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paul g adsett

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with a stack of equipment of all varieties piled up in the porch,
let's concentrate on a few vocals
- a cappella, as they say.
i've not rummaged around on street corners or barber shops
of brooklyn / the bronx to dig out this week's contenders.
i've plucked from the uk
(other than the bb selection
- now, look,
if i could've found a beach boys 'cor blimey mary poppins' moment,
i might well have plumped for that,
but can only use the resources at hand.
it might prove a walkover, it might not...).
before we start, however, in the spirit of true comparison,
here are the beach boys, with their first ever uk tv appearance
- there's two numbers
but click on 2:53ish and listen from there to see what might've been included...)

nb - this is not in competition.
i repeat... not in competition...
but these are:

the housemartins: 'caravan of love'
- a combo, self-styled '4th best band in hull', who had success during the mid 80's
with jolly tunes, with some political / gospel overtones.
norman cook with norman cook, who joined on bass
(he'd worked behind the counter of brighton's best independent record shop).
when the band dissolved, norman moved back to brighton,
made a wad of hits under allsorts of names before morphing into
the mighty mega-persona of fatboy slim.
and hemingway formed the beautiful south which had a long(ish) career,
taking smooth lounge-like tunes melded with barbed political lyrics
into the charts.
here's their only uk number, from december 1986
(knocked off the number 1 spot the week before xmas!).
it's a cover of an isley brothers song.
i've included a live performance, not the 45rpm version.

chumbawamba: 'idris strike song'
- if you'll have heard of them at all,
it'll probably be because you remember that bonkers hit 'tubthumping'
that caused responses of oodles of bile from the, um, 'establishment'
after some daft jinx involving a jug of water and deputy pm john prescott
at the 1998 brit awards.
they were a collective who used music and theatrics of all styles,
punk / agit-prop / dada / techno / pantomime / folk / music hall...
to put across their message.
here is an a example of their a cappella days,
from ''english rebel songs 1381–1984'  their 2003 album of protest songs.
set to a tune you'll doubtless know,
this relates to industrial action taken in 1911 at a soda water / soft drink factory in wales. idris was swallowed up in 1987 by the humongously massive britvic empire
(manufactures / distributes / markets sugary soft drinks brands from  
j2o / tango / gatorade / 7up / robinsons / r white's / teisseire / pepsi max / liptons...)

beach boys: 'breakaway'
- how do you pick a beach boys  track to enter this competition?
look, i could've picked any number of 'stack of tracks' stuff.
any number of clips of 'their hearts were full of spring'.
some of 'em, quite honestly, wouldn't win a runner up prize at amateur night
(no reflection on the final, instrumentally augmented arrangement).
anyway, i've not picked my own favourite (i'll let you know later in the week)
but one that does justice to the present battle.
if you stop at 3:07, that's the song, chaps,
but, by all means listen on to the second half.

well, folks,
you're just going to have to give me a little extra time to fix this one.
it's, um, hanging in the ether, pendulously pending.
so, i'll leave you guessing.
and, y'won't be able to make up your final minds until you hear the result...
(discreet cough a little while later...).
ok, it is (with the kink knocked out of it).

celsi, bragg & maitland: 'the bright light of glasgow'
recorded live during their '50th summer of love' uk tour,
green man gallery, buxton in derbyshire.
anny celsi is based in la - her music described as 'beatnik cool' pop noir' .
duncan maitland 
lives in dublin, was in picturehouse and part of
that curiously bizarre outfit pugwash.
and then there's that chap mr nelson bragg jr ,
touring after the latest round of uk 'pet sounds 50th anniversary' gigs.
we caught their show there and in woodstock, oxfordshire
a couple of nights later,
but missed my own night in sunny brighton that i fixed at the greys
(holidays - dumb, eh!)...
anny celsi wrote this new song in memory and honour of the fine woman
who offered beds for the night way up there in her flat beyond the gorbals
when we descended upon glasgow on nelson'n'anny's first tour,
way back in the summer of 2009.
after the guest-laden gig at the 13th note club,
we had no place to kip.
bring on daniel wylie  (cosmic rough riders), who'd opened the evening.
'you can come and stay at my ma's' says he.
i'll fill you in with the tale later in the week...
for now, that's all you need to know as an intro to this song of anny's.


from sunny brighton

Larry Franz

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One that might fare pretty well....

Lee Marshall

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While we wait... ... ...I'm off to Kitchener to catch a concert.  To be continued then... 

[So far I'm going with the group featuring the man I'm going to see in Kitchener but we'll see what magic Paul pulls out of his cap before voting on but 3 choices.  The 4th will, no doubt, overwhelm.  Isley, Jasper, Isley anyone?  Just sayin'.]

Is it really sunny there again today Paul?  The plants, trees, shrubs and flowers must be doing horribly.  But no mosquitoes hatching in stagnant water to speak of say what?
Darren J. Ray

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Hey, hey! I know the guy who posted that Beach Boys clip. 

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Originally Posted by Larry Franz
One that might fare pretty well....

I'll take that one!
paul g adsett

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sorry 'bout the delay - hitchin' glitches,
which i've ironed out
(+ i've not yet cleared the clip with the artists concerned,
so i trust they'll not go 'oh, no, pull it...')...

off y'go, chaps...

well, djr, what a teensy world, eh..
and, yes, mr marshall, it's a luvverly sunny day here
- flat calm sea, goldeny / silver pools of sunlight,
the ever-growing windfarm on the horizon standing at attention,
seagulls swirling,
barely any traffic noise emanating from the city below us hereatop our hill,
green downland and browning leaves to the north and west horizons,
very enticing
(we sat up on the downs yesterday afternoon,
basking in autumnal bliss).
David W

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My votes early for a change  :

Gold: Beach Boys
Tin:C Band M (sorry !)

Sun's been out in Cornwall , so time for a sea shanty :

Larry Franz

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There's no need for instrumental accompaniment when voting:

Gold -- The Beach Boys -- I'm sensing a walkaway.

Silver -- The Housemartins -- Good song. 

Bronze -- Chumbawamba -- Good singing and I'm all for the union, but not quite silver-worthy. The tune is familiar, but what words would ordinarily go with it?

Tin -- Celsi, Bragg & Maitland -- I'm sensing a runaway (and hide).

Al posted this in his a capella Beach Boys week three years ago (season 5, week 22). It's another likely prize winner.

The Beach Boys, "Kiss Me Baby"

bonnie bella

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Well then, mr adsett, you finally threw your toys out?

Love isolated vocals.  And harmonies.  Here are a couple of instant standouts.

Pearl Jam "Black". Eddie Vedder; Wow, there's a baritone for ya.

Blondie - I could have picked almost any one of her songs, she sounds fabulous.  "Heart of Glass".

And paying homage to these beautiful-together ladies.  The Ronettes "Baby I Love You".

While we're here; have you considered changing your underwear recently?  Just a thought.  [smile]  


Clowns divorce: custardy battle.     Simon Munnery


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Gold - Beach Boys 

Silver - Housemartins

Bronze - CBM

Tin - Chumbawumba - At least you didn't select Tubthumping 
Lee Marshall

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For me?  This week is easy-peasy.

Gold: Our sand-pail sailors...the Beach it with ease.  The competition?  What competition?

Silver: The Housemartins take 2nd because they don't sound like a barbershop quartet...although I prefer the Isley, Jasper, Isley version of this song at least 90-fold.

Bronze: Chumbawamba.  Only 3rd because they do sound like a barbershop quartet.  Well done...but......

Tin: C B and M.  I'm sure that this would have fared better if they had had a few more rehearsals and if the mix had been properly distributed.  But as it sits?  I can't elevate it beyond a solid last.


Oh...and Paul...tickle yer bum with a feather?

[if ya know what I mean.]
Larry Franz

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It wouldn't be an a cappella week without Petra Haden, who has recorded lots of songs that way, including "God Only Knows".

My favorites are her "Theme from Psycho" and her album "Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out".


"Armenia City in the Sky"




Al Forsyth

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LOVE the live songs from the UK - really live and really well done.  Brian getting some screams in there.  I'll vote later but think that I have the order.

Saw Sir Macca on Sunday LIVE (not this song) but some acapella:

Sir Freddie:

(Okay some Brian May in here, but - LISTEN to the vocals)
Sing around the campfire:

Iso vocals:

A diamond necklace played the pawn...
Lee Marshall

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Live version but pretty impressive...

Oh...and ... suddenly it's 1972.  Played this while doin' campus radio shows at college...Ian or Iain?  Both i guess.

David W

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The first minute and a half of this Kate Bush tune with the Trio Bulgarka , called Rocket Tail is simply stunning acapella

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