hall clip.
i'd nip around his house any day of the week if he's up to stuff like this.

kds - no idea either...
someone was going to add this to the pile.
you just did!

thanks to all so far.
talking of sofa,
trembling bells  played a magnificent show on thursday
and then we all consumed suitably excessive amounts of red wine
back here indoors at home afterwards
(well, only following my dear bruv's instructions
- if maybe a trifle too vigourously)...

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Gold - Heaven by Talking Heads.  Surely a reunion is on the cards?  Eagles, Seekers, Paul and Paula ... they've all done it.
Silver - Nick Cave - Into My Arms Aussie Boy gets my silver vote.
Bronze - Let's Go To Heaven In My Car ... how did I miss that song in the soundtrack of Police Academy 2, 6 or whatever
Tin - XTC - Dear God ... thanks for sending your Son ... the missing verse

paul g adsett

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stkilda4ever - i immediately (inexplicably, why should that be, i wonder?)
thought of this.

we'd sit there, every week, me and my bruv,
watching, guessing how many times the screen would freeze during the opening sequence
and we'd walk off after the episode ended, suddenly becoming statues...
here, however, is summat to avoid...

i doubt talking heads will reconvene, but, i'd be up for going to see 'em
(had tkts for their expanded lineup tour that got cancelled, so never did see).

Larry Franz

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Originally Posted by paul g adsett
stkilda4ever - i immediately (inexplicably, why should that be, i wonder?)
thought of this.

Inexplicable or not, Dr. Ben Casey could make Dr. Kildare weak at the knees just by scowling at him or displaying the hair on his chest. Plus Dr. Zorba's work on the chalkboard fits this week so well. (And the theme song rocked.)

Somewhere up there....

R.E.M., "Hope" (cool video too)

you want to trust religion
and you know it's allegory
but the people who are followers
have written their own story
so you look up to the heavens
and you hope that it's a spaceship
and it's something from your childhood
you're thinking don't be frightened

you want to climb the ladder
you want to see forever

An especially emotional, even chill-inducing, rendition of "Over the Rainbow" from Judy Garland's first studio album (1955).

Darren J. Ray

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Sincere condolences on the loss of your brother, Paul. 

I'm sure you did him justice and lifted everyone's spirits with your eulogy. 

And thank you for going ahead with your week. You're a very good man. 

Here are two of the closest songs to heavenly themes that I love. 

The first is Cliff Richard's catchy paean to his Lord, from 1982. 

The second is a 1974 Aussie hit that went all the way to #4 on the Billboard chart (according to Wiki), came 10th in the Bronze Play-Off of Season V and, I know, is a personal favourite of Lee Marshall.

paul g adsett

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djr - couldn't not, ta,
and, as i've said, it's been a good thing to do.
and the theme sprung from that ungraceful poster
on that other thread.
one or two contributions here tax my graciousness
(which, being curmudgeonly m'self, is, at the best of times, stretched)
so my thanks don't go as far as thanking you for sisjmead.
it's abominable!
truly awful.
and she should've been drummed out of the brownies or whatever she joined.
even if one sidesteps the lyrics, it's interminable.
and if heaven consists of calisthenics on a lawn
with this wittering going on,
please send me elsewhere!
riff pilchard apparently used, occasionally,
to attend a church my sis-in-law and bruv used to go to.
good for them, i say.
his is one cliff single in the, um, give-praisey vein that's rather good.
our tony rivers would testify that he wasn't converted during his harmony tenure with cliff,
'funny they never got me!'
though some of the band were, including john perry 
(castaways / grapefruit)  who went into the ministery
and led an evangelical church here in sunny brighton.
my one brush with this is being invited by tony to a party event there, 
when he and son anthony rivers were invited to perform at a hawaiian themed event.
no kidding!
bizarre? indeed.
fun? you bet!
john p was enticed to join them and, boy, those harmonies just kicked in so luvverlylike.
beach boys / cliff / rock'n'soul...
we brought our own booze from the offie nearby
and were fed princely by the assembled congregation.
but, nope - didn't we get converted.
we've still got the plastic leis, hanging dangling in a room.
y'see, everything connects...

paul g adsett

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larry f - funny, i don't recall a st casey.
...4ever yours...

djr - i just looked up the writer of 'the only way out'
is ray martinez, onetime member of  showaddywaddy,
was in a prog band with pick withers later of dire straits
and they were both part of dave edmunds's rockfield studios houseband.

Larry Franz

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Originally Posted by paul g adsett
larry f - funny, i don't recall a st casey.

Yeah, but St. Ben(jamin) rocked (and rolled) through most of the 4th century.

Like the Typhoons, "South of Heaven"

bonnie bella

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Okay paul g adsett, here are my (final) votes.

GOLD - Nick Cave.  Not sure if he would have done as well this week if I hadn't been listening to his music recently.  Larry mentioned that he's not as deep as he might initially sound, and I beg to disagree.  I can see how you came to that though; "Austrailian" and "deep" are two words that don't usually go together, except for perhaps on the subject of mining.  A pity that the clips I posted didn't work.  Worth giving it another go:

Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow.

Stagger Lee.

And right about now, Nick Cave is touring the US.  Y'all should go.

SILVER - Talking Heads.  "Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens" ...  I thought as much.  Talking Heads were a favourite band of my oldest brother, so I got to hear them a lot growing up.  Always impressed by Tina Weymouth on bass, but less so with Byrne's whiny vocals.  In this case, he sounds less tortured than usual, so that's a bonus.

BRONZE - XTC.  Beautiful.  It's a lovely and somewhat familiar song.  Really hard to separate this from Talking Heads, but after a week of them playing (religiously) there just wasn't enough depth here.

TIN - Brian.  Have to skip that first 12 seconds, like the actual music intro, and then it's all downhill from there.  The verses are okay, it's the chorus that I'm not into. Fit's the comedy theme.

Neil Young performing "Dead Man".  Turn it up.


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Cindy Hood

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Hello, Paul!  I almost forgot to vote this week!

Thanks for the birthday wish, Darren!  I
don't go big with the celebrations anymore, but I did have a pleasant day.  The sun came out and none of the cats barfed, so it was a good day.  LOL!

I'll go with:

Gold:  Brian Wilson for Let's Go To Heaven In My Car.

Silver:  Talking Heads for Heaven.

Bronze: XTC for Dear God.

Tin/Pewter:  Nick Cave for into My Arms.

My final answer.

"They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God".

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Gold - Let's Go To Heaven In My Car – Brian Wilson

Silver - Into My Arms – Nick Cave

Bronze - Heaven – Talking Heads

Tin - Dear God -XTC

Graciegirl [smile]

paul g adsett

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shall mop up the penitential crumbs
and totalise in a few mins.
before changing the hymn numbers
(oh, i see it's done already as this week's order of service has been published)
here are my picks:

gold: 'into my arms'
- this chap has recorded some of the best 'popular' music of his generation.
he's played some of the most magnificent live concerts you'd ever be likely to attend.
i shan't debate it here, but he has.
for me, this song rates among his finest
and one that fits readily amongst any list of top spiritual music,
whether a bach mass, sufi qawwali, indian raga...
it's an uplifting expression of despair and optimism,
a love song from a man whose inspiration seems to emerge from
the pains of personal experience.

silver: 'heaven'
- spare me the ennui of a hereafter like this,
but gimme more of this articulate (maybe over artful) band.
yes, tina weymouth is a superb bass player.
and me, i really like byrne's 'whine'.
more so, indeed, as it's matured.

bronze: 'dear god'
- torn here,  with another very favourite band.
but, seems most entrants have placed this low in their ratings too.
it's a neat conceit of a song,
done in patent partridge style.
but it's not as clever as he intends.
i like it, but not as much as the above.eaker derivative of other discrde 
but more than below.

tin: 'let's go to heaven in my car'
- could've / should've been a hit to jumpstart bw 's solo career.
it didn't.
it suffers, for those of us with a wider palette to draw from,
from being a weaker derivative of other bwisms
(as pointed out by others - which i'd not consciously noted, so thankyou for that).
i do like it and do regard the lyrics as more 'meaningful' than many trite ditties.
but, it sits here this week.

right, shall tally soon.
tally ho...

paul g adsett

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well, heavens above,
we have a tie in terms of votes,
but a winner based on number of golds.
id' not've thunk it, but there it is,
ratified by djr.
mr wilson wins by dint of 6 golds to 3 golds +1 4x way tie
(so, lee, your 4 way tin is equal to a 4 way gold!)

gold: 'lgthimc' (6g + 4way tie, 2s, 4b, 3t) 43.5
silver: 'into my arms' (4 + 4way tie, 6s, 2b, 3t) 43.5
bronze: 'heaven' 
(3g + 4-way tie, 6s, 3b, 3t) 41.5
'dear god' (2g+ 4way tie, 1s, 6b, 6t) 31.5

16  entries = 160 votes

many thanks to all of you who've popped by, voted, added suggestions,
sent me words i  really appreciated this week
or even if you just read and moved on.
it's been a week i'd not expected,
but, honestly, made the better by the participation here.
you're part of my extended family and this blueboard place remains important to me.
it does.
i trust i've not upset / angered / appalled anyone with my take on organised dogma,
and contemplating the great beyond, 
but hopefully tickled, amused and caused some thought
with the choices we've shared.
i'll sign off with a different version of the john cale song
i used on the other thread that helped prompt my theme
('love you and pray for you daily, brian'
in the new members section,
started by a capitalised newbie who proved far from christian in outlook).

love, mercy, peace, understanding and cheers to y'all

Darren J. Ray

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Thanks, Paul.

And thanks again for hosting the week.

It’s the ninth time (from 360 weeks) in a regular season that Gold and Silver have had to be separated on a countback.

The record:

Glad All Over (The Dave Clark Five - 1963) (55) (10 Golds) / Getting Better (The Beatles - 1967) (55) (6 Golds) (Week 36, Season I, mother’s little helper),

Lay Down Burden (Brian Wilson - 1998) (50) (6 Golds) / Midnight’s Another Day (Brian Wilson - 2008) (50) (5 Golds) (Week 41, Season I, Deborah O’Neill),

The Nearest Faraway Place (The Beach Boys - 1969) (44) (7 Golds) / Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits - 1980) (44) (4 Golds) (Week 29, Season II, Teenage Symphony),

Angie (The Rolling Stones - 1973) (59) (7 Golds) / Lola (The Kinks - 1970) (59) (5 Golds) (Week 10, Season IV, Jo McGuire),

Cindy (Ricky Nelson - 1959) (58) (8 Golds) / Cindy Incidentally (Faces - 1973) (58) (6 Golds) (Week 10, Season VI, Cindy Hood),

Walk On (Roy Orbison - 1968) (60) (7 Golds, 7 Silvers) / Go Away Boy (The Pearlfishers - 2000) (60) (7 Golds, 6 Silvers) (Week 12, Season VI, Darren J. Ray),

River Song (Dennis Wilson - 1977) (59.5) (9 Golds) / Rio Grande (Brian Wilson - 1988) (59.5) (7 Golds) (Week 4, Season VII, t Bedford),

Hey, St. Peter (Flash and the Pan - 1976) (55) (6 Golds) / Rain (Dragon - 1983) (55) (4 Golds) (Week 20, Season VIII, Darren J. Ray)

Let’s Go to Heaven in My Car (Brian Wilson - 1987) (6 Golds) / Into My Arms (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - 1997) (4 Golds) (Week 8, Season IX, paul g adsett)

There have also been two play-offs where the result required a countback.

They are:

Stop! In the Name Of Love (The Supremes - 1965) (112) (three 1st places) / Dance to the Music (Sly & the Family Stone - 1968) (112) (one 1st place) (Bronze Play-Off, Season I),

Wishing (Buddy Holly - 1958/1963) (169) (five 1st places) / Sunshine Superman (Donovan - 1966) (169) (four 1st places) (Bronze Play-Off, Season IV)

It was the second time around for ‘Let’s Go to Heaven in My Car’.

It won the Silver in Week 20 of Season VI (Darren J. Ray).

Its winning score of 43.5 is the lowest points for a Gold winner since ‘My World Fell Down’ (Sagittarius - 1967) won Week 31 of Season III (t Bedford) with 43 points.

It was the second entry for Talking Heads.

‘And She Was’ won the Bronze in Week 35 of Season VI (Deb#1).

It was the seventh entry for XTC. 

Their results are:

Poor Skeleton Steps Out (a Tin in Week 34 of Season I - t Bedford), 
We're All Light (a Gold in Week 35 of Season I - Paul Adsett), 
Dear Madam Barnum (a Bronze in Week 32 of Season II - t Bedford),
Love on a Farmboy's Wages (a Tin in Week 31 of Season IV - t Bedford), 
Books Are Burning (a Tin in Week 34 of Season VI - t Bedford), 
River of Orchids (a Bronze in Week 4 of Season VII - t Bedford),
Dear God (a Tin in Week 8 of Season IX - paul g adsett)

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