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Larry Franz

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This week's results (yet to be confirmed by an independent observer) from 20 voters: it was close for Gold and close for Bronze. 

Gold:  The Beach Boys, "Good to My Baby", 55.5 points (7 G, 5 S, 4 B, 3 T and a tie for Bronze)

Silver:  Chuck Berry, "School Day (Ring Ring Goes the Bell)", 54 points (7 G, 4 S, 5 B, 4 T)

Bronze:  The Lovin' Spoonful, "You Didn't Have To Be So Nice", 46.5 points (3 G, 5 S, 7 B, 4 T and a tie for Bronze)

Tin:  Cyndi Lauper, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", 44 points (3 G, 6 S, 3 B, 8 T)

Plus one post stating it was too hard to choose, which could be interpreted as a four-way tie, adding 2.5 points to each song, except that the rules don't mention abstentions.

Thanks to everyone who participated or didn't and now on to Darren's week 25.

But it wouldn't be fair to these guys if I left them all alone on the queue, so without further ado:

The Arctic Monkeys, "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High", AM, 2013

Darren J. Ray

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Well done, Larry. 

Yep, those scores are in the book. (Check your junk e-mail - I might be in there!)

That leaves 'Bull Session With Big Daddy' as the only track from Today! not to have been used yet.

There have been six Golds, four Silvers and one Bronze. 

The most popular song has proven to be 'Kiss Me Baby'. 

The record:

Kiss Me Baby (a Gold in Week 1 of Season I, 1st in Preliminary Final, 5th in Gold Play-Off - Wow! Great Concert!), 
Dance, Dance, Dance (a Gold in Week 13 of Season I - Prodigal Son), 
Please Let Me Wonder (a Gold in Week 39 of Season I - Roy Roger Bridge), 
She Knows Me Too Well (a Silver in Week 42 of Season I - Darren J. Ray), 
Help Me, Ronda (a Silver in Week 21 of Season II - David Wilson), 
Do You Wanna Dance? (a Gold in Week 9 of Season III - Verden McCutcheon),
I'm So Young (a Silver in Week 35 of Season III, 9th in Silver Play-Off - Sue Schlichter), 
Don't Hurt My Little Sister (a Bronze in Week 3 of Season VI - t Bedford),
When I Grow Up (To Be a Man) (a Gold in Week 24 of Season VI - t Bedford),  
In the Back of My Mind (a Silver in Week 42 of Season VI - bonnie bella),  
Good to My Baby (a Gold in Week 24 of Season VII - Larry Franz)

A live version of 'Dance, Dance, Dance' also won a Silver in Week 17 of Season III (t Bedford). 

It was the fifth Chuck Berry selection. 

His record: 

Run, Rudolph, Run (a Bronze in Week 44 of Season II - Cynthia D. Hood), 
Rock and Roll Music (a Gold in Week 33 of Season III, 9th in Preliminary Final - Deb#1), 
Maybelline (a Gold in Week 38 of Season IV - brent mcmullen),
Johnny B. Goode (a Gold in Week 37 of Season V - snoops71),
School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell) (a Silver in Week 24 of Season VII - Larry Franz)

It was the fourth Lovin' Spoonful entry.

Their record:

Rain on the Roof (a Gold in Week 30 of Season I - Verden McCutcheon),  
Do You Believe in Magic (a Gold in Week 20 of Season IV - t Bedford),
Summer in the City (a Silver in Week 24 of Season V - Cindy Hood), 
You Didn't Have to Be So Nice (a Bronze in Week 24 of Season VII - Larry Franz)

It was the first entry for Cyndi Lauper, but it looks like we can lock in 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' for the Tin Play-Off this year. 


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Thanks for another fun week of the BOTB.  

Darren J. Ray

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Thank you, kds, but Larry's your man. 

I'm just the number cruncher. 

But thanks for your continued support. 

And I hope you'll think about hosting again. 

Pete's looking for names. 
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