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Darren J. Ray

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Phew [wink]
John E

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Larry Franz

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But now it's 19.

Gold -- Buddy Holly -- There's something about this one that I just love, although it was something different for him. You have to wonder where he would have gone musically if he'd had more time.

Silver -- The Beach Boys -- Not one of my favorite Pet Sounds tracks, but it picks up plenty of steam by the end.

Bronze -- The Ronettes -- Not well known, but it's one of my favorites of theirs. I've heard it a lot.

Pewter -- The Temptations -- There's just one little bit I don't care for. Easily gold for me most other weeks.

It's very late here, but it's always time for Neil. Two versions of "Powderfinger". It fits the theme because it's one of those stream of consciousness songs. The stream continues after the young man dies, which isn't completely expected.

Cowboy Junkies, live but quiet (Ireland, 2009?)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, live and louder (Sydney, 2013)

PS -- Hi John -- You still thinking about your vote? And no poetry yet from Paul A. But there are still about eight hours to go.
paul g adsett

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mama said 'don't dilly dally...'
i never learnted.
i dillied and i dallied,
long after the van had left
and still procrastinate beyond tomorrow.
but, she still believed in me.
the missus says 'where's your head at?',
as i sit and wonder, looking blankly.
but she still believes in me.
we found true love ways very early on
and , though my imagination often runs away with me,
i know only too well that she still believes in me.
and we still believe in each other... 

tin: 'i wonder'
- doesn't deserve the meagrest point.
tempted to give it equal billing to the others,
however, it's just maybe too spector-formulaic,
but i like it.

 bronze: there is no bronze
- impossible to split the next two. 

joint silver: 'just my imagination'
- summer magic that'll brighton up a troubled head.
it's just fab.
until that is, you realise that it's a paean to unrequited lurv.
how can longing for the unobtained/able be so sweet?
crikey, the chap should be in the depths of painful discombobuluation,
but manages to overcome it by, well, by the power of imagination...
beauteous vocals,
but, strip them away and the orchestration is just gorgeous, too.

joint silver: 'true love ways'
- oh, lordy, what would this fellow have achieved
if he'd not perished in such awful fashion?
he's moved on from the early recordings,
found new (love) ways to produce such  wonderful music.
strings not mawkish,
with thrilling trills.
harp adds heavenly touches.
teensiest piano tinklettes.
dig those little sax lines.
and, buddy's vocals.
ah, buddy's vocals... 

gold: 'you still believe in me'
oh, deary me, i just love this.
the way it wends and weaves through its wieieierdest true love ways.
from it's magical, ethereal opening to its too soon faded conclusion.
from its tinkle harpsichord / kinky piano to its deep clarinet.
from its wieieierd chords to its, um, other wieieierd chords.
from its plaintive lead vocal to its heavenly choir.
from its deep timpani to that 'beep beep' toy horn
(thank heavens bw didn't / couldn't remove it from the track!).
both music and the lyrics, i just love it to bits.
a high spot of a truly wonderful album. 

and, after 2 fab (well, one very fab,
one slightly dodgy, but nevertheless fab-enough) nights at the palladium
we've got more bw 'pet sounds' concerts to look forward to.
plus, saturday night, we witnessed our very own brighton beach boys
perform entire the album once again alongside 'sgt pepper'
as their annual outing during brighton festival fringe.
good stuff, chaps! 

this set of songs has been swirling around my head all week
and, in truth, has tweaked out all sort of emotions.
some of them threatened to run away with me.
some of them reined me in and made me reflect.
all in all, far from messing with my head,
they've helped me remind m'self just how therapeutic music can be.
and, for that, larry, i thank you, truly, deeply...

Popeye (not the sailor)

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My heavy mental votes:

There are no clunkers here so I'll rate them numerically.

1. True Love Ways - Buddy Holly

2. You Still Believe in Me - Beach Boys

3. Just My Imagination - Temptations

4. I Wonder- The Ronettes

Good one Larry!
John E

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My order is as follows, though all are classics:

1. Beach Boys

2. Buddy

3. Temptations

4. Ronettes

Larry Franz

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Paul, Popeye and John -- thanks for your votes. And thanks for your comments, Paul.

One for me to listen to while I finish up: "Car Crazy Cutie", 1963

Larry Franz

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As far as the voting goes, this has been a paradoxical week. Almost everyone expressed great appreciation for the selections, but there was general agreement about which songs were preferred. In other words: these are really good, but they're really good in this specific order. Maybe the voting was affected by who the artists were? That is, how we would rank these artists in general?

Going into the week, I assumed the Beach Boys would win and the Ronettes would come in fourth (partly because "I Wonder" is relatively obscure), but I had no idea the gaps between the four songs would be so great. 

The preliminary final results with 22 of us voting:

Gold -- The Beach Boys, "You Still Believe In Me" -- 73.5 (12, 5, 1, 2 and a 4-way tie)

Silver -- Buddy Holly, "True Love Ways" -- 64 (5, 10, 4, 1, a tie for silver and that 4-way tie)

Bronze -- The Temptations, "Just My Imagination" -- 50 (2, 5, 9, 4 and those two ties)

Tin -- The Ronettes, "I Wonder" --  32.5 (1, 0, 6, 13 and the 4-way tie)

Note that the winner got the most gold votes, 2nd place got the most silver, and so on. It's nicely symmetrical that way.

I hope I got the numbers right. Darren will be along to confirm the results and possibly offer some analysis. Thank you, Darren, as always.

Thanks for participating everybody. Meanwhile, bonnie is counting on us! [smile]
Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Larry. 

Those scores are in the book, currently the fourth post from the bottom on this forum page. 

22 voters is the most we've had this season. 

It's the biggest turnout we've had, play-offs included, since Week 42 (bonnie bella) last season, also with 22. 

The last time we had more was Week 33 (Al Forsyth) last season with 23. 

Hopefully, we can return to these numbers, or more, on a regular basis. 

We thank recent newbies, Ney Garm and NotJermia, for getting on board and encourage any lurkers out there to cast your votes. 

Also, don't fight the urge if you'd like to host a week. Pete Simpson is currently taking names (on the post near the top of this forum page). 

Indeed, it was the second time around for 'You Still Believe in Me'. 

Verden's selection in Week 9 of Season IV, with 63 points and 35.00% from 18 voters, just missed the play-offs. 

This time, with the second highest points total so far (73.5) but eighth highest percentage (33.41), with less than a third of the season completed, it's in the mix for higher honours. 

Its fate may depend on 'True Love Ways' and 'Just My Imagination'. 

'True Love Ways' has the highest points total for a Silver (64) so far this season and fifth highest percentage (29.09). 

'Just My Imagination' has the second highest points total for a Bronze (50) and fourth highest percentage (22.73). 

As such, they will both most likely make their play-offs. 

If either wins, 'You Still Believe in Me' will progress. 

11 of the 16 tracks associated with Pet Sounds have featured in at least one battle. 

They are:  

Wouldn't It Be Nice (a Gold in Season III, 1st (annual Gold) in Gold Play-Off3rd in the Ultimate Battle - Cindy Hood), 

You Still Believe in Me (a Gold in Season IV - Verden McCutcheon; a Gold in Season VII - Larry Franz), 

Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) (a Gold in Season I, 5th in Preliminary Final - Wow! Great Concert; a Gold in Season VI, 2nd (annual Silver) in Gold Play-Off - Deb#1), 

Sloop John B (a Gold in Season I, 10th in Gold Play-Off - Prodigal Son), 

God Only Knows (a Gold in Season II, 1st (annual Gold) in Gold Play-Off1st in the Ultimate Battle - Cynthia D. Hood), 

I Know There's an Answer (a Gold in Season I - Al Forsyth), 

Here Today (a Gold in Season V, 7th in Gold Play-Off - Roy Rogers), 

I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (a Gold in Season II, 4th in Gold Play-Off - Al Forsyth; a Silver in Season V - Tom Tobben), 

Caroline, No (a Gold in Season I, 8th in Gold Play-Off - Joy B; a Gold in Season III (still the only song to ever receive unanimous Golds in a week), 6th in Preliminary Final - Al Forsyth; a Gold in Season VII - Deb#1) 

A cover of 'Caroline, No' by Tony Clef won a Gold in Season II and finished 10th in the Preliminary Final (John Potter).  

A live version of 'Let's Go Away for Awhile', performed by Brian Wilson in 2000, won a Silver in Season II (Deborah O'Neill).
A live version of 'Pet Sounds', performed by Brian Wilson in 2002, won a Gold in Season VII (Lisa G/TS) and may make play-offs. 

'True Love Ways' was only the second Buddy Holly record entered so far. 

'Wishing' won a Bronze in Week 17 of Season IV (D.A.N), won its play-off, and finished 8th in the Preliminary Final. 

'Just My Imagination' was the second entry for The Temptations. 

'Beauty is Only Skin Deep' won a Silver in Week 30 of Season IV (snoops71). 

'I Wonder' was the fourth entry for The Ronettes. 

Their record so far: 

(The Best Part of) Breakin' Up (a Tin in Week 21 of Season II - David Wilson), 
Be My Baby (a Gold in Week 35 of Season III, 4th in the Gold Play-Off - Sue Schlichter), 
So Young (a Bronze in Week 35 of Season III - Sue Schlichter),
I Wonder (a Tin in Week 14 of Season VII - Larry Franz)

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