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Hi Bonnie,


Here is my vote for this week.


One Kind of Love – Brain Wilson

Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

I’m Mandy Fly Me – 10cc

Tin – Seven Nations Army – The White Stripes


Graciegirl [smile]



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GOLD Brian
BRONZE Maroon 5
TIN White Stripes.   Yeah, famous bass line.  Actual song's not that good.
Tom Tobben

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Better get my votes in before the deadline bypasses me. A fine battle with all excellent artists and songs, so I went back and forth during the week about possible rankings. Here's where I've landed at the present moment:

Gold -- "Seven Nation Army", White Stripes. I've long been a fan of this minimalist group from Detroit, and of Jack White's blues/rock guitar influences and skills. While some might see this song's basic guitar riff as repetitive, I'm fascinated by all that White is able to do with it, to the point of the song becoming a 2000s rock anthem. Jack White's musical influences are quite interesting, principally from old blues to classic rock, but with sprinkles of all sorts of other influences tossed in, such as their take on this old Dusty Springfield classic, also from their 2003 Elephant album, which featured this week's battle song and my gold pick this week.

Or, here's their cover of legendary bluesman Son House's classic "Death Letter", featuring White on bottleneck guitar:

For the record, Jack White's real name is John Anthony Gillis. When he married fellow Detroit area native Megan White in 1996, he broke with convention and took her last name, before eventually divorcing in 2000. Thus, most of their recordings as the White Stripes were made after they were no longer a married couple.

Silver -- "One Kind of Love", Brian Wilson. A lovely song from Brian's recent NPP album and from the Love & Mercy movie soundtrack. Unlike some here, I can't speak to how much or little the vocals were "fixed" in the studio so, like most music, I evaluate it by what the finished version sounds like and also how well it fit in thematically to the Love & Mercy film. Sonically, the song feels similar to some of the songs on the TLOS album from a few years back.

Bronze -- "I'm Mandy, Fly Me", 10cc. Just one of numerous lovely and distinctive-sounding songs from 10cc from their prime years, and certainly some most original lyrics. During their prime years, each new album was a sonic treat, to see what new sounds, songs, and lyrics they had come up with. Though some would cast 10cc as cutesy pop tunesmiths, a la lightweight Macca's, they were never afraid to explore new ground.

Tin -- "Sunday Morning", Maroon 5. A lovely ballad from their debut album by these contemporary pop songsters, and featuring Adam Levine's distinctive vocal timbre. Certainly a good enough song to rank higher for me some weeks, but I preferred the others more.

All in all, an excellent battle week, bonnie, and certainly a fun battle theme, counting our way up the numerical and musical stairway to heaven.

Picking up where Larry left off:

And here are the six originators of a widely covered song, most notably by Grand Funk a few years later. The songwriter, lead singer, and guitarist, John Ellison, happens to be my son-in-law's uncle, and he performed a rousing version of his classic at our older daughter and son-in-law's wedding reception some years ago.

Next, back to the late 50s oldies of my childhood:

This one may have already been used earlier in the week, but worthy of repeating (if already used):

Finally, pardon my indulgence with this fascinating eccentricity (#9, #9, #9) from my all-time favorite group:
bonnie bella

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Well!  There is enough music here to last me through next week as well!  Thanks to everybody for the contributions.  What I thought might be a competition among each other soon turned into a competition with ourselves to get the most songs in sequential order - and I was amazed by what people found!

Tom, I'm very happy to see another fan of Jack Black!

Paul, I always look forward to your contribution, and more than one from you this week is just plain old delightful.  Thank you.

CM, I certainly understand your concern.  I actually thought it was about somebody making their way out of trouble, or home, no matter what.  Thank you for your votes and thoughtful comments, I appreciate them. 

Thanks to all the most important voters - the weekenders!  I'll leave the voting open for a few more hours then put the results through.  An obvious winner and loser, but the middle is all in the air.  Will Mandy come crashing down, or will Jack and his sister take the tumble?


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Al Forsyth

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Can we just call THIS Revolution #1?  I've never heard it before - it's sooooo grand!!!

Numbering off, Bonnie.  Nice job with it this week. 

A diamond necklace played the pawn...

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Gold – "One Kind of Love", Brian Wilson

Silver – "I'm Mandy Fly Me", 10CC

Bronze – "Sunday Morning", Maroon 5

Tin – "Seven Nation Army", The White Stripes

Great week, bonnie.


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Larry Franz

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bonnie -- In case you run out of music too quickly:

Two from Arcade Fire, The Suburbs, 2010

"Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" [that's a 2]

"Half Light I" [that's a 1]

And one from Brian:

Rachel & the Revolvers, "Number One", 1962

bonnie bella

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So much music this week, but for me there were some particular standouts.

Al, thanks for posting Prince, this must come first!  Also, TBB's and that wonderful John Lennon acoustic right above.  If any of you haven't played it, it might just be worth your while. I'm glad you had time to vote and contribute this week, Al. 

Tom, very nice to start the week with that lovely Crosby Stills and Nash song, I'm a sucker for them and their matchy matchy blue shirts and jeans, and those big belt buckles.  I also enjoyed the contributions (and defense) you put up for The White Stripes.  I adore their cover of "Jolene."

t, a number of excellent songs as usual.  Starting with 76 Trombones, which I totally enjoyed.  LOVED the song by The Nails, where did you unearth that little "gem"?  I also really enjoyed The Pixies Three.  And you managed to squeeze some Kinks in there too.  Too many good songs from your list to mention, but a whole lot saved for a rainy day...

kds, Aerosmith was the clip I liked most that you posted.  Great to know you always read the instructions before assembling anything.

Darren, thanks for posting The Everly Brothers, which took me on a musical journey through their concerts in the eighties or possibly nineties.  Stunningly beautiful, wish I'd gone to one of those concerts.  I also enjoyed the Liam Wilson techno clip for some reason I cannot explain, and the Carpenters, which is also surprise.  (And I like that version of the song better too.)

Larry, the first to post The Byrds, who may have gone up "Eight Miles" three or four times, so we multiplied, but thankfully never squared it.  The Eddy Cochran song was lovely, but The Bobby Fuller Four and TBB were the posts I most enjoyed from your contributions this week.  I meant it when I said you have good taste in music, by the way.  [smile]

Lisa, a lot of great stuff this week.  I've always had a soft spot for Ringo and his solo career.  TBB "Three Blind Mice" was a stellar addition, and I loved the energy of Big Band Voodoo Daddy.  Of course, your Sesame Street clip took the cake.

Paul, playing the Clash also inspired a little trail of destruction through some of their material.  Although I didn't find it as soothing as The Everly Brothers.  Thanks again for chucking your hat in the ring.

Lee, from your line up I would have played Dolly and Bob Marley first.  It was you who started the sequential number revolution! 

CM and NotJermia, thanks for contributing, anthems or no anthems.  It was great to see NotJermia vote again. 

Totaling the score now, so give me three days and I'll post the result.  [wink]


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

t bedford

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bonnie, I'm pretty sure I know "88 Lines..." because I worked nights about 35 years ago, and would listen to WCSB from Cleveland State (low power college radio with no commercials/or commercial restrictions), where the DJ's could play anything they wanted to. I recalled the title this week, but may not have been able to recall the band name without YouTube. Glad you enjoyed it.

A couple to round out the week:

I'm not a real billionaire, but I play one on TV!
Cantina Margarita

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Originally Posted by bonnie bella
Totaling the score now, so give me three days and I'll post the result.  [wink]

ok, do your best, but watch out: there's a new Excel virus sending you links with football arena anthems, called Ole-ole-ole-oleeeeee, whenever you happen to press the F9 key ![biggrin]
Popeye (not the sailor)

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Sorry i'm late.

My numbers up votes!

Gold: One Kind of Love - Brian Wilson

Silver: I'm Mandy Fly Me - 10cc - A nice discovery.

Bronze: Sunday Morning - Maroon 5

Tin: Seven Nation Army - White Stripes

Thanks bonnie!
bonnie bella

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Thanks Popeye,  That takes us to a nice round 20 votes.  So with an aggregate of 200...

GOLD - Brian brings it home this week with a very respectable 67 points.   (11G, 5S, 4B, 0T).

SILVER - 10CC gain this weeks silver with 51 points.  (4G, 7S, 5B, 4T).

BRONZE - The White Stripes had more golds, but fell away into third position with just 44 points in the end.  (5G, 4S, 4B, 7T).

PAINT TIN - Maroon 5 should be a little red in the face with this result.  34 points and not one Gold placing!  (0G, 4S, 7B, 9T).

Thanks again for a great week everybody!  [biggrin]



Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, bonnie. 

They're in the book, currently the third last post on the forum page. 

'One Kind of Love' is the seventh song from No Pier Pressure to appear in the Battle.

It has a solid record: 

The Right Time (a Gold in Week 4 of Season VI, 10th in Gold Play-Off - Al Fosyth), 
Guess You Had to Be There (a Gold in Week 7 of Season VI, 7th in Preliminary Final - Deb#1),
This Beautiful Day (a Silver in Week 11 of Season VI, 2nd in Silver Play-Off - Graciegirl),
Runaway Dancer (live version) (a Gold in Week 21 of Season VI - bonnie bella), 
Don't Worry (a Silver in Week 36 of Season VI - Kevin Witts), 
Half Moon Bay (a Gold in Week 39 of Season VI - Peter Simpson), 
One Kind of Love (a Gold in Week 15 of Season VII - bonnie bella)

It was the fifth entry for 10cc. 

Their record: 

Old Wild Men (a Tin in Week 28 of Season I - Roy Roger Bridge), 
The Dean and I (a Silver in Week 38 of Season I - John Potter), 
Rubber Bullets (a Gold in Week 22 of Season IV - Roy Rogers), 
Life is a Minestrone (a Bronze in Week 14 of Season VI - Peter Simpson), 
I'm Mandy Fly Me (a Silver in Week 15 of Season VII - bonnie bella)

They have yet to make the play-offs. 

They won't with 'I'm Mandy Fly Me' this season unless 'Seven Nation Army' can sneak into the Bronze Play-Off and score a win. 

If that occurs, both songs, along with 'One Kind of Love', would all progress to the Preliminary Final. 

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